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Costa the Gardener dances and connects with Aboriginal people….

Costa the Gardener caamapwphoto

Landscape architect Costa Georgiadis takes a holistic approach to gardening,horticulture,  the importance of water and its management and the benefits of sustainable living. Costa spreads his green wisdom and zest for life  while communicating with people and celebrating cultures and community. He joins  Paul Wiles  to chat about about his respect of  Aboriginal culture  and his connection with Alice Springs.

costa the gardener

Aboriginal Government within Australia is not an impossibility – and closer than people think !

Michael Mansell caamapwphoto-crop


The establishment  of  Aboriginal Government within Australia is much closer than people  realise.. according to Tasmanian veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Mansell.

Announcing elections for six positions on a new Executive of the Aboriginal Provisional Government … Mr Mansell says the APG, the  body that had self-determination at its core… was formed at a meeting in the Northern Territory in 1990.

Mr Mansell says the prospect of Aboriginal self-government within Australia is not impossible.

Michael Mansell election for APG

New Matilda tackles “the smoking gun of institutionalized racism “

chris graham caama pwphoto

A Walkley Award winning investigative journalist says that in 2014 there was growing acceptance within Australia that racism in this country is a problem… and that it is no longer acceptable.

Chris Graham … owner/ editor of online news site New Matilda.says the story about Sydney University Professor Barry Spurr… who resigned from his job at Sydney University over a series of racist emails had been a good win in the fight against racism.

Describing Professor Spurr in an editorial as “the smoking gun of institutionalized racism’ Mr Graham says Professor Spurr’s involvement as an advisor to the national school curriculum review meant the last chapter of the story may not have been written.

Creating a New Direction in Health Outcomes

Kath Martin caama pwphoto

A Central Australian Remote Health Lecturer is calling for a shift in the power base dynamic between Health Professionals and Aboriginal Clients which, she believes is continuing to impact on the delivery of Health Services.

Lecturer Kath Martin says that it is important to shift away from the practices of old by “Shifting that Professional Power Stigma.”  Ms. Martin says our health professionals need to listen more to Aboriginal clients about how they would like to receive health treatment.

The Centre for Remote Health provides a number of short courses and workshops for those new to the delivery of Remote Health. Some of the courses attempt to challenge and address issues that create barriers for people accessing Health Services in the Northern Territory.



CAAMA News 03-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker, Justin Fenwick.

The war of words between NT Aboriginal MLA’s Bess Price and Allison Anderson has escalated with the member for Stuart calling on the Rebel MLA to quit the CLP and allow other members to get on with the business of governing.

In other news growing condemnation of the Abbott  Government’s proposal to repeal a section of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Conversation continues  over the repeal of Section 18c of the Discrimination Act with  a peak  National Aboriginal health  organisation calleing on the Government to rethink the changes.

CAAMA NEWS 27-02-14

CAAMA News team: Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly, Damien Williams.

The  global significance of  Aboriginal  rock art  at Western Australia’s   Burrup Peninsula would guarantee it world heritage  listing in  any other country …according  to  a veteran Australian anthropologist  with  over 40 years  experience.

Northern Territory farmers are being given a  helping hand with a new package on offer from the NT Government.


am 27-02

Education in the Northern Territory – can we make it work for the mob !

Bruce Wilson caama photo-

The man responsible for a review into the education of Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory says he believes majority local languages should be taught  in schools  – if  the school is  able to provide a qualified teacher  to teach the language.

Bruce Wilson joins Paul Wiles on “Strong Voices” .

Bruce Wilson pt 1

bruce wilson pt 2

Tom Calma – school has to be appropriate for Aboriginal kids.

Dr Tom Calma  caama photo A veteran Northern Territory Aboriginal rights campaigner who has  climbed the heights of mainstream academia while maintaining ” a fire in the belly ” for the rights of his people, has questioned the Abbott Governments primary  focus on school attendance as the best way of closing the disadvantage gap between  his people and mainstream society.

INCOMING Canberra University chancellor Dr  Tom Calma  talks to Paul Wiles about  some of the   issues which impact on the education of  Aborignal children in remote communities.

Dr Tom Calma


Marathon great shares his own personal growth.

Robert DeCastella caama photo

Iconic Australain  athlete…..  marathon great Robert  deCastella has shared his own personal growth  in  understanding   Aborignal and Islander cultures    as he begins another  year with  the  Indigenous Marathon project

Rob de Castella pt 1

rob de castella pt 2


Community mental health mob celebrates 21 years of service.

MHACA celebrates 21 years of service


CAAPU mob drop into CAAMA studio.

Congress crew.

From left to right Suman (CAAMA multimedia rep), Avani, Meredith and Ruchita.

Today CAAMA welcomed lovely ladies from CAAPU(Avani and Ruchita) to introduce Meredith a language translator.

Mundine talks up jobs for remote communities !

warren mundine caama photo 2

The boss of Prime Minister Tony Abbotts Aboriginal Advisory Council has fired off a strong warning to  those  that remain critical about the future viability of remote Aboriginal communities.

Right  wing think tanks have  long been critical of  money spent by Government  in remote Aboriginal communities  and  suggested the best way to avoid this cash flow is for Aboriginal people to integrate into mainstream society…but Warren Mundine. l says he has other plans for these communities.

Warren Mundine