1st Jan 2005

The Lore of Love (2005)

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Jessie Bartlett is about to take you on an incredible journey back to her Pintubi grandmothers’ homelands where she will learn about the lore of love: traditional way.

This half hour documentary explores the relationship between Jessie, a shy 18 year old girl and her outgoing and mischievous grandmothers: Mijili, Nancy and Kumanjayi. This is a film about sexuality, relationships and culture set in an extremely isolated location, Lake Mackay.

25 minute documentary
Directed by Beck Cole

Lake Mackay is a huge salt lake located on the border of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Throughout the film the audience learns about the incredible lives led by the three old women who did not make contact with white civilisation until the 1960’s. Two of the women were married to Jessie’s grandfather at the same time; they were co-wives.

The women speak openly about their own experiences of love with a great amount of humour and honesty. A central theme in the film is jealousy, and much of the lessons and discussion focus on ways in which to deal with this intense emotion. The women also tell Jessie about the ‘coming of age’ ceremonies which indicated to the community that they were ready to be taken as wives.

The film delves into many interesting details about traditional love, marriage and relationships. It offers unique insight into the Pintupi lore systems as deciphered by Jessie as she begins to understand where she fits in.

DVD available from Ronin Films.

Further clips and teachers notes are available from Australian Screen. If you intend to use this film in the classroom please purchase an educational copy from Ronin Films and download the Lore of Love study guide to help you with your teaching.

Lore of Love Media Kit


2005 Message Sticks Festival, Sydney
2005 Short Blak Festival, Sydney
2005 International Womenís Film Festival Israel
2005 FIFO Tahiti
2006 FIPA, Biarritz, France
2006 All Roads Film Festival, USA


Writer/Director - Beck Cole
Executive Producers/Producers - Jacqui North, Citt Williams
Cinematographer - Warwick Thornton
Editor - Dena Curtis
Music by - Cliff Bradley
Associate Producer - Peter Bartlett
Production Manager - Rachel Clements
Sound Design - Liam Egan
Sound Mixer - Phil Judd PhilmSound
In loving memory of Kumanjayi Napanangka Daniels


Jessie Bartlett Nungarrayi, Mitjili Gibson Napanangka,
Nancy Gibson Napanangka, Lizzie Spencer Nungarrayi,
Robbie Charles, Josie Callipari
Associate Producer
Peter Bartlett


Cliff Bradley
Sound Recordists
Corey Noll
Vance Glynn
David Tranter
Editing Mentor
James Bradley
Editor’s Assistant
Keith Skinner
Unit Manager
Peter Yates

Translations - Earth Bound Consultants, Cindy and Caroline Gibson Nagamarra
Online Editor - David Intercolour
Colourist- Warren Lynch, Intercolour
Archival Video and Photographs - Photographs by D F Thomson. Courtesy of Mrs D M Thomson, Francis Kelly Jupurrula, Paul Sweeney, John Corker, and Billie Bartlett
Legals - Marshalls & Dent
Insurances - Elders Insurance Brokers, Holland Insurance Brokers
CAAMA Accounts - Claudia Tee, Naree Tilmouth, Janice Hill
CAAMA CEO - Priscilla Collins

Special Thanks

Freda Glynn, Luka Glynn-Cole, Warwick Thornton
Nicole Timbery, Lisa Scott
Susan MacKinnon
Investment Manager FFC
Billie Bartlett, Paddy Lewis Janpanangka
The Gibson & Daniels families
Clint Mitchell, David Limpus, PhilmSound

Project Manager, AFC Indigenous Unit - Erica Glynn
Series Producer - Charlotte Seymour

Produced in association with the Indigenous Unit of the Australian Film CommissionDeveloped and produced by CAAMA Productions,

Produced in association with the Indigenous Unit of the Australian Film Commission, SBS Independent, Principal Investor Film Finance Corporation Australia Limited, Produced with Finance and Assistance from The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services

© 2005 CAAMA Productions, and Film Finance Corporation Australia Limited