Sand Point Radio Station Visit!

28th Jun 2014

The final stretch and last stop of our Alaskan visit ended in the beautiful Sand Point. Here we were hosted by local community radio station KSDP. While visiting the station we were able to sit down with Station Manager Austin Roof who spoke to us about the interesting operations of a remote station and also talked about the local Native Alaskans living within the community. We even got to catch up with the Director of the Radio board/ local Pastor who told us about the history around people migrating to Sand Point and the relationship between Natives and the Russians.

We were also interviewed by a Sister station to KSDP located in Dutch Harbour, approximately 500 miles north to Sand Point. They questioned us about our culture and the similarities between both First Nations Peoples in Australia and Alaska. It was great getting to share information and history about our country and our people.

A big thank you to KSDP, Austin, Loretta and the two interns for a great, memorable ending to our Alaskan journey. They showed us the importance of being connected with your community through your station all within a short 2 days.

Alaska you have been wonderful to us, and will always remain in our hearts.