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Women’s Business 8-05-15


It was another fun Friday on our Women’s Business Show we had two very talented young ladies to tell us all about The Desert Divs’s. Kirra Voller and Kylia Pepperill have a chat to Mikaela Simpson and Lorena Walker about how Desert Diva’s is a great opportunity for young women who love to sing, write music and just have fun. Also on the show we had Nicola Pitt from CAAMA Music to tell all about the Alukura singer/songwriter competition.

Women’s Business 13-03-15.

It was a packed show with our theme Strong Women’s Programs. Joining us on the show we had the Tjuwanpa Women’s Rangers Sherane Brogas, Christine Cameron and Topsy Ebatarinja talking about helping the community of Milingimbi with the recovery clean up of Cyclone Lam, training courses and the importance of looking after country.

In the second half of the show we talked to the ladies from the Family Safety Project of Tangentyere Council Barb Shaw, Maree Corbo, Eliza Arabaci and graduate Shirleen Campbell of Hoppy’s Camp. The Family Safety Program was designed for women living in Alice Springs Town Camps to undergo training in identifying family violence and it’s associated risks.

For more information about the Family Safety Project you can contact Tangentyere Women’s committee Co-ordinators: Barb Shaw or Marlene Hodder on (08) 8951 4222.


Blast From The Past: Shelley Morris Talks Music on Women’s Business

Celestine Rowe interviews Shelley Morris back in 2010 about all things music.

Finals…Finals…Finals on Womens Business.

Pioneer Egirls are playing Alice Springs in the Central Australian Women’s Football league Grand final on Saturday at 1pm at the TIO Traeger Park oval. Members from the Pioneer Egirls, Ebony Miller & Nicolette ‘Sissy’ Dunn popped into the studio’s this morning.

Alice Springs Hockey Association, Gillen Diva’s team members Vicki Trindle and Samarra Schwarz  are playing their Grand final tonight at 8pm against Legends, also joined Women’s Business program.

Aboriginal Health Workers – Back On Track.

The Northern Territory Government has released a new action plan to increase the number of Aboriginal Health Workers.

NT Health Minister Robyn Lambley says that the profession will actually disappear if we don’t act now.

The number employed in NT Government clinics has declined by more than 20 per cent, from 97 in 2003 in just 77 in 2013 and the total number of registered Aboriginal Health Workers in the Territory fell by about 30 per cent between 2000 and 2010.

Minister Lambley announced that Government’s Back On Track plan at the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Summit in Cairns recently.

Pam Reilly spoke with Robyn Lambley NT Health Minister on Womens Business.

Meet the Women of Womens Business.

Pam, Mikaela  n Loreena  Womwns Business - CopyMeet the deadly kungka’s of our Womens Business program – Lorena Walker, Pam Reilly and Mikaela Simpson.

On the program today Lorena spoke with Yana Thompson from the Gap Youth Centre’s Strong Womens group.

Award winning Poet spoke to Pam about the Second Saturday Storytelling workshop at the Alice Springs Public Library, where she will share ways to tell Aboriginal stories through poetry.

Mikaela caught up with Bess Price Minister for Womens Policies and talked about her trip to USA, meeting other women from around the world on Domestic Violence.

Don’t forget to tune in every Friday from 11am to 12noon. You can also LIVE stream on our website www.caama.com.au

Chris From Noonga Radio Drops In to have a Chat!

A long time friend of CAAMA Radio Chris Ross drops into Women’s Business and has a chat  to us about Indigenous women in the mining sector in Western Australia and her Women’s show called Yorta’s Yarning on Noongar Radio in Perth.

Pam catches up with Lorena and Mikaela to find out about their adventures in America

CAAMA broadcasters Lorena Walker and Mikaela Simpson are in America representing CAAMA at the National Native Media Conference. Pam Reilly caught up with the girls on Womens Business.

Pam catches up with Lorena & Mikaela

2013 Naidoc Female Elder of the Year is Aunty Rose Richards

Aunty RoseAunty Rose Richards is the 2013 Naidoc Female Elder of the Year. At 83 years old, Rose, a Yalangi and Tagalaga Elder from far north Queensland has dedicated her life to improving the health and wellbeing of babies, young children and mothers.

Aunty Rose spoke to Nerida Currey on Womens Business about her award.

Mothers Day Special…

Photo Courtesy of: https://flowers.org

Mothers Day is fast approaching and Mikaela Simpson went exploring around the CAAMA campus to find out just what Mothers Day means to the staff…

Mothers Day will be Sunday May the 12th.

Mothers day special

A new member of the CAAMA Family.

Safia Desai CAAMA Radio’s new online producer talks with Marissa Wollogorang on Womens Business.

Safia Desai n Marissa Interview

Training our recruits young!

Women’s Business had a surprise guest today… Willow! She was full of smiles, giggles and love!

#watch this space.