Narbalek (2001)

In Western Arnhem Land members of the Nabarlek Band invite us onto their country to dance, fish, sing and experience a slice of Nabarlek life.

Documentary, Music, Health, Religion
Length: 23 minutes
Directed by Bec Cole
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 12

“A simple observational documentary from Beck Cole, featuring the Bardoh clan of Manmoyi. The documentary has a gentle lapping rhythm, almost like water, as we follow the Bordoh clan on a fishing expedition. The family climbing into a trailer pulled by a tractor, move en masse to the river to swim and hunt food. Woven through this documentary is the intention of the present generation to pass on cultural information to the next generation. The gentle care with which the family relates to each other and how they relate to place is imbued with a connectedness and simplicity keeping the priority of the preservation of culture and tradition in the foreground.”

Romaine Moreton, curator Australian Screen.

Narbalek (2001) from CAAMA on Vimeo.

DVD available from Ronin Films.

Further clips and teachers notes are available from Australian Screen. If you intend to use this film in the classroom please purchase an educational copy from Ronin Films.


The Bardoh clan
Kamarrang & family
The Narbalek band
People of Manmoyi and Kundjabe

The Nganampa Anwernekenhe Documentary series is produced by CAAMA for Imparja Television