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Aboriginal people in W.A. shouldn’t be worried at all… Federal Minister.

Nigel Scullion answers the BIG questions………

Nigel Scullion CAAMA  pwphoto

The Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, Northern  Territory Senator Nigel Scullion has been in the spotlight since the latest funding under the  Abbott governments  Indigenous Advancement Strategy and the loss of services in some remote  Western Australian Aboriginal communities.

The Minister chats with Kyle Dowling about the funding, job creation within the  public service and the vexing question about what will happen to Aboriginal people living  in Western Australia’s remote communities.

Nigel Scullion IAS funding

New WA legislation threatens right to peaceful protest

Hugh de Kretser caama photo

A peak Australian Human rights advocacy group says legislation being debated in the Western Australian Parliament goes too far and that it risks criminalising peaceful protest.
The Criminal Code Amendment (Prevention of lawful activity) Bill 2015 creates vague new offences of “physically preventing a lawful activity” and “possessing a thing for the purpose of preventing a lawful activity”.
Both offences carry serious penalties of prison of up to 1 year and a fine of up to $12,000. In certain circumstances, the penalty for preventing a lawful activity can rise to 2 years and $24,000.
Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre says under the proposed legislation understanding what might be considered an offence is vague and could be prone to misuse.

Hugh de Kretser HRLC on proposed WA law changes

Going backward is the problem – Rosalie Kunoth Monks.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks CAAMA pw  photo

Respected  Anmatjera/Arrente Elder Rosalie Kunoth Monks made a nation sit up and take notice when  she made the comment  ” I am not the problem ”

Ms Kunoth Monks  shares her thoughts on Prime Minister Tony Abbot’ts comment that taxpayers shouldn”t have to fund the lifestyle choice of Aboriginal people.

Listen to the full interview here :


Nurse practitioners can and will make a difference in people’s lives !

Hazel Booth Nurse practitioner Centre for Remote Health Alice Springs. caama photo

Hazel Booth is  a remote area University Lecturer, Nurse Practitioner based at the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs.

. A Canadian from Ottawa, Ontario and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory –  Hazel designed and worked as the first Yukon nurse practitioner. The  role provided services to people living in long-term care facilities. While the majority of her career has been working in advanced practice nursing roles in remote communities in Canada, Hazel has also worked in a clinical leadership role in infectious disease and public health.She joins Paul Wiles on Strong Voices to explain the importance  of nurse practitioners.

Hazel Booth Centre for Remote Health

SBS boss wants to educate wider community about the mob !

Michael Ebeid SBS CEO  caamapwphoto

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) CEO Michael Ebeid admits a big effort is needed to educate the wider Australian community about Aboriginal and Torres  Strait Islander peoples.. and their significance as First Nation Australians.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Michael  moved to Sydney  with his family when he was three.

CAAMA News Director Paul Wiles recently visited SBS headquarters in Sydney and spoke with Mr Ebeid about the future of the National Indigenous Television Service and the ongoing role that SBS has to play in educating ethnic Australians about our history.

Tracker Tilmouth….. driven to ensure a better deal for his people !

Tracker Tilmouth CAAMA  photo

Tributes are flowing for the Territory larrikin who spent a lifetime working for his people both  “on country ” and as boss of the Central Land Council,  protecting their hard-fought gains.
Tracker Tilmouth….the boy from The Gap in Alice Springs grew up on Croker Island as a member of the Stolen Generations before returning to Central Australia where he first  started work in the building sector.

Best remembered as a cheeky adversary  never too shy to voice his opinions…lifetime friend and current Director of the Central Land Council David Ross says Mr Tilmouth was a driven man  who worked to ensure that his people received a better deal.

Warren Mundine not happy – says Government is playing games !

Warren Mundine caamapwphoto

Warren Mundine –  the man  who  heads up Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s National  Indigenous Advisory Council is not happy with the latest Closing the Gap results… and says his people  are now starting to bypass Government in their efforts  to make a difference.

Speaking on  “Strong Voices” Mr Mundine tells Paul Wiles Government  appears to be  playing political games….just giving money to make his  people go away !

Listen to the full interview here :

warren mundine on close the gap


Snowdon weighs in on Leadership Challenge

Warren Snowden caama photo

The ousting of the Chief Minister has caused turmoil in parliament in Darwin. Leaders in the Territory capital have labelled the dumping as an embarrassment for the Territory Government. 

While, Adam Giles says he is “still chief minister.” Mr. Giles said that he did not support Mr. Westra Van Holthe as the new Chief Minister.

Federal Minister Warren Snowdon says that the CLP is only worried about “themselves.” While Minister Snowdon tole CAAMA Radio that what is happening in Darwin is an embarrassment for the Northern Territory as a whole.

“The CLP” he says “will be marked down well into the future over the chaos the spill has caused.”

to hear Minister Snowdon speaking on CAAMA’s Current Affairs program: Strong Voices click the link below

We Aboriginal people had a well structured, well organised lifestyle……



Western Australian Nyungar Elder, Professor Ted Wilkes  tells CAAMA Radio he is extremely disappointed by the Prime Ministers recent  comments….and rejects  historical references which suggest  Aboriginal people were  purely a nomadic race.


Thousands of WA Aboriginal People Suffer From Commonwealth Cuts…

Anthony watson

Photo courtesy: http://www.ceocookoff.com.au

Thousands of Aboriginal people living in Remote communities across Western Australia could be forcibly removed from their homes dues to Commonwealth funding cuts.

WA Premier Colin Barnett said the State had no option but to act after the Federal Government announced in September that it would cease to fund essential services in remote communities.

Chairman of the Kimberly Land Council, Anthony Watson has called for the Government to sit down with local Elders and discuss ways of sustaining remote Aboriginal Communities in that region.

Mr Watson joined Mikaela Simpson on the program to discuss the issue further.

The PM is being a little gentle…colonisation was wholesale slaughter !

Jack Charles  photo Bindi ColesView Post

Jack Charles photo courtesy Bindi Coles

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott  recently told UK media that his country has not yet come to terms with the uncomfortable reality of early settlement or that the early British settlers were all bad for Aboriginal people.

Highly acclaimed  Aboriginal Actor and human rights campaigner Jack Charles agrees….but  says in view of the push to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders  recognized in the Australian Constitution…. it is a rather gentle claim.

Jack tells Justin Fenwick  that the PM should sit down with the mob… and have a yarn about what they really want.

Jack Charles -colonisation was wholesale slaughter

Negotiations for nuclear waste repository must be in language – First Nations Party founder.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

The founder of Australia’s First Nations Political Party has called for full and proper consultations in language before any Native Title holders in the Territory can give consent for the location of a nuclear waste repository on their land.

Maurie Japarta Ryan, a fierce critic of the Northern Land Councils nomination of the Muckaty site, says any involvement by the Land Councils is a conflict of interest.

maurie ryan repository