Nyirr-Marie (2010)

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Evelyn Hall (Nyirr-Marie) is a strong Kitja/Mirrawong woman who travels back to her homeland country to say goodbye for the last time. In December of 2009 Evelyn passed away. It was her strong desire for her story to be told and gave special clearance for this documentary to be shown 3 months after her remains are to be returned to country.

In July of 2009 Evelyn Hall a strong Kitja/Mirrawong woman of the country called Mandangala and her family start preparations to go back to country. It is a trip filled with lots of sadness because Evelyn knows she is not well enough to take this trip again to walk and live on her country and this will be her last time she will walk, sit and sleep on her country.

Her journey back home will be a time to recall stories from her childhood passed onto her from her grandfather and her mother. Stories of creation of the country in particular ‘The Barramundi’ story and the Two Pigeon story of the ranges that run next to where the famous Argyle Diamond Mine sits today.

As a Traditional Owner of the country Evelyn has access to many stories of the land that she has shared with her family but on this trip she wants to be sure they understand and keep them strong after she is gone.

Evelyn is very sick and can only travel back this last time to show her own children and grandchildren their heritage which she has always done since they were small but she wants to ensure everything is recorded and cannot be disputed by others.

When Evelyn visits her family cave where her ancestors have been buried her son asks her if they can paint her hand on the family gallery so they will have a special place to come back and visit her when she has passed.

This is the story of one woman’s love for her country from the stories passed onto her and her fear that she is unable to give the same information to her family in time before she passes.