Mparntwe Dreaming – Alice Springs Sacred Sites (2004)

The Battle for Native Title (handing back of land to traditional owners) has been won. Arrernte people have been recognised as Mparntwe’s (Alice Springs) first inhabitants. The proof of continued occupation rested with their sacred sites still under threat. This documentary explores the continuous struggle by Central Australia’s Arrernte people to maintain their sacred sites and stop the expansion of Alice Springs from swallowing them up.

24 minute Documentary
Directed by Danielle MacLean
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 16

Mparntwe Dreaming - Alice Springs Sacred Sites (2004) from CAAMA on Vimeo.


Max Stuart
Peter Renehan
Thomas Stevens
Doris Stuart
Diane Ferber
Alison Ferber
Priscilla Ferber
Cecily Rice
Narrated by Trisha Moreton-Thomas
Additional Voices – Norm Grogan and Andrea Fraser

Writer/Director – Danielle MacLean
Cinematographer – Warwick Thornton
Sound Recordist –Vance Glynn
Production Assistant – Peta-Lee Cole Manolis
2nd Unit Cinematographer – Robyn Nardoo
Narration Sound Recordist – Corey Noll
Translators – Diane Ferber
Transcribing – Sharon Cole
Additional Translating – Janet McCormack and Brendan Trew
Editor – Dena Curtis
Sound Designer – Corey Noll
Traditional Songs – performed by Max Stuart, courtesy of Yeperenye Festival
Composer – Corey Noll
Fertility poem courtesy of David Mpetyane

Archival Footage
Lhere Artepe news footage supplied by Imparja Television
Native title news footage supplied by Central Land Council
Additional Native Title footage supplied by Central Land Council and Lhere Artepe
Aerial footage supplied by Museum of Victoria
Newspaper articles supplied by the Centralian Advocate, The Australian Newspaper and NT News

Special Thanks to
Lhere Artepe
Central Land Council
David Hayes-Marshall
Myra Hayes
Tim Mason
Jennifer Howard
Bob Stuart
Phillip Watson
Paul Wiles
Priscilla Collins
Johnny Carol
Trevor Adamson
Jane Hodson
Betty Peace
Brian Sterling
Alice Springs Library
Strehlow Research Centre
Executive Producer –Citt Williams
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series Producer – Rachel Clements
Production Manager – Rachel Clements
Production Co-ordinator – Dena Curtis
Production Assistant – Vance Glynn
The Nganampa Anwernekenhe documentary series is produced by CAAMA for Imparja Television