SpinFX (2000)

A fast and funky showcase of contemporary Indigenous music, artists and performers.

The three part series is about breaking down stereotypes of what people perceive Indigenous music to be! It explores Indigenous music being produced in Australia such as hip-hop, techno, house, dance and turn tables.
Stylistically, the series is raw and fast – it mixes black and white with vibrant colours and grainy imagery. SpinFX has no presenter; its audience is guided by the Indigenous people who make the music and those who listen to it.
SpinFX is a celebration of Indigenous youth, talent and culture as it is in the year 2000.

2 Series of three 30 minute music magazine

Series One

Alternative music is funky music outside the mainstream. This episode features dynamic indigenous musicians including: Nokturnl, Terrasphere, Outcaste and introducing the Hyper Crew. You’ll also see kids from the Yuendumu Community grooving on roller skates to Nokturnl. This program shows us the cutting edge of indigenous music.

Women are actively pushing their way to the forefront of indigenous music. Check out the rising talent. See Ebony Williams, a hip hop artist, Romaine Moreton, a spoken word poet, Michelle Doolan the next big thing after Ella Fitzgerald and the Stiff Gins, recent winners of Best Female Artist at the 2000 Deadly Awards.

Classic clips never die. See the young Warumpi Band­, Coloured Stone and UPK strutting their stuff. Also Featured in this episode are thrash bands Dark Seed and Onslaught, the Maori Band Kaha and the hottest new drummer from the Yuendumu community, 10 year old Liam Jurrah.

Series Two

Best of CAAMA’s talents
Showcasing CAAMA’s Indigenous talents featuring Dark Seed, Shelly Atkins, Frank Yamma, Narbarlek band and the Lajamanu Teenage band. This is filmed at Stompen Ground in Broome W.A. 2001.

Australia’s Indigenous Talents
This episode features Australia’s Indige­nous talents such as Billie Court, Frank Yamma, Blekbala Mujik, Pigram Brothers, Warren H Williams, Saltwater Band, Archie Roach and Christine Anu.

End of the Corrugated road
A Warumpi Band special. This shows the history of the band through the beginning of its creation until the end. Stan Satour and Cathy Freeman are just two people who talk about the band and the effects it has had on the people in Australia. We follow the band on their two last gigs before their break up , travelling with them from Darwin to Broome WA and Stompen

Directors: Beck Cole and Liz Hughes
D.O.P: Warwick Thornton and Jason Ramp
Sound: David Tranter
Editor: Karryn De Cinque
Co-ordinators: Dena Cutis and Jacqui Bethel
EP: Priscilla Collins