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We are victims….but don’t let it define who we are .

Dr Chris Sarrra

Respected academic Dr Chris Sarra  says the Australian Government could stand accused of lacking humanity if it continues with plans to withdraw services from remote communities….forcing  Aboriginal people s into regional centres.

The QLD based educator says as a nation we can all afford to be more sophisticated and courageous in terms of the ongoing relationship between Government and the first Nations Peoples.

‘Dr Sarra ,founder of the QLD based Stronger Smarter Institute, has been recognised internationally for his teaching methods which have instilled pride and self belief in Aboriginal children.
Speaking on CAAMA Radio Dr Sarra is also keen to see his people move away from the idea that they are victims … constantly being wronged by the wider community.

Dr Chris Sarra on remote early education

Photo courtesy of Rabbitohs

The education of young Aboriginal children in communities has been in the media spotlight recently…following Government’s announcement to provide early education to all Indigenous 4 year-olds. A number of organisations are keen to pursue the education in remote communities. Continue reading