Walking Dancing Belonging (2006)

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Three women share their art and their experience of being in country.

They share a sense of belonging to a place and walking in it, dancing with it as the songs of country and culture resonate in their artistic expression.

Each artist with a personal interpretation of country presents a selection of artworks that reflect the multi-faceted colours of Kimberley light, the nuance of detailed observation of a loved environment and the expression of a living vibrant cultural presence.

24 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 19
Directed by Mitch Torres

“When I walk across my country there are lots of little stones. In the river beds the floodwater brings all the stones, lots of them – little, pretty coloured ones. We call them “gerran” – same word for money.” Phyllis

“I paint my country the rivers and the hills; the caves and dreaming places. Sometimes I paint the floodwaters. I paint the grasses dancing in the wind. That’s the spirit – still alive in my country. I paint this country because I know it and because I want other people to know – this is my country.” Peggy

“When I paint, when I know my country and (its) stories, when I tell that story to my grandchildren so that they know that story and paint it and tell it again, they will watch me and learn…that makes me feel good here… in my heart. I went to look at that country a “coupla” times when I started to paint. I had to think about it – how I paint it. What that story was …I feel strong then because I know about this country. That story tells me about country and that country tells me about story. That’s how I can paint it…” Minnie

These are women’s paintings, strong, detailed and life affirming with a powerful sense of belonging in their own place.

Phyllis Ningaramara, Peggy Griffiths and Minnie Lumai will present art and living culture in this documentary of “Walking, Dancing, Belonging” with a traditional dance performance, traditional hunting and food gathering and sharing stories with their children and grandchildren in places that they belong to.



Phyllis Ningarmara
Peggy Griffiths
Minnie Lumai
Director - Mitch Tores
Director of Photography - Jason Ramp
Sound Recordist - Neville Khan
Editor - Dena Curtis
Sound Post Production - Mike Gissing

Production Assistants

Keith Skinner
Curtis Marriott
Brett Appo

Series Producer - Barbara Clifford
Executive producer - Rachel Clements