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Self harm researcher says a lack of recognition prevents young Aboriginal people being proud of their identity.

Adele Cox  CAAMA photo


The  lack of acknowledgement and respect for Aboriginal and Islander people’s as the “First Australians” has a major impact on their mental health and wellbeing ….according to a leading suicide prevention researcher.

Adele Cox, a Bunuba and Kija (Gija) woman from the Kimberley region in Western Australia  has spent  15 years  researching suicide prevention and how communities can best turn around alarming levels of self harm.

Adele Cox -full interview

CAAMA News 28-07-14

CAAMA News: Mikalea Simpson, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles

A Kimberley based Aboriginal suicide prevention worker says she is concerned that self harm is becoming too acceptable and are seen as a “normal thing” in many  communities.

The closure of a Northern territory mining venture could be seen by many as a major loss but a top end aboriginal community says it will use the opportunity to help regain control over their country…and create their own work opportunities.

A Central Australian based Kurdungurlu or caretaker of country has spoken of  difficulties he  now faces  in trying to keep his young people connected to their culture because of the  attraction of modern technology.


CAAMA News 21-07-14

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Allan Neilsen

The number of Aboriginal people who own their own home is on the rise.  the rate of home ownership among Aboriginal house holds rose from 32% to 36% in 2011.

A Victorian Aboriginal  Elder is working with local youth trying to engage them in dreamtime stories.

And in local news… Ngurratjtua landscape artists are showcasing some new work on the walls of the Alice Springs Plaza



Yuendumu Elders Celebrate NAIDOC with Prisoners

The Alice Springs prison has made a committment to it’s Aboriginal inmantes by organising a yearly NAIDOC celebration. This year, several elders from Yuendumu were invited to come along to support the Aboriginal prisoners who are greatly overrepresented in the jail.

Broadcasters talk about working at CAAMA

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at CAAMA Radio? Two of our young Aboriginal broadcasters, Mikaela and Lorena, spoke to Questacon about their radio careers.

Clark Webb ” Our Young people need a positive future. Education is the key”

Coffs Harbour_Unbranded_HR


Clark Webb is a Coffs Harbour local. He offers his time to work with local Aboriginal Children helping them to reconnect with culture and language.

In 2010, Clark voluntarily established Bularri Muurlay Nyanggan – translated to 2 Path Strong – an after-school learning program, offering free tutoring to students. The program has motivated hundreds of local children to succeed, improving academic engagement.

Clark has also inspired Aboriginal students to learn traditional language and explore traditions with their Elders.

Justin Fenwick sat down with Clark Webb to have a chat about his work and the importance of NAIDOC for the younger generation.

“I believe in Aboriginal Services Run by Aboriginal People.” – Robyn Lambley

Robyn Lambley CAAMA  photo

Not many politicians are committed to Aboriginal health clinics run by Aboriginal people. However, Minister for Health Robyn Lambley believes that Aboriginal communities should be able to lead themselves and control services which impacts their community.

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Breakfast in Kalkaringi

Day 1 of the CLC Rangers Camp started with a Big Breakfast for the Rangers an the CAAMA Crew.

It was a big serve of Bacon and Eggs with coffee and tea to start a big day ahead. The day started in Daguragu with a welcome to country by Traditional Owners.

Then down to business. Each Ranger program introducing where they were from. Rangers from Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and even right here in Kalkaringi!


Training at Ntaria & Papunya 2014

27th – 28th – 29th – 30th of May 2014 was a Great experience for Fiona and AC meeting and training the Young Men Henly, Anslem, Galvin, Theo and Thelick from Ntaria Youth Corp as well as training the Young Ladies Makisha, Loretta, Isobelle along with Griffen from the Papunya Youth Group

A new report helps address the harsh realities of youth suicide in Aboriginal Communities.

Elder 1

Photo Source: Peter McConchie

Elders and community leaders are now addressing the harsh realities of youth suicide in a new campaign that recognizes the dramatic rate of aboriginal and Torres strait islander youth suicide. Lorena Walker talks to Peter MaConchie the manager of Culture is Life.

CAAMA News 27-05-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Justin Fenwick, Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly

A recent report may well hold the key to reducing the harsh reality of youth suicide in Aboriginal communities.

Funding cuts to important Aboriginal health programs….will create massive implications in the bush, according to NT Health Minister Robyn Lambley.

This week marks National Reconciliation Week and the AFL are back in headlines. A report released by Roy Morgan has revealed the AFL’s acceptance of Aboriginal Culture.


CAAMA Takes the Long Walk

In 2004 former Essendon player Michael Long and other walked from Melbourne to Canberra to ask the Prime Minister to put the lives of Aboriginal and Torres and Strait Islander people back on the national agenda.

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