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Tracker Tilmouth….. driven to ensure a better deal for his people !

Tracker Tilmouth CAAMA  photo

Tributes are flowing for the Territory larrikin who spent a lifetime working for his people both  “on country ” and as boss of the Central Land Council,  protecting their hard-fought gains.
Tracker Tilmouth….the boy from The Gap in Alice Springs grew up on Croker Island as a member of the Stolen Generations before returning to Central Australia where he first  started work in the building sector.

Best remembered as a cheeky adversary  never too shy to voice his opinions…lifetime friend and current Director of the Central Land Council David Ross says Mr Tilmouth was a driven man  who worked to ensure that his people received a better deal.

Warren Mundine not happy – says Government is playing games !

Warren Mundine caamapwphoto

Warren Mundine –  the man  who  heads up Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s National  Indigenous Advisory Council is not happy with the latest Closing the Gap results… and says his people  are now starting to bypass Government in their efforts  to make a difference.

Speaking on  “Strong Voices” Mr Mundine tells Paul Wiles Government  appears to be  playing political games….just giving money to make his  people go away !

Listen to the full interview here :

warren mundine on close the gap


Protestors…it doesn’t mean that they haven’t a proper story to tell.

Nigel Scullion CAAMA photo

The Federal  Minister responsible for Aboriginal and Islander Australians  has called on critics to name one organization that has taken a funding cut from within his Department.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio  Senator Scullion  admitted that addressing Aboriginal disadvantage is not an easy task to sell to Parliament …but one that he is prepared to take on.

Nigel Scullion

Sovereignty is the foundation for our rights – Michael Mansell

Michael Mansell caamapwphoto-crop

Tasmanian veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Mansell explains  sovereignty .

The changing face of Territory politics…

Adam Giles  CAAMA  pwphoto

The first Aboriginal man to lead a Government within Australia  shares his vision for the Northern Territory… you might be surprised!

Northern Territory Chief Minister, Adam Giles, talks with Paul Wiles on Strong Voices.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Adam giles brings back Aboriginal affairs portfol;io

Adam Giles Defends Call for Aboriginal Adoptions

Adam Giles has narrowly held onto his title of Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, but 2 years ago he suggested Aboriginal adoptions as a good solution for ‘neglected’ children. Watch him defend this comment live on CAAMA radio back in May 2013.

……….. Pixie Jenkins stands tall and proud…………

Pixie Jenkins caamapwphoto (2)

Pixie Jenkins journey

We are victims….but don’t let it define who we are .

Dr Chris Sarrra

Respected academic Dr Chris Sarra  says the Australian Government could stand accused of lacking humanity if it continues with plans to withdraw services from remote communities….forcing  Aboriginal people s into regional centres.

The QLD based educator says as a nation we can all afford to be more sophisticated and courageous in terms of the ongoing relationship between Government and the first Nations Peoples.

‘Dr Sarra ,founder of the QLD based Stronger Smarter Institute, has been recognised internationally for his teaching methods which have instilled pride and self belief in Aboriginal children.
Speaking on CAAMA Radio Dr Sarra is also keen to see his people move away from the idea that they are victims … constantly being wronged by the wider community.

The dark and disturbing history we all need to know…….

The co author of a disturbing new research paper which examines the use of neck chains and other restraints on Aboriginal people up until as late as the 1960’s … says it is important for the wider community to understand Australia’s shocking and sordid past.

University of Adelaide researcher Dr Elizabeth Grant says incarceration was used in the 19th century as a tool to dispossess Aboriginal people of their land with police being paid  an amount to bring in men women and children…often in chains.

Dr Elizabeth Grant …chains

CAAMA – the face and voice of Aboriginal Australia…..

Improving the genetic quality of Australia ….. Paddy Gibson responds to Gary Johns.


Growing condemnation of a media article which suggests that  those on welfare   shouldn’t receive welfare payments unless they are using contraception.

“The Australian”: newspaper columnist and former Labor MP Gary Johns writes “some families, some communities, some cultures breed strife…. the idea that someone can have the taxpayer, as of right, fund the choice to have a child is repugnant”.

In a column titled “No Contraception, No Dole,” Johns singles out a Sydney Aboriginal family and the recent tragedy in Cairns involving a Torres strait Islander family-  to push his case.

Paddy Gibson a researcher with  Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning says there is no confusion in the article about who Johns is mainly referring to for his proposed solution.

Self harm researcher calls for funding changes to achieve best possible results in communities !

Adele Cox caamapwphoto


A leading Australian researcher in Aboriginal youth self harm and suicide says Government may need to re asses and make changes to some funded programs in remote communities to ensure that they are achieving the best possible results.

Aboriginal people are six times more likely to commit suicide than other Australians and the West Australian Kimberley region now has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

Adele Cox… is  a researcher with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Project which is trying to identify the most effective ways to help bring down the extraordinarily high suicide rates .

Ms Cox… a Bunuba Gija woman from the Kimberley says the project is looking for more effective program delivery … rather than any top down approach which young people are often reluctant to engage with.