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RIBS broadcasters create video at Remote Indigenous Media Festival

Another amazing video from the Remote Indigenous Media Festival in Lajamanu! Our RIBS broadcaster Noelene Palmer created this video on an iPad during her workshops at the festival, where artists Lily explains the Dreaming story of her painting.

RIBS presenter Jonothan Doolan at the Remote Indigenous Media Festival

CAAMA RIBS presenter Jonothan Doolan from Utju visited the Remote Indigenous Media Festival in Lajamanu last week where he learned to film and edit videos on iPad.

Jonothan was a star pupil and his video was displayed in front of hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasters as an example of the amazing videos created throughout the week.

Jonothan’s video talks about his time at the festival and his plans to make videos on his homelands at Utju to keep culture strong.

Remote Broadcasters Shine At Media Festival


The 2015 National Remote Indigenous Media Festival is being held in Lajamanu and is hosted by the Indigenous Remote Communications Association (IRCA) in partnership with Pintubi Anmatjerre Warlpiri (PAW) Media and Indigenous Community Television (ICTV).For 5 days remote media workers and industry guests have travelled too Lajamanu for an exciting industry program with skills workshops, roundtables, video screenings, live radio and TV coverage, music and cultural events.

With a welcome address by Senator the Hon. Nigel Scullion, Minister for Indigenous Affairs, this major annual event celebrates the achievements and builds the capacity of the remote Indigenous media industry…

CAAMA’s Remote Indigenous Broadcasters coordinator, Allan Neilson is at the festival and joins Mikaela Simpson on the phone.

News Wrap July 17

NAIDOC Award winners, Ja Rule in Alice Springs, Papunya’s local radio back after 4 years, and Senior Australian of the Year Jackie French + NT Young Australian of the Year Chantelle Ober visit red centre.

Denzel Quick Visit

Denzel is a talented remote broadcaster from Wingellina (Irrunytju) 6km over the Western Australia border. He broadcasts from his community RIBS radio station in three local languages. Denzel was impressed with the CAAMA setup as he spent time in Studio1 with Mikaela during her Drivetime Show. He is in Mbantua (Alice Springs) for a two week holiday and is looking forward to more travel this year with a possible trip away to do some extended radio training. It was good to see you thanks for dropping in to CAAMA.

Papunya and Ltyentye Apurte Training

Training continues to CAAMA’s Remote Communities allowing a Bigger Voice from Community “Youth and Elders”

Youngsters Sing to Community

Imanpa Primary School kids visited their local radio station today. They wanted to share their joyful voices with the rest of the community.  Take a moment to listen and enjoy their short show too.

“I Was The King!” First RIBS Broadcaster: Warren H Williams

Warren H reflects on becoming the first RIBS broadcaster on CAAMA in 1996, and his vision for remote indigenous broadcasting in even more communities.

Remote Indigenous Media Festival Wrap Up

RIBS crew on Black Star

The CAAMA RIBS crew in Northern Peninsula Area Queensland pumped out a deadly show across the Black Star Network while attending the Remote Indigenous Media Festival.

Welcome to Country – NPA

16th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival officially welcomed by Northern Peninsula Area.

A Day in Cairns

CAAMA RIBS Broadcasters having a look around Cairns during the trip to Bamaga with a Relaxing Massage