​Sunset to Sunrise – Ingwartentyele Arrerlkeme (2006)

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On a Winter’s evening, by the light of a comforting camp fire, Max Stuart, Senior Arrernte Mat-utjarra Elder and custodian of the Alice Springs Area, divulges poignant words of wisdom to his descendents. This is a documentary that carries the words of Rupert Max Stuart his philosophies and message about passing culture on and keeping it alive.

24 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 18
Director: Allan Collins

Max is a Senior Arrernte Elder and Traditional Owner for the Alice Springs area. As the sun sets over Lila Creek, South of Alice Springs, Max Stuart watches the young men of his family prepare their camp and cook kangaroo the traditional way.

Throughout the night, Max passes on words of wisdom to his descendents, sometimes they are sharp criticisms of his own people, sometimes they are warm nostalgic reflections on his place within the community.

Sunset to Sunrise is set in the beautiful location of a dry river-bed camp, where the light gradually changes as the sun sets and the firelight reflects on the tall, elegant white gums. The young men sit with Max around the fire and listen intently to his precious words. The audience is privileged to be included in this very private and intimate setting as if they, too, were sitting by the campfire and drawn into Max’s engaging and insightful dialogue.

Now in his twilight years, Max feels comfortable to tell it like it is and not hold back his true feelings. He has lived a long and colourful life and now feels it is his right and freedom to speak his mind and share the lessons he has learned.

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2006 Imparja Television
2006 ABC Television Australia
2007 Message Stick Festival
2007 Melbourne Film Festival
2007 Garma Festival



Rupert Max Stuart
Anthony Drover
Peter Stuart
Director Cinematographer Allan Colins A.C.S
Sound Recordist - David Tranter
Editor - Dena Curtis
Translators - Louise Cavanagh, Doreen McCormack
Composer/Musicians - Swainson Rio, Steven Tranter
Music Engineer - Steven Tranter
Sound Post Production - 2 Dogs Post, Jacob Stretton-Southall
Unit management - Peter Yates

Special Thanks

Lena Cavanagh
Warren H. Williams
Lena Talor
Lherre Artepe Aboriginal Corporation

Series Producer - Barbara Clifford
Production Coordinator - Trisha Morton-Thomas
Executive producer - Rachel Clements
Production Assistant - Braedon Abala

This activity was supported by the Australian government through the Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records Program of the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.