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Despite the goodwill of the PM – reality is a little different !

Bernard Charlie photo courtesy Gen One

The Cape York Aboriginal leader who told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the disadvantage his people face is appalling and unacceptable …says the reality of Government and business really wanting to help still has a long way to go .

Despite years of effort by Governments to help close the health gap…. Northern area Peninsula Mayor Bernard Charlie says his people are still dying too young.

Mr Abbott told the mainstream media entourage traveling with him that he is determined to ensure Aboriginal people are first class citizens …but Mr Charlie says although it was great to have the Prime Minister on country to see first hand the range of issues impacting on his people … . there is still the problem of how Aboriginal and Islanders are really seen by the wider Australian public.

Listen to the full interview with Bernard here :


A storyteller shares some thoughts about Australia………

The Storyteller - Glen Yearwood


Glen Yearwood is former London-based communication consultancy expert who now lives in Malawi in southeastern Africa.

A Storyteller who  is on a journey to listen  and learn from First Nations Peoples, Glen shares some of his observances about Australia.

Glen also loves music, writing  and  good coffee !

Storyteller- Glen Yearwood

Adam Giles talks Constitutional Recognition, Land leasing and Racism !

Adam Giles 2 caama pwphoto

The Northern Territory Chief Minister says although he is a strong supporter of 99 year leases … he will not try to force them on Territory AborigInal communities… despite his ongoing attempts to help stimulate local economies and jobs.

Responding to questions about racism in the Northern Territory the first State or Territory leader of part indigenous heritage told CAAMA  that he has to rise above it…. and bring people together.

Adam Giles

Expert believes money will eventually determine how many people go to jail !


Prof. Mark Halsey taught criminology at the University of Melbourne from 2005 to 2007.  His areas of interest include youth offending, repeat incarceration and desistance from crime. Now at Flinders Law School,he has  also served on the Social Inclusion Board, Department of Premier and Cabinet, South Australian Government

Prof, Halsey was awarded a four-year Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for the project Generations Through Prison: A Critical Exploration of the Causes, Experiences and Consequences of  Intergenerational Incarceration.

Prof Mark Halsey

It HURTS …..it hurts so much !

Rosalie Kunoth Monks caama pwphoto

A powerful message to Government from Australia’s First Nations Peoples …they already have their own Constitution …..and it has served them well.

Respected Central Australian Arrente/ Alyawarra woman Rosalie Kunoth Monks made the country  stop and listen to the voice of reason when she appeared on  national television .

Mrs Kunoth- Monks says she is concerned about those with loud voices who are pushing the Constitutional Recognition  agenda.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks

Some advice for the Prime Minister for Aboriginal people……


A respected Australian journalist  who has spent 50 years observing Australia’s treatment of its First Nations Peoples says he believes an ongoing  “litany  of stupidity” delivered by  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been responsible for “fanning the flames of the culture wars. ”

Jeff McMullen a  high-profile mainstream media identity for more than 30 years has  delivered the prestigious Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture in Darwin… paying his respect  to the wisdom of the Aboriginal elder who led the walk-off at Wave Hill cattle station in 1966.

Jeff McMullin pt 1

Jeff McMullin pt 2

Growing worries about treatment for young “ice” addicts !

Growing community concern about the use of the drug ice and the impact it is having on young people has seen large numbers attracted to a recent forum in Port Augusta.

Scott Wilson is Director of ADAC, the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (South Australia).He is  also Deputy Chair of both the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee and the Alcohol Education Rehabilitation Foundation.

Scott’s personal and professional experience in substance misuse has made him a valued member of nearly every major governmental and non-governmental committee in Australia for more than 20 years.

NintiOne Concerned Over White Papers Lack of Aboriginal Advancement

NintiOne is an Alice Springs based independent, national not-for-profit company which is building opportunities for people in remote parts of Australia and manage the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation.

The recent release of the White Paper on developing Northern Australia has left many local communities confused about their lack of involvement in the future development of their country.

Managing Director of NintiOne Rod Reeves told CAAMA that they are committed to building opportunities for remote Australia.


As gap between rich and poor widens….are we really serious about helping the disadvantaged ?

Prof Tony Vinson

Professor Tony Vinson (University of Sydney)

Professor Tony Vinson from the University of Sydney has delivered a stinging critique of previous efforts to help address disadvantage in Australia  and says while  hard to turn around  when  firmly entrenched…. the ultimate purpose of a new report is to find  ways of ensuring  that kids growing up today are not going to be held back by an ” accumulation of things from the past ” .

The veteran researcher who has had extensive involvement in social statistics and criminology over a 40 year career has  also chaired a number of national and state level inquiries into disadvantage.

The  new report “Dropping off the Edge 2015″  says current policies are not working for Australia’s most disadvantaged communities where local residents are dealing with multiple and complex barriers preventing well being and community participation.

Jesuit Social Services and Catholic Social Services Australia says some  communities experience a web of disadvantage and structural disadvantage that is almost impossible to overcome .


Professor tony Vinson Disadvantage report

……… and the winner is Western Australia !

Rodney Dillon (2)

A new report from Amnesty International Australia has revealed that young Aboriginal people in Western Australia are 52 times more likely to be locked up than other young non indigenous Australians.

Although young Aboriginal people in Western Australian make up just 6 percent of 10 to 17 year olds in the state … they make up more than three-quarters of all young people in detention … and the number is growing.

Speaking from Perth Amnesty International Campaigner Rodney Dillon says the social impact of incarceration is being inherited by the next generation….

Rodney dillon amnesty on WA incarceration

Remote Western Australian Communities… Safe for Now!

Robert Isaacs_2015 june

An executive member of the Western Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council, Dr Robert Isaacs was assured by State Government representatives that remote Aboriginal communities WILL NOT be shut down. Dr Isaacs says initial consultation around the closure of remote communities could have been done better and that he will now be part of the Governments consultation process into the future. Dr Robert Isaacs joins Donna Campbell on Strong Voices.