CAAMA Crew ready for a huge Freedom Day Festival OB

The CAAMA Crew have arrived at Kalkaringi on Gurindji lands for the anniversary of the Wave Hill Station Walkout by Vincent Lingiari and his mob.

"One morning fifty years ago, our Gurindji elders broke unforgettably from the industry that had taken our land and oppressed us for generations. Envisioning a brighter future for our people, they walked from Lord Vestey’s Wave Hill cattle station into the unknown, and never looked back. The action they took on 23 August 1966 became known as the Wave Hill Walk-off, and changed the face of modern Australia. At our Dreaming place of Daguragu, they fought for Gurindji land rights and built our new home."

CAAMA will be broadcasting many of the events live from Kalkaringi and Daguragu over the weekend and bringing you the stories from this historic event throughout the following week.  Stay tuned to CAAMA for further details.