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Call us to make a credit card donation on: 08 8951 9778

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If you would prefer to make a donation by cheque or money order, you can do so by sending your donation to:

Chief Executive Officer
CAAMA Donations,
PO Box 2608,
Alice Springs, NT 0870

Your cheque or money order should be made payable to CAAMA Donations.

Direct Deposit

If you would like to make a donation to the CAAMA Donations account by direct deposit, or make a regular donation by this means, you can arrange to have a direct deposit from your nominated bank account into the Donation’s bank account.

The Donation’s bank account details are:

BSB: 633-000
Account number: 147 000 988
Account name: CAAMA Donations
Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

To receive a receipt for your donation please ensure to contact the Chief Executive Officer with the details of your donation and mailing address by sending an email to

Why donate?

We are committed to creating and sustaining the Indigenous Language and Cultures of Australia, creating employment opportunities for indigenous people in radio and film and communicating information to the indigenous peoples to assist them to live a full and healthy life.

Through supporting CAAMA, you can help us train indigenous radio broadcasters, musicians and other positions in the film industry such as directors, writers, and photographers.


CAAMA has seeded, often without additional funding, major advances in Indigenous media. Its role in video production and training has been fundamental in the development of the Indigenous screen industry. Filmmakers including Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Dae) and Warwick Thornton (Sampson and Delilah) were CAAMA trainees and its video productions have won many awards. Critically, CAAMA initiated and fostered the Indigenous TV service, Imparja Television.

Through CAAMA’s own extensive operations and its wider encouragement, training and support for Indigenous media initiatives, the task of closing the gap between the life circumstances of Indigenous and other Australians becomes more achievable.

In 2014 we are training 8 full-time and 5 part-time indigenous in the areas of radio, music and film production.

Our Funding

Our main base government funding supports our Radio and Regional Indigenous Media Organisations. In addition we received funding from the National Jobs Transition Program. This funding is approximately 55% of our annual operational budget.

Caama has other operational costs of approximately $800,000 p.a. that is not covered by government grants which we attempt to cover from other sources of funding and other grants.

The economic realities of Indigenous broadcasting are stark. CAAMA’s audiences are mostly poor and disadvantaged. 8KIN-FM has limited attraction for commercial advertisers. In the past year the station generated about $240,000 from airtime sales, mostly from sponsored campaigns by government service providers. CAAMA has worked exceedingly hard to develop diverse sources of income, successfully securing funds for projects from a wide range of government and other organisations. But this project-by-project funding is unreliable.


If you appreciate the work of CAAMA, please consider leaving a bequest to CAAMA in your will. Your legacy will help to ensure that CAAMA can continue its work maintaining and sustaining language and culture in Central Australia.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does CAAMA need my bequest?

CAAMA receives government financial support for the operation of the station. However, a major part of the costs of maintaining the organisation comes from the people who appreciate the service we provide all day every day. Without this support the station would eventually cease to exist.

If I decide to leave a bequest to CAAMA, what form should it take?

All bequests are appreciated equally. There are several options for bequests:

1. Specific Gift: This specifies an amount of money or property or some other asset.
2. Percentage or Fractional Bequest: This specifies that a percentage or fraction of the total value of your estate be willed to CAAMA.
3. Residual Bequest: This wills to CAAMA the remainder of your estate after all expenses have been met and all other beneficiaries have received their inheritances.
4. Whole Estate: This wills the value of your entire estate to CAAMA.

What wording should I use in my will?

You should consult your solicitor or professional advisor. However, we recommend the following wording:

“I bequeath to the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), ABN 32 603 325 704 of 101 Todd Street, Alice Springs, NT 0870, for its general purposes (the whole) or (a specific amount or gift) or (a percentage) or (the residue) of my estate free of all duties for which a receipt from the Chief Executive Office or other authorised person shall be a full discharge to my executor.”

May I nominate how my bequest is to be used?

Yes, you may, but it is preferred that you delegate this responsibility to the Board of Directors, who are all dedicated volunteers and are aware of the station’s needs and priorities which can change with the passage of time.

How do I change my will to nominate CAAMA as a beneficiary?

An amendment, known as a codicil, can be made easily by your solicitor for a small fee.

Will my bequest be recognised if I so choose?

Unless you choose to remain anonymous, your bequest will be recognized on the CAAMA Honour Board located in the foyer of the station.

If I have other questions, whom do I contact?

Please contact Sergei Jansons, CFO of CAAMA, during office hours on 08 8951 9709 for advice on a confidential basis.

Thank you for your interest in supporting CAAMA with a bequest. We are pleased that you share our belief in the important role that our station plays in the community.

Thank You!

Your donation means a lot to us here at CAAMA. Please tell your friends about your donation and put us on your website or social media profiles. Again - THANK YOU!

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