Diyama – Sound tracks of Maningrida (2003)

This documentary features the Letterstick Band; it explores life on their homelands, the recording of their album “Diyama”, and sheds light on the important role that the band members play within the Maningrida community and how it inspires their songs.

26 minute documentary
Director Allen Murphy
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 15
Language: Burarra

The core band consists of five members, all of whom write, perform and compose music for the band. The songs feature cultural themes important to the clan; exploring experiences of living in the bush, hunting for food, ancient and recent history, mission life and many aspects related to country.

Letterstick take their name from one of the most remarkable communication tools in Aboriginal culture, the ‘letter-stick’ also known in some parts of the country as the ‘message-stick’. This tool is a piece of wood engraved with a single or set of messages which is handed down from one generation to the next or from place to place. The letter-stick continues to be used as a means of communication between clans.

Featuring the music of the Letterstick Band
Director: Allen Murphy
DOP: Jason Ramp
Editor: Dena Curtis
Production Manager: Sonette Johnson
Production Co-ordinators: Robyn Nardoo
Additional Camera: Allen Murphy
Executive Producer: Beck Cole/Priscilla Collins
Produced for IMPARJA TV