2016 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference Alice Springs

3rd May 2016

Every year at least 5% of all deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is due to suicide. This ongoing crisis is increasingly significant amongst those aged 15 to 34, where suicide is the leading  cause of death, accounting for a third of all loss of life.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention  Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) has been funded by the Australian government to investigate suicide prevention programs to determine what works, why, and how it can be replicated.

Long overdue,  the conference brings together experts and members of the Australian community from across the country to Alice Springs. For two days those gathered will exchange learnings, share lived experience and build knowledge about how we can best empower communities to tackle this entrenched tragedy.

Adele Cox  chats with Damien Williams.