Rosalie’s Journey (2003)

Rosalie’s Journey is a remarkable story of an Aboriginal woman, Rosalie Kunoth – Monks. And how her life took an incredible turn when film director Charles Chauvel chose her out of a crowd. In this film Rosalie talks about her origins, experience as the Movie star and her life today.

26 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe series 15
Writer/Director: Warwick Thornton
Language: Arrrente

Rosalie (Ngarla) Kunoth-Monks speaks for the first time about how her own sense of femininity and aboriginality was profoundly changed when she appeared in the now famous 1950’s film “Jedda”, by European-Australian film maker Charles Chauvel. Archival footage and personal reminiscences provide a snapshot of how Aboriginals were treated and considered by white society in the past, as well as the cultural beliefs and traditions of indigenous women.

DVD available from the Ronin Films.

Big Screen 2008 Festival director Peter Castali notes in his blog from Wilcanna:

Big Screen is now in true travelling picture show mode. We arrive with the screen and projector in the back of the car. Rigging the screen – an ingenious design built by a Menindee local – is a simple affair, made simpler with the help of Richard, a local man who wanders over to find out what time the screenings start. He’s particularly interested because he says Rosalie Kunoth is his mother; he stays and helps. The son of Rosalie Kunoth is rigging the screen so we can show a documentary about his mum!

Awards and Screenings

2003 IDFA 16th International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam
2005 Sydney Film Festival
2005 Finalist Documentary category Terres En Vue Film Festival Montreal
2003 Auckland Film Festival, New Zealand
2003 Wellington Film Festival, New Zealand
2003 Full Frame Documentary Festival USA
2008 Big Screen Travelling Film Festival
2004 One World Film festival Prague
2004 Gˆttingen International Film Festival
2004 Imaginative Film Festival – Vancouver
2003 ABC TV
2003 Imparja TV
2005 Maori TV


Executive Producer - Priscilla Collins, Beck Cole
Director/Writer - Warwick Thornton

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks
Carmen Glynn-Braun
Devena Lankin
Vance Glynn