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New York… New York …. good luck IMP squad from CAAMA


The passports are organised, suitcases are being packed and checklists being checked; the time has finally arrived!

The squad is just days away from arriving in Sydney before jetting off to the Big Apple.

It has been a whirlwind six months for each member of the squad. Reflecting on their very first camp in Canberra, that training run was the furthest most had ever run in their lives – 10km for the women and 15km for the men.

Fast forward hundreds of training sessions, one-on-one time with the foam roller, and slowly making friends with the dreaded ice bath, and the New York Marathon doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.

The squad of 10 personifies resilience, dedication, humility and unwavering determination.

Well done and good luck from  all of us here at CAAMA.

Author says “The BIg Man ” was devastated by dismissal !

Professor Jenny Hocking is Research Professor and ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) Fellow in the National Centre for Australian Studies. She is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and a well-known biographer and script-writer and a highly regarded scholar and commentator on Australian politics and history, political biography, counter-terrorism and security matters.

Jenny Hocking on Gough Whitlam

Poverty in Australia…. who is most at risk !


The latest Australian Council of Social Service National Poverty Report shows the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community remains one of the most at-risk groups in Australia.

ACOSS CEO DR Cassandra Goldie told CAAMA Radio that significant numbers of Aboriginal people are on social security and particularly impacted  by long-term unemployment.

Warren Mundine – we need to look beyond Government !

warren mundine caama photopw

A leading adviser to Prime Minister Tony Abbott has described his own four-day stay in a Central Australian Aboriginal community…. as a massive learning curve.

Warren Mundine… the Sydney based chair of the PM’s Indigenous Advisory Council travelled to the remote Ampiliwatja community 320 kms north-east of Alice Springs to gain his own personal appreciation of life in the bush in an Aboriginal community.

Mr Mundine told CAAMA RADIO the stay had re inforced many of his own thoughts about how Governments deal with Aboriginal and Islander Australians.

Master Games 2014 Opens With a Bang!

6,000 people attended the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Masters Games, with a parade through town, fireworks, and a concert headlined by Dragon and The Beatnix.

Land handback revisits tragedy of Coniston massacre…

Recognition from both Government and the Opposition that the massacre of more than a hundred Aboriginal people at Coniston in the Northern Territory just 85 years ago…. was a tragedy for the local Walpiri people…. but not uncommon form of reprisal following the death of a white person.

The Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, Territory Senator Nigel Scullion says Yurrkuru, also known as Brookes Soak was the site where Fred Brooks, a dingo trapper, was killed by Aboriginal men in 1928…leading to the reprisal killings of large numbers of innocent Warlpiri and Anmatyerre people

Deputy PM Warren Truss – disadvantage a national priority !

Deputy PM Warren Truss  caama photo 2

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss says it is particularly important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to take the lead in helping to determine their own destiny.

The National Party leader who is also the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development told CAAMA Radio that both Government and people of goodwill are working for reforms which will make a difference in communities where are very few of the basic facilities that most people take for granted.

Aboriginal Communities Confront Giles and Scullion on Uranium and Nuclear Waste

The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance held a national meeting in Alice Springs to stop plans for uranium mining and nuclear waste dumping on Aboriginal land.

Traditional Owners from around Australia gathered to confront Chief Minister Adam Giles and Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion about nuclear projects directly affecting their communities. 

Psychologists want increased training in cultural competency……..


The President of Australia’s peak mental health body says it will create a specific committee to directly advise on Aboriginal and TorresStrait Islander matters .

Speaking from the 49th annual Australian Psychological Society conference in Hobart outgoing President  Tim Hannan says APS wants  to ensure that indigenous psychologists are able to communicate more directly with the sector on what, when and how issues affecting their communities need to be addressed.

Tim Hannan APS

Centralian Elder speaks out………………….

Rex Japangka Granites caama photo
Uncle Rex Japanangka Granites is a Senior Walpiri Man from the Western Desert who speaks Walpiri and English.He has extensive experience interpreting and translating and is in high demand as a mentor. Rex shares his thoughts about a number of  ongoing concerns in the Centre.

Rex Granites whitegate

Tangentyere Community Day

Remote Indigenous Media Festival Wrap Up