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Titjkala Ribs Broadcasters Recieve Training Certificates

Debra Claude and Malcolm Moneymoon, our deadly Titjkala Ribs broadcasters were presented with their certificates yesterday, awarded for their awesome work at the RIBS Broadcaster course at CAAMA, based on units of the Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)!

You can hear them on the airwaves Tuesdays 2-4pm!

CAAMA’s New RIBS Co-Ordinators head to Titjkala

Fiona and Paul are CAAMA’s New RIBS Co-ordinators. They headed out to Titjkala yesterday to meet the deadly RIBS broadcasters at Titjkala, Debra and Malcolm, and meet the Shire Manager Mike.
They were pretty impressed with Titjkala and Debra showed them how it’s done with a great live show with many requests!

Elliott RIBS First Broadcast!

Last week was the first national broadcast of Elliott Ribs Radio accross the country. Stay tuned to the CAAMA network to hear the deadly Jason broadcast the great sounds from Elliott.


Ltyentye Apurte RIBS …

Noelene is the first recipient of the Acknowledgement of the training weekend held to start the RIBS broadcasters on the pathway to formal media qualifications … the weekend held training workshops based on the Cert II in Creative Industries (Media) CUF20107 … We see here Noelene proudly appreciative of her award and she receives it with CAAMA’s congratulations and support for further workshops to advance her Development in Media.


Noelene - Ltyentye Apurte RIBS Broadcaster

Noelene – Ltyentye Apurte RIBS Broadcaster

RIBS Workshop in April ….

RIBS Workshop ……….with the opening of the new training facility on the 17th April at CAAMA Offices … RIBS broadcasters are leaping at the opportunity to be one of the first groups to utilise this important facility, designed to provide the opportunity and resources to individuals of all age groups to learn. The RIBS Workshop that is taking place at the end of this month is strengthening the impact of Aboriginal Language Broadcasters to the community both locally and regionally, it is improving the skill set of current expertise and introducing Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services as a platform for consistent development and growth to emerging broadcasters in community.


CAAMA Radio’s new RIBS Co-ordinator Robyn Toi

Meet CAAMA Radio’s newest addition….Robyn Toi!

Robyn is our new RIBS Co-ordinator alongside Trevor Close. She has been living in Alice Springs for 11 years and is looking forward to the challenge of Remote Indigenous Broadcasting and looks forward to meeting members of the communities she will be working closely with.

She speaks with Thecla Brogan on Strong Voices…to tell us a bit more about herself and why she’s keen to make a difference to remote broadcasting.