Santa Teresa Girlz Show-Youth Radio, Starts in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa Girlz Show- Youth Radio

Starts in Santa Teresa

CAAMA Ribs Coordinator has been working with the Santa Teresa Senior Girls Program recently and this was crowned this week with the brand new show for Youth in Santa Teresa going to air …

The show was a great success, and as time goes by great improvements will be seen, as we saw on Thursday at the RIBS Studio, as the girls become comfortable with speaking on air, hearing their own voices, responding to audience requests, and making community announcements on current events and pending visits in the community.

Youth Radio is a great project that uses literacy and numeracy, and computer skills and verbal communication in a modern and engaging way where learning is by actively contributing and becomes a far more productive method of learning and retaining for those participating. These girls broadcast as well in english as they did using their own language, its a good indication of the potential and with good mentoring for them and the project we see this as a true platform where youth issues will potentially become more prominent, more promoted and more known to the community…

We look forward to more Youth Radio Programs starting up in the CAAMA Studio Communities, and if you are interested in participating in a Youth Program in your community contacting Robyn on 08 8951 9768 or E: