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Visit to IMANPA

Trip to IMANPA was full of Fun and Laughs with the Children of IMANPA School and Gary Mumu putting out a Great Show throughout the CAAMA Network………………….

Community Trips Continue

Trip to Elliott

The journey continues for AC as he travels to RIBS Communities throughout Central Australia [CAAMA RIBS]

Fiona and AC travelled to Elliott 250kms North of Tennant Creek……A wonderful green and wet drive as the wet season continues

Arriving in Elliott we met with the Shire Manager, School Principal, and the Head Nurse at the Health Clinic

Meeting Jason Bill [Elliott RIBS Broadcaster] was the highlight of the trip and the possibility of future trainees from the region

The second stage of the trip to Alpurrurulam was cancelled due to the Georgina River being impassable……………

AC CAAMA’s new RIBS Co-ordinator

Allan Neilson[AC] first 2 weeks at CAAMA has been a journey to Community meeting RIBS Broadcasters from NTARIA, UTJU and TITJIKALA and many more Communities to come………



Jonathon Doolan the CAAMA RIBS broadcaster from Utju, and Debra Claude the CAAMA RIBS broadcaster from Titjikala with her partner Malcolm visited CAAMA and were happy to be photographed with the ‘Excellence In Training Award’ won by CAAMA RIBS at the recent CBAA awards in Sydney.

Imanpa’s Sam Bulla

Sam Bulla had a blast when he put his first one hour program out to his community this week. A lot of visitors came to the RIBS studio to support him and join in the fun. It was a great show, the first of many programs to come.

Beautiful Silk Artwork , Ltyentye Apurte

CAAMA’s two new RIBS Co-ordinators, Fiona and Paul, visited the beautiful community of Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa).  They were treated to a viewing of stunning hand-painted silks created by the community women.

Titjkala Ribs Broadcasters Recieve Training Certificates

Debra Claude and Malcolm Moneymoon, our deadly Titjkala Ribs broadcasters were presented with their certificates yesterday, awarded for their awesome work at the RIBS Broadcaster course at CAAMA, based on units of the Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)!

You can hear them on the airwaves Tuesdays 2-4pm!

CAAMA’s New RIBS Co-Ordinators head to Titjkala

Fiona and Paul are CAAMA’s New RIBS Co-ordinators. They headed out to Titjkala yesterday to meet the deadly RIBS broadcasters at Titjkala, Debra and Malcolm, and meet the Shire Manager Mike.
They were pretty impressed with Titjkala and Debra showed them how it’s done with a great live show with many requests!

Elliott RIBS First Broadcast!

Last week was the first national broadcast of Elliott Ribs Radio accross the country. Stay tuned to the CAAMA network to hear the deadly Jason broadcast the great sounds from Elliott.

Ltyentye Apurte…

Ever been to Ltyentye Apurte? Maybe you’ve heard Nolene or our other deadly RIBS Broadcasters from Santa Teresa on the radio? If you haven’t been there, take this photo tour!


Santa Teresa Senior Girls Awards Ceremony

  Santa Teresa Senior Girls Awards Ceremony today in Santa Teresa was the Awards Ceremony for the Santa Teresa Senior Girls Class. Every week this group of students broadcast the Local Radio Program using the reading, writing & speaking skills they have been learning at school… its been a great tool for them to inform, entertain & educate, for themselves as well as the other community members who so strongly support them by listening to the show, requesting songs and giving announcements and shout outs for the show. Listen out for that every thursday on 8KIN FM if you are out in Santa Teresa … its a great show. They are going through the School Holidays as well…keep your ears flapping for that!!!