Cheeky Dog (2006)

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Dion Beasley is 15 years old; he lives with his Aunty in Tennant Creek and is an Artist.

With the help of a close friend and teacher; Joie Boutler, they have established a label for t-shirts and other apparel, called “Cheeky Dog”. It is hoped that this venture will create an income for him and in the future he will be able to create financial stability.

24 minute documentary
Nganampa Anwernekenhe Series 19
Director: Dena Curtis

Although this enterprise is only new, it has become popular among locals and recently the national markets with products selling at the local cultural centre and in Darwin.

But what makes Dion unique is the fact that he is profoundly deaf and suffers from Muscular Dystrophy; the only way he is able to communicate is through his drawings.

He is an artist by necessity rather than choice.

During this twenty-two minute documentary we will get to know Dion as he lives in his world of silence. Though his artwork, and by using various creative techniques, the audience will get drawn into Dion’s world and experience life from his perspective.

Also, through talking with his family and friends, we will discover a young man who potentially has a bright and exciting future ahead of him and he may not even realise it yet.

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Further clips and teachers notes are available from Australian Screen. If you intend to use this film in the classroom please purchase an educational copy from Ronin Films.

Cheeky Dog Press Kit


2007 Sydney Film Festival
2008 Pacific international Documentary Film Festival
2008 Garma Festival


Director - Dena Curtis
Executive Producer - Rachel Clements
Series producer - Barbara Clifford
Camera Operator/Sound Recordist - Robyn Nardoo
Editor - Dena Curtis
Music - Warren Williams