The Good, The Bad and The Loud (2003)

The Good, The Bad and The Loud! is a one hour documentary exploring the unique history of CAAMA Music.

The technology has changed but the reasons for recording the music have stayed the same. This program features Australia’s leading Indigenous singer/songwriters – Frank Yama, the Lajamanu Teenage Band and Warren H. Williams, plus some of Central Australia’s emerging contemporary musical talents. The Good, The Bad and The Loud! presents a humorous and honest insight into the CAAMA Music label whilst also exploring the movement of Indigenous music throughout Central Australia.

A history of the CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association) Music recording label and the musicians, singers, engineers and listeners that have made it what it is today.

52 minute Documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 15
Director – Warwick Thornton
DVD available from Ronin Films


Imaginative Film Festival – Vancouver 2004
Imparja TV 2003


Video Clips
Ikari Maru – Jamu Jamu
North Tanami Band – Nyurruwiyi
Pantju (Punch) Thompson – Pitulu (Petrola)
Warumpi Band – Jailanguru Pakarnu
Warumpi Band – Wayathul (end credits)
Teenage Band – Please Come Home
Teenage Band – Wiyappa Wanti Jalu
Warren H. Williams – Dreamtime Baby
Swanz – Brown Skin Black Woman

Live Performances
Isaac Yamma – Uluru (Hermannsberg music festival)
Frank Yamma – Dreaming For You (Live to Air CAAMA Studios)
Frank Yamma – Make More Spear (Sing Loud Play Strong)
Frank Yamma – Ngurwatjalpa (Yeperenye Festival)
Lyndon Reid – The Ghan (Live to Air CAAMA Studios)
Tjilpi – TBC? (Recording at CAAMA Studios)
Little Orphans – TBC? (Live to Air CAAMA Studios)
Sammy Butcher – Dancing Brumbies (Soundcheck at CD Launch)
Pitjantjatjara Choir – Traditional (Desert Song)
Warren H. Williams – Untitled (Acoustic performance in CAAMA studios)

Music Tracks
Warumpi Band - Stompin Ground
Sammy Butcher - Misty Morning Rain
Sammy Butcher - Road Train
Letterstick - Gugaliya
Wedgetail Eagle - Mexican Hat

Interviewees and ID’s
Owen Cole – CAAMA Chairperson
Gillian Harrison – Former CAAMA Music Manager
Phillip Batty – CAAMA Founding Member
Freda Glynn – CAAMA Founding Member
Warren H. Williams – Musician & 8KIN FM DJ
Sammy Butcher – Musician
Mark Manolas – Sound Engineer
Steven Tranter – Sound Engineer
Stan Satour – Sound Engineer
Allen Murphy – Music Producer

Produced for Imparja Television 2003