Cool Drink and Culture (2006)

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Mt Liebig is a remote Aboriginal community 250 kms west of Alice Springs. Within this community live strong vibrant young women who have a unique view of the worlds they live in. These young women move successfully between two cultures, their traditional culture and white man’s culture.

22 minutes Documentary
Directed by Sonja Dare
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 18

They are the next generation of elders and they have intimate knowledge of their culture and sacred sites, but they are able to effectively utilise the takeaway world in Alice Springs. Alice Springs is a takeaway town. Takeaway food, takeaway grog and takeaway sickness!

Their perspective of the worlds they inhabit and thrive in, are unique. Their roles in the world are completely different from mainstream Australia. They are entrusted with knowledge and expectations and have maintained their traditional language as well as learning and mastering English.

It is easy to live in Alice Springs but they choose to live off the grid and maintain their traditional culture.

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While working on art projects at Mt Liebig I meet some amazing young women. Traditional young women who are passionate about their home Mt Liebig, and about maintaining their traditional lifestyle. These women choose to live off the grid. They only go into Alice Springs for shopping, funerals and medical treatments. They dislike Alice Springs, feeling nothing but bad comes from living there, so they go back to their traditional homelands and teach their young children the traditional ways.

The interesting thing about Cool Drink and Culture is that the subjects speaking about the need for a healthy lifestyle – that includes plenty of bush tucker, the passing on of skills on how to hunt and prepare it to the younger generations – are quite young themselves. What the young women speak about is usually presented through elders, but the dynamic here is that young women are taking on this role in their community. Cool Drink and Culture is an empowering film for young Indigenous women, who have a clear understanding of what is needed if the children are to live a life with minimal sickness and maximum health.

Romaine Moreton, curator Australian Screen.

Cool Drink and Culture Press Kit


Janelle Eggley
Evelyn Morgan
Janicestine Gorey
Vivianne Minor
Melinda Major
Rachel Stockman


Writer/Director - Sonja Dare
Camera Operator - Robyn Nardoo
Translators - Janicestine Gorey, Janelle Eggley
Editor - Dena Curtis
Post Producers Assistant - Keith Skinner


“Dreamtime hero”
Written by Alfred Rose
Performed by: Lajamanu
© CAAMA Music

Written by: Banabus Daniel
Performed by: Black Shadow
© CAAMA Music

“Altururinyi Natjaku”
Written by: Donald Kelley
Performed by: Black Shadow
© CAAMA Music

“Irritiya Nyinadnyi”
Written by: Donald Kelly
Performed by: Black Shadow
© CAAMA Music

Sound Post Production
Michale Gissing, Digital City Studios

Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series Producer - Barbara Clifford
Production Assistant - Braedon Abala
Executive Producer - Rachel Producer

The Nganampa Anwernekenhe Documentary Series is produced by CAAMA for Imparja Television.