CAAMA News 19-08-2016

19th Aug 2016

The Alice Springs Returned Services League held a ceremony on top of Anzac Hill  to mark Veterans Day and the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War.

Corporal Tom Newell, a survivor of the Battle of Long Tan, says he is proud to mark 50 years since the harrowing experience from which he thought he might never return.

Veteran Australian  rock n roller  Col Joye who had been performing along  with  Little  Pattie and his band  just 5 kilometres  away at Nui Dat  has shared an amazing story of Aussie larrikinism.

 50 years  may have passed since the historic Wave Hill walk off, but the difference in interpretation  between  black and white about how  life really was...  remains at odds.