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APY senior lawmen and women share some thoughts……………

Aboriginal people are now understanding the meaning of the word sovereignty and how continuity of  Tjukurpa…their own law …gives them the right to make decisions about what happens on their country..

Ghillar Michael Anderson … convener of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples…. recently traveled to the APY  Lands in South Australia to hold discussions with senior law men and women about the significance of Tjukurpa and how it demonstrates  Anangu’s capacity to manage and control their country.

Michael Anderson Sovereignty

The violence has mutated – we’re now seeing something different…… Prof. Judy Atkinson.

Prof. Judy Atkinson caamapwphoto

I was running a workshop in the Kimberleys, and in the circle a woman began to speak from a place of deep pain and despair. She described herself as bad, dirty, ugly, words she had taken into herself from childhood experiences of abuse. I lent forward and sang her a song. ‘How could anyone ever tell you, you are anything less than beautiful?’ While sitting with her, as the words settled into her soul, another woman said to the circle: you are re-creating song lines – from Trauma Trails, The Transgenerational Effects of Trauma in Indigenous Australia Judy Atkinson

Judy Atkinson is of Jiman and Bundjalung descent as well as having Celtic-German heritage. She has worked within areas of Aboriginal community health and welfare for many years.

We’re not here to represent the views of Government ! pt 2

CLC Director David Ross caamapwphoto-crop

Central Land Council  Director  David Ross  says over the last few years there has been a significant escalation by Government to chip away at the CLC’s core values in representing its people.

Speaking about the CLC’s 40th years of operations Mr Ross says that during this time there has been  few highs and many many lows in terms of what happens in the lives of Aboriginal people on a day to day basis.

David Ross pt 2

We’re not here to represent the views of Governments !

CLC Director David Ross caamapwphoto

Central Land Council  Director  David Ross  says over the last few years there has been a significant escalation by Government to chip away at the CLC’s core values in representing its people.

Speaking about the CLC’s 40th years of operations Mr Ross says that during this time there has been  few highs and many many lows in terms of what happens in the lives of Aboriginal people on a day to day basis.

David Ross pt 1

The PM has been instrumental in setting policy…Nigel Scullion.

Nigel Scullion CAAMA photo

The recently re- appointed Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders says he believes there will be little change in policy direction because the Department is performing well.

Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion. was re appointed to lead the Aborignil Affairs portfolio along with Alan Tudge as his Assistant Minister .

Senator Scullion says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is well aware of the ongoing policy direction.

Nigel Scullion

Saving money – words of wisdom for Turnbull Govt…..

Dr Michael Chandler
Dr. Michael Chandler

An international expert in the field of Indigenous youth suicide  and social and emotional well being has delivered an important message  about what he believes is the best way forward in for the Aboriginal and Islander community..

Emeritus Professor Michael Chandler a keynote speaker at last weeks Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Islander Child Care National Conference in Perth says any suggestion of closing remote Aboriginal communities…. is draconian almost beyond belief.

Freedom Summit 2 pushes for Treaty……….

Tauto Sansbury caamapwphoto

Organisers of the three day Freedom Summit held in Alice Springs say they will continue to push Government towards how treaties can be made  with Aboriginal and Islander communities across the country.

Grass root Aboriginal leaders including South Australian Narungga Elder Tauto Sansbury came together in Central Australia to discuss and address a range of issues and government policies that continue impact on his people.

Tauto Sansbury Freedom Summit 2

A different point of view……………..

As the Abbott government continues the push towards constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders … growing numbers of grass-roots community members are now questioning just what this actually means ..and if it could be a backward step !

South Australian Narrunga Elder and veteran rights campaigner Tauto Sansbury says the three-day gathering will give his people the opportunity to share their thoughts on a range of issues which could have significant impact into the future..

Respected Central Australian Arrernte Elder Rosalie Kunoth Monks is urging her people to continue the push for a Treaty… saying without this … there is no other way out of firmly entrenched poverty.
Mrs Kunoth-Monks told CAAMA radio that wealth creation within first nation communities needs to become reality… and encouraged both communities and individuals to remove themselves from ongoing government control….

Academia is ready to break the cycle of Aboriginal kids in care….

Prof Fiona Arney

An expert in child safety and protection says the growing number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children removed from their families and placed into out of home care has sparked  international concern and attention.

Professor Fiona Arney Director of the Adelaide based Australian Centre for Child Protection has told a forum on health development that over the past decade the number of Aboriginal children coming into contact with the child care system has doubled and as a nation we cannot stand by as the rates continue to escalate.

Professor Arney says state and territory child protection agencies are very locked into their current systems and that academia driving change will provide greater  focus on innovation.

Prof Fiona Arney child removal

Traditional Owners…Enough is Enough Government should take action


Environmentalist and Traditional owners of the Roper-Gulf region in the Northern Territory are calling for immediate closure of one of the worlds largest lead and zinc mines.

A 2014 environmental report revealed that several serious incidents had occurred the spillage had been played down and little significance given to the events.

Acting director of the Environment Centre NT Anna Boustead told CAAMA radio action by the mining owner Glencore has been slow with little regard to the public and the environments protection.

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Trauma and dis empowerment continues to impact on the mob.

A Prof Robert Parker AMA  (2)

A new Northern Territory mental health strategy for frontline services will target  six priority areas including future planning, prevention and early intervention, better involvement of patients and families, and the up-skilling of the workforce.
Associate Professor Robert Parker is president to the AMA Northern Territory. He is an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry with James Cook University and the Northern Territory Clinical School. Robert has authored or co-authored more than 30 articles on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and mental health issues.

Professor Robert Parker

Despite the goodwill of the PM – reality is a little different !

Bernard Charlie photo courtesy Gen One

The Cape York Aboriginal leader who told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the disadvantage his people face is appalling and unacceptable …says the reality of Government and business really wanting to help still has a long way to go .

Despite years of effort by Governments to help close the health gap…. Northern area Peninsula Mayor Bernard Charlie says his people are still dying too young.

Mr Abbott told the mainstream media entourage traveling with him that he is determined to ensure Aboriginal people are first class citizens …but Mr Charlie says although it was great to have the Prime Minister on country to see first hand the range of issues impacting on his people … . there is still the problem of how Aboriginal and Islanders are really seen by the wider Australian public.

Listen to the full interview with Bernard here :