Aputula RIBS Visit at the Aputula Store Health Initiative

The Aputula Store Health Initiative – saw the no. 9 AFL player cards fruit and vegetablepromotion very successful for Aputula Community. If any one purchased any article of fruit or vegetables they received an AFL Team card, and when they had 7 they could then enter the draw to win a big screen TV. Every person received a card who purchased fresh fruit & vegetables, and this saw a total entry of 1600 names from this community of around 250 regular members.

The serious side of the initiative is the 155% increase over 12 months of the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables being purchased and consumed on the community. Healthy living for individuals and having constant access to fresh fruit & veges through the store is the big winner in this community.

The fun side of this is the final draw, to see who has won this big screen TV. The photos go to show how Aputula Community members have embraced this notion, and willingly is putting new snack and meal ideas into practice. The NPY Healthy Living promotions mob assisted on the day by supplying & demonstrating healthy eating through kebabs and supplied ingredients for them which were cooked either on the bbq or on a fire, Nigel, the store manager, supplied chops, sausages, hamburger patties and bread which gave everyone a great and healthy meal. The food ideas started off with a demo and tasting of “Banana Smoothies” this was soon followed by the kebab making & then a fruit juicing & fruit drink making demo saw apples, oranges & carrots being made into very healthy fruit drinks, then everyone got a chance to taste fresh fruit & plain yoghurts deserts …

The event happened on the lawn in front of the community store, and everyone tried the new recipes & for some the new style of eating.