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Ballarat elder Ted Lovett speaks about racist letter

A respected Aboriginal elder in Ballarat recieved an anonymous letter during Reconciliation Week which took aim at his lobbying for racial equality in the city.

Ted Lovett spoke to Thecla Brogan a short time ago on Strong Voices about the incident.

ted lovette on racist letter

Australia’s first Aborignal political party First Nations Political Party launches policies…

Australia’s first Indigenous political party has held its official policy launch in Alice Springs…

First Nations Political Party spokesperson  Kenny Lechleitner says the party was set up to look at the future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People…and is registered at both the local Territory level and the national level…because Aboriginal people need to have a voice both locally and nationally.

He spoke to Thecla Brogan on Strong Voices

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Bangtail Muster 2012

Alukra 25th Birthday celebrations 15.05.2012

Today we went out to Alukura do a live broadcast for celebrations of their 25th Birthday. Alukura is a Aboriginal Health clinic for Indigenous Women. Pam Reilly, Thecla Brogan and Mikaela Simpson were all there to check it out. Here are some of the photos from todays excitment!

The Breakways

Untitled from CAAMA on Vimeo.

Clontaf Supertraining

Opening of the John Macumba Media &Training Centre

CAAMA News 24.04.2012


CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Thecla Brogan, Nerida Currey

An application by South Australian Aboriginal Elder Uncle Kevin Buzzacott to overturn a proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam uranium and copper mine in has been dismissed by the Federal court.

The national museum has purchased two rare pen and ink drawings thought to have been created over a century ago by an Aboriginal artist.


am 24-04

Alice Springs Town Council Elections Wrap Up

Council Wrap Up from CAAMA on Vimeo.

Tom Calma speaks on mental health in communities

The chair of a new advisory body on Aboriginal suicide prevention says a new approach will aim to provide help for people before they consider self-harm.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Advisory Group is one of two new bodies tasked with advising Government on how to address the issues of mental health, suicide and self-harm in Aboriginal communities.

Tom Calma, former Social justice commissioner and chair of the Suicide Prevention Advisory Group says a lot of the programs have been put in place after people have attempted suicide…but that they are now developing a strategy and looking at programs which help people before they get to that point.

Mr Calma told CAAMA Radio work has to be done to develop the strength of the community… to let young people know someone cares about them and there is help available.

 He speaks to Thecla Brogan on Strong Voices.

6-03 tome calma on indigenous mental health

CAAMA Radio News 31-1-12

News Team: Nerida Currey, Pam Reilly, Thecla Brogan.

  • The Northern Territory political candidate who implied that Central Australian Aboriginal leaders had incited Australia day protestors to violence …has been contradicted…both by the Aboriginal leaders themselves and an esteemed journalist with over 45 years experience.
  • Anangu Tours has announced it will suspend aboriginal guided tours at Uluru indefinitely
  • Thousands of residents along the NSW north coast remain isolated by floodwaters as the threat moves inland.
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pm 30.1


CAAMA Radio News 30-1-12

News Team: Nerida Currey, Thecla Brogan, Pam Reilly

  • A respected journalist has spoken out against media coverage of the protest on Australia day…and says there was a vast over-dramatisation of what actually happened.
  • The new peak Aboriginal Congress has told the Gillard Labour Government a national bilingual syllabus is urgently needed in schools in Aboriginal communities.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth are on average as happy with their lives as the wider Australian population…according to a new study.
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am 30.1.12