Tales From The Daly (2010)

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Tales From The Daly is a cinematic journey into the lives and country of the traditional owners who call this region home. The stories told by their old people still thrive and are told to children today.

During the months of October to May the area is lashed with Monsoonal Storms which bring the landscape and rivers to life. Legend says it is the Sugar Glider travelling across the sky mischievously moving the clouds around, which brings the rains.

The beauty and power of these storms take the audience to the heart of the landscape.

But amongst this beauty lies danger. This is told to children in the form of stories from long ago. They are told to the children to teach them respect for the bush and to be wary of it’s dangers.

The Wabuymem is one of these stories. The Wabuymem is a little grey spirit that lives in the Banyan Tree. It lays in wait for curious children. It stalks them and lures them away from their families into the Banyan Tree to never be seen again.

Wungung is one of these curious children who is travelling through the bush with his grandparents. They warn him of the dangers and tell him to be wary of the Banyan Tree. His curiosity gets the better of him and he is soon being followed by the Wabuymem, his fate is sealed.