1st Jan 2007

Double Trouble (2007)

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When Yuma and Kyanna meet up in the central Australian town of Alice Springs, they realise they could be long lost twins. They decide to trade places, with Kyanna heading to a beachside house in Sydney and Yuma trekking out to a remote Indigenous community. It’s supposed to be only for a night, but then things get tricky, and the fun starts …

Double Trouble revolves around twins separated at birth.
Double Trouble is a thirteen by half hour children’s television drama series, produced by CAAMA, the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association, an Alice Springs, central Australian-based production company.
The show is a lighthearted comedy drama about long separated twins meeting up and switching places. The story’s of a kind familiar to viewers who remember The Parent Trap and a host of other ‘twins’ shows, here given a refreshing twist by the contrast of central Australian Indigenous community lifestyles with life in the big city of Sydney.

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‘Double Trouble’ is a very common term for twins. Everybody uses it. Some people talk about double the pleasure, a lot more talk about double the trouble when twins hover into view. So it seemed the only appropriate title for a show about twins. An old theme, here given an amusing and fresh variation that takes us from the heart of the bush to the big smoke, from Alice Springs to Sydney.

Kids are fascinated by twins. The idea of having a double. Another half. They fantasise about the possibilities and dream of it maybe coming true. Maybe they have a secret twin somewhere. Twins have their own peculiarities. Twins are special. Twins look alike. Twins think alike. Twins know what the other is thinking. Even if they’re separated, they share an invisible bond, and that connection is at the heart of Double Trouble.

This series is a fast moving comedy drama, loaded with complicated situations and ever changing panics, improbabilities and problems to be solved. It has plenty of bush scenes, plenty of city life, some bush tucker, some painting, some dancing, modern and traditional, some football, and two families bemused by the strange ways of the swapped twins who’ve landed in their new homes. It’s also a story of different cultures. The white and the black. The city and the bush. Traditional ways of life and modern day thinking. It’s a chance to explore Aboriginal culture without it being a tourist oddity. It is about people living their lives. It is about being exposed to a new and very different culture and having to cope. In the show, the twins, separated at birth to circumvent an old tradition, one day find themselves face to face and that meeting changes many lives. Kyanna lives on a community in the central Australian desert with her Indigenous mother and extended family. Yuma has been brought up in the city with her well-off white father, stepmother and stepbrother. When the twins accidentally meet in Alice Springs, they not only find they have another half; they find they have another parent they didn’t know about. And that’s when the fun really starts…

On impulse, the twins decide to swap places for a night. But things go wrong. Yuma finds herself marooned in an Aboriginal community, surrounded by strangers with none of the luxuries to which she is accustomed. Kyanna is taken to the city, a frightening and alienating place, with none of the family and social support with which she’s normally surrounded.

They both discover their new families. But they learn that they cannot reveal the truth of who they are. Each has to pretend to be the other. And when you are living in a strange new culture, that isn’t easy.

Can Yuma and Kyanna find a way to return to their homes before their secret is found out? Can their lives ever be the same again? Would they want them to?

Double Trouble has fun with the idea of twins, separated at birth, who conspire to swap places and experience their wildly different lifestyles. Double Trouble: double the fun, double the adventures, double the trouble…

Double Trouble has been financed by the Network Nine, the Disney Channel, the Film Finance Corporation Australia, the NSW Film and Television Office and the Northern Territory Government via the Northern Territory Film Office, and is distributed by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.


Kyanna Christine Glenn
Yuma Cassandra Glenn
Henry Dupont Myles Pollard
Freda Lisa Flanagan
Roz Jen Apostolou
Milly Lillian Crombie
Jimmy Tom E. Lewis
Kelton Aaron Pedersen
Aaron Tyrone Wallace
Iona Letitia Bartlett
Lavinia Marcella Remedio
Heath James Fraser
Sasha Basia A’Hern
Max Sam Parsonson

Production Credits

Directors Wayne Blair (the Alice Springs story)
Richard Frankland (the Sydney story)
Writers David Ogilvy
Mitch Torres
Danielle McLean
Richard Frankland
Production Designer Tim Ferrier
Director of Photography Allan Collins ACS
Editor Rowena Crowe
Composer Steve Francis
Executive Producers Jo Horsburgh
Ron Saunders
Priscilla Collins
Producers Terry Jennings
Rachel Clements