Tennant Creek – Sacred Dances (1999)

This film give an introduction to Tennant Creek through the eyes of the Moonga Moonga dancers (lady dancers), and the women’s dances belonging to this area.

22 minute Documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 11
Director Beck Cole

Tennant Creek – Sacred Dances (1999) from CAAMA on Vimeo.

“An observational documentary with the Wari Manga talking to camera about the country of the Warumunga tribe, and the spirit named Moonga Moonga, who ‘is cheeky’ to people from other countries and cultures. Tennant Creek – Sacred Dances is about the role and responsibility of the women in this country and how the land is considered as a living entity around which these cultural practices originate."

Romaine Moreton, curator Australian Screen

DVD available from Ronin Films.

Further clips and teachers notes are available from Australian Screen. If you intend to use this film in the classroom please purchase an educational copy from Ronin Films.

The Nganampa Anwernekenhe Documentary series is produced by CAAMA for Imparja Television.