Trespass (2002)

There are only a few great tales of true resistance in our nations’ history, tales that inspire us to believe that in the fight impossible odds can be beaten. This is such a story. Ynonne Margarula is the unsung hero at its heart.

With only 26 members of her community remaining alive today, their language and cultural survival constantly under siege, this gently spoken women has led the Mirrar people on a non-violent campaign of resistance. A campaign that has stopped successive Federal Governments and two of the world’s largest mining companies in their tracks.

26 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 13
Directed by David Vadiveloo

DVD available from Ronin Films.

Further clips and teachers notes are available from Australian Screen. If you intend to use this film in the classroom please purchase an educational copy. Educational distribution by Classroom Video, full teachers notes available.

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Awards and Screenings

2005 Terres En Vue Film Festival Montreal
2002 “Best International Documentary” under 30 minutes Canada Sheaf Awards
2003 Awarded “Highly Commended” award at the prestigious Sydney Flickerfest Festival
2004 Real Life on Film travelling film festival
2003 Finalist for “Best Short Form Documentary” Category for ATOM Awards
2003 Film Forum INDIGENE V-LKER in Switzerland
2003 Austrian ‘Festival der Nationen – Kurzfilme – Die Besten aus aller Welt’
2003 Wildspaces Film Festival

Cast and Crew

Producer -David Vadiveloo and CAAMA Productions
Executive producer - Priscilla Collins
Series producer - Jacqueline Bethel
Director - David Vadiveloo
Cast - Jacqui Katona, Yvonne Margarula