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NintiOne Concerned Over White Papers Lack of Aboriginal Advancement

NintiOne is an Alice Springs based independent, national not-for-profit company which is building opportunities for people in remote parts of Australia and manage the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation.

The recent release of the White Paper on developing Northern Australia has left many local communities confused about their lack of involvement in the future development of their country.

Managing Director of NintiOne Rod Reeves told CAAMA that they are committed to building opportunities for remote Australia.


As gap between rich and poor widens….are we really serious about helping the disadvantaged ?

Prof Tony Vinson

Professor Tony Vinson (University of Sydney)

Professor Tony Vinson from the University of Sydney has delivered a stinging critique of previous efforts to help address disadvantage in Australia  and says while  hard to turn around  when  firmly entrenched…. the ultimate purpose of a new report is to find  ways of ensuring  that kids growing up today are not going to be held back by an ” accumulation of things from the past ” .

The veteran researcher who has had extensive involvement in social statistics and criminology over a 40 year career has  also chaired a number of national and state level inquiries into disadvantage.

The  new report “Dropping off the Edge 2015″  says current policies are not working for Australia’s most disadvantaged communities where local residents are dealing with multiple and complex barriers preventing well being and community participation.

Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia says some  communities experience a web of disadvantage and structural disadvantage that is almost impossible to overcome .


Professor tony Vinson Disadvantage report

……… and the winner is Western Australia !

Rodney Dillon (2)

A new report from Amnesty International Australia has revealed that young Aboriginal people in Western Australia are 52 times more likely to be locked up than other young non indigenous Australians.

Although young Aboriginal people in Western Australian make up just 6 percent of 10 to 17 year olds in the state … they make up more than three-quarters of all young people in detention … and the number is growing.

Speaking from Perth Amnesty International Campaigner Rodney Dillon says the social impact of incarceration is being inherited by the next generation….

Rodney dillon amnesty on WA incarceration

Remote Western Australian Communities… Safe for Now!

Robert Isaacs_2015 june

An executive member of the Western Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council, Dr Robert Isaacs was assured by State Government representatives that remote Aboriginal communities WILL NOT be shut down. Dr Isaacs says initial consultation around the closure of remote communities could have been done better and that he will now be part of the Governments consultation process into the future. Dr Robert Isaacs joins Donna Campbell on Strong Voices.


Racism…Uncle Jack Charles on defending the indefensible…..

Uncle Jack Charles

photo courtesy Gary Heery


Uncle Jack Charles is an Elder, member of the Stolen Generation, actor, gay man, ex-heroin addict, ex-thief, and an  Australian national treasure. Uncle Jack is also a very funny man.

He joins Paul wiles on Strong Voices…..


We’re more than just people who do art …. Dr.Tom Calma.

Dr Tom Calma  CAAMA pwphoto

The co-chair of Reconciliation Australia Dr.Tom Calma says there is more to Aboriginal people than just doing art… and that things will only start to change for the better when the wider community begins to better understand Australia’s past history.

Speaking during National Reconciliation Week Dr. Calma ,the veteran human rights and social justice campaigner, says although ongoing campaigns are driving change… there is still a great deal more to be achieved.

Dr Tom Calma

Reconciliation Australia… is it making a difference ?


The co-chair of Reconciliation Australia admits there is still a long way to go until true reconciliation is achieved …but the movement is making a difference in what is an important conversation..

Presenting the Reconciliation Action Plan impact measurement statement at the start of National Reconciliation Week .. Melinda Cilento says while the process is not easy… they are starting to see some progress..

Melinda cilento Reconciliaition Action Pl;an

Melinda  Cilento is a non-executive director with Woodside Petroleum. She has previously held senior positions with the Business Council of Australia (BCA) and Commonwealth Department of Treasury.

Not everyone is on the same page with Constitutional recognition…..Professor Pat Dodson.

Prof. Pat Dodson photo courtesy UNSW

The man called “the father of reconciliation” says Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders need to be given the courtesy of respect if they are to give their consent for  important matters of national significance to go ahead.

Speaking on CAAMA radio following a meeting  in Broome which looked at  the future development  of Aboriginal owned land, Yawuru Elder Professor Pat  Dodson warned of the  potential dangers his people face unless they are  adequately protected.

Pat dodson on CR pw

Time to empower indigenous communities – S.A. Chief Justice


Aboriginal imprisonment rates in South Australia are being criticized by the states Chief Justice who says it is no longer an option to do nothing about an issue which has become ” a matter of shame”.

Chris Kourakis says a recent report on Aboriginal youth incarceration in the state showed things were getting worse and that the issue has not been looked at carefully enough.
The Chief Justice  told CAAMA radio he thinks now is the time for the JUdiciary to empower Aboriginal communities to take a much more active role in the process…

Aboriginal people in /south Australia represent one in five of those sentenced and make up 26 percent of those on remand.

Chris Kourakis SA Chief Justice

Just who will be running Stolen Generation services ……

The peak body representing Central Australia’s Stolen Generations and families is concerned and anxious who will take over the delivery of its services…after it failed in its bid to win ongoing funding.

Jackie Baxter… Manager of the The Central Australian Stolen Generations & Families Aboriginal says its board is worried about who will be providing ongoing services to its clients and if it will be able to engage with the local community.

Ms Baxter says although the office closed to the public three weeks ago… staff continue to work on a voluntary basis as she continues to push for information about who will be taking over.

stolen gen Jackie Baxter

Maurie Ryan (2)

Maurie Japarta Ryan the Deputy Co-Chair of the Northern Territory Stolen Generations Aboriginal corporation has also expressed concerns about who will take over delivery of the service.

Mr Ryan told CAAMA Government should appoint another Aboriginal organisation to provide the service…before looking at non indigenous service providers from outside of the Territory.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

Launch of boarding school blueprint ………….

photo’s courtesy The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.

The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) is a private sector-led, non-profit organisation focused on empowering Indigenous children in financial need to build a brighter future for themselves and for the nation.

AIEF provides scholarships which enable Aboriginal and Islander students to attend some of Australia’s leading schools and universities, as well as mentoring and career support to ensure students make a successful transition from school to further studies or employment, productive careers and fulfilling lives.


Rennee Coffey