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We Aboriginal people had a well structured, well organised lifestyle……



Western Australian Nyungar Elder, Professor Ted Wilkes  tells CAAMA Radio he is extremely disappointed by the Prime Ministers recent  comments….and rejects  historical references which suggest  Aboriginal people were  purely a nomadic race.


Thousands of WA Aboriginal People Suffer From Commonwealth Cuts…

Anthony watson

Photo courtesy: http://www.ceocookoff.com.au

Thousands of Aboriginal people living in Remote communities across Western Australia could be forcibly removed from their homes dues to Commonwealth funding cuts.

WA Premier Colin Barnett said the State had no option but to act after the Federal Government announced in September that it would cease to fund essential services in remote communities.

Chairman of the Kimberly Land Council, Anthony Watson has called for the Government to sit down with local Elders and discuss ways of sustaining remote Aboriginal Communities in that region.

Mr Watson joined Mikaela Simpson on the program to discuss the issue further.

The PM is being a little gentle…colonisation was wholesale slaughter !

Jack Charles  photo Bindi ColesView Post

Jack Charles photo courtesy Bindi Coles

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott  recently told UK media that his country has not yet come to terms with the uncomfortable reality of early settlement or that the early British settlers were all bad for Aboriginal people.

Highly acclaimed  Aboriginal Actor and human rights campaigner Jack Charles agrees….but  says in view of the push to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders  recognized in the Australian Constitution…. it is a rather gentle claim.

Jack tells Justin Fenwick  that the PM should sit down with the mob… and have a yarn about what they really want.

Jack Charles -colonisation was wholesale slaughter

Negotiations for nuclear waste repository must be in language – First Nations Party founder.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

The founder of Australia’s First Nations Political Party has called for full and proper consultations in language before any Native Title holders in the Territory can give consent for the location of a nuclear waste repository on their land.

Maurie Japarta Ryan, a fierce critic of the Northern Land Councils nomination of the Muckaty site, says any involvement by the Land Councils is a conflict of interest.

maurie ryan repository

Global Summit accepts cultural knowledge is extremely valuable.

Prof. Tim Carey

Central Australian based mental health academic Professor Tim Carey says that people who are self-determining don’t always make the choices others think they should …but society must  be able to accommodate this.

Head of Research and Deputy Director at the Centre for Remote Health Professor Carey recently returned from the Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives…a forum which discussed new therapies and greater recognition and acceptance of other cultures.

Tim Carey

Australia’s poor track record in dealing with home grown Human Rights concerns…..

Hugh de Kretser caama photo

A Melbourne based Human Rights lawyer says Australia has a poor track record in complying with home based human rights complaints  …despite being a signatory to major Internatonal Human Rights Agreements.

Hugh De Kretser from the Melbourne based Human rights Law Centre told CAAMA RADIO that in broad terms Australia is a party to all of the major human rights treaties that create binding international law obligations which must be complied with.

Hugh de Kretser

Brandis showed fundamental misunderstanding – Shadow Attorney.

Mark Dreyfus Shadow Attorney General caama photo Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus has  fired off a broadside at the Abbott Government following  funding cuts to  Community Legal Centres.
Speaking on CAAMA Radio…. Mr Dreyfuss also attacked his counterpart Attorney-General   George Brandis  for the part that he played in proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act..

Mark Dreyfus pt 1

Mark Dreyfus pt 2

Congress President urges Governments to take community health seriously !

William Tilmouth

President of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and veteran  rights campaigner William Tilmouth says governments need to take the delivery of community controlled health services seriously if it wants to see improved health outcomes for his people.

William joins Paul Wiles on “Strong Voices”.

William Tilmouth Congress

Canadian court case could impact Aboriginal child removal in Australia

Cindy-Blackstock-Brian-Butler-SNAICC-National-Conference-2013-Cairns-AUSTRALIA-photo courtesy The Stringer

A First Nations child welfare expert says an impending decision in a court case against the Canadian Government could be used as leverage against other Governments that are failing to address growing levels of Aboriginal child removal.

Professor Cindy Blackstock, a keynote speaker at the recent International Trauma Conference held in Melbourne, says that if her people’s children are successful in a court case against the Canadian Government, it will be the first example in a developed country where a current government has been found legally responsible for discriminating against kids and held responsible for fixing it under law.

Cindy Blackstock joins Paul Wiles on Strong Voices.

Cindy Blackstock pt1

Cindy Blackstock pt 2



Opposition to the Twiggy Forrest Report

Eva Cox

Discussion about employment and training for Aboriginal and Islander Australians is a long standing debate and one which continues to raise a range of views and opinions.

Andrew Twiggy Forrest’s Creating Parity report  is receiving mixed reviews.

Eva Cox Professorial Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney joined us on Strong Voices to share her thoughts.

Eva cox



Chris Pyne – revisits significance of Aboriginal culture in the national school curriculum.

Chris Pyne caama photo (2)

The Federal Education Minister Chris Pyne has clarified his position about the teaching of Aborignal culture and history in the National School Curriculum .

Responding to concerns about comments he allegedly  made in regard to the inclusion of Aboriginal culture and history, Mr Pyne told  CAAMA listeners that it is an intrinsic part of the Australian story.

Chris Pyne live on caama

Nigel Scullion talks education, racism, constitutional recognition child removal and Noel Pearson…..

Nigel Scullion CAAMA photo

The Federal Miister for Aboriginal and Torres strait  Islander Affairs, NT Senator  Nigel Scullion shares his thoughts on a range of topical issues…he joins Paul Wiles on Strong Voices.