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Love Thy Neighbour


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It’s that time of year again when Neighbours get to know each other. We’re not talking the season première of the new season of the TV show, which is now in its 30th year by the way! We’re talking about connecting with the person over the fence.

Neighbour day was established after a string of elderly people were found in their flats, apartments and homes thought to have been left dead for over 2 years!

We lead such busy lives and Sunday March 29 allows people to slow down and stop and think, get to know their neighbours and make sure they’re okay.

Neighbour day is a great way to connect with and learn more about your neighbours. Now in its twelfth year there is set to biggest yet with over 40,000 participants this year nation wide! Even here in the territory! To find out more information or where you can join in the neighbourly fun! Head to www. neighbourday.org.au


The Hard Questions from Aboriginal Australia to Gary Johns


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Former ALP party member Gary Johns must now face up to the hard questions being asked by Aboriginal Australia after his article in The Australian.The article titled Aborigines must face up to the hard questions points out his view that Aboriginal people have no ‘need’ to live on country.

In his article he is critical of Aboriginal people needing a connection to country any more. Saying that those who live on remote communities are not creating a viable economic future for their people. Rather he says they’re “sitting idle, playing cards and taking benefits for pretend work.”

Mr. Johns that Aboriginal people should move off the homelands and into respected jobs and industries. Although he says there is no one stick approach when it comes to helping those on communities move off he says it comes down to how willing the government is to help Aboriginal people build an “economically viable future.”

Aboriginal Commentators Hit Back at Johns’ Racist Comments

Celeste Liddle

Social Commentator Celeste Liddle has spoken out about former Politician Gary Johns. Labelling his comments as ridiculous.

Johns made comments in an opinion piece in The Australian where he claims Aboriginal people have no need to live on country any more and are just wasting taxpayers money for what he calls a ‘lifestyle.’

His comments add fuel to the Government’s fire and come only weeks after Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that Aboriginal people who live on remote communities are only living there because of a “lifestyle choice”.

Ms. Liddle says that she agrees with one comment. Aboriginal people are worse off now than they were 40 years ago. Ms. Liddle says that sadly Australian’s at large have a negative view of Aboriginal people and that needs to change and it starts with mainstream media helping to change that image by promoting the good work that Aboriginal people…

Headspace is all about yarning



Headspace is a place for youth to sit down and have a yarn. A place where youth can talk about their problems and issues and know their in a safe space.

Last year was the launch of a new project by Headspace called ‘Headspace Yarn Safe’ which is all about providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth with a space to talk out their issues.

Chris Tanti CEO of Headspace told CAAMA Radio that youth are moving into online and that’s the space that needs attention.

CAAMA NEWS 25-03-15

CAAMA NEWS: Justin Fenwick, Mikalea Simpson, Lorena Walker, Allan Neilson

The spokesperson for a leading environmental Alliance has called on the CLP Government to stop subsidising mining companies… and invest funds directly back into Aboriginal communities in a bid to improve infrastructure…

A recent report into an innovative money management program has found siginificant progress in building the financial skills of Aboriginal people in the APY lands, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Meanwhile in Western Australia aboriginal people at the noongar tent embassy are still concerned about their future.

25-03-15 am

CAAMA NEWS 24-03-15

CAAMA NEWS TEAM: Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker, Allan Neilsen

Tributes continue to flow for Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser who died at the weekend. Parliament remembering Fraser as a man who was ahead of his time.

Turning to other news and Thousands protested across the country against the closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia last week.


24-03-15 am

The ‘Big Man’ – The Life and Legacy of Malcolm Fraser


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Malcolm Fraser was Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister and Friday morning Australians woke to the news that in the early hours of the morning he had passed away at the age of 84.

Fraser’s Government changed the political space. The Chair of the Prime Minister’s Aboriginal Advisory Council, Warren Mundine described Mr. Fraser as a man who was ahead of his time.

During his time as Prime Minister he established SBS and made contributions to Aboriginal Land Rights as well as introduced sled governance to the Northern Territory.

Mr. Mudine sees Fraser as a visionary of his time. Mr Fraser spoke of issues surrounding Refugee’s and Aboriginal Land Rights as well as being passionate about Humanitarian rights. All issues which are still being spoken about in Parliament today.

Warren Mundine – Malcolm Fraser





CAAMA News 23-03-15

CAAMA NEWS Team: Justin Fenwick, Kyle Dowling

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is being remembered across the country
or Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister who passed away on Friday morning.

In his time as Prime Minister he established SBS, and made contributions to the Northern Territory It was under Fraser, in 1978, that the Northern Territory’s current form of self-government was granted while he also made contributions to the land rights of Aboriginal Australians

Residents in Mornington Island are welcoming the announcement of a May arrival of the Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander affairs and the assistant Minister for Health.


23-03 am

News Wrap Up: National protests, Perth Tent Embassy evicted, Malcolm Fraser tribute

News wrap up! Nation-wide protests against remote Aboriginal community closures in Western Australia, Nyoongar Tent Embassy in Perth evicted yet again, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser passes away at age 84, and Alice Springs Sheffield Shield results.

Hometown Farewell to a True Inspirational Leader Mr T.Tilmouth


Family and friends gathered in Alice Springs to celebrate the life achievements of Mr Kwementyaye Tilmouth. The farewell was attended by Kwementyaye’s extended family and friends that could not join the family for the Darwin State funeral. The memorial service was broadcast on CAAMA Radio and live streamed on our website

Mornington Island eagerly awaits Senators arrival…

mornington island

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Mornington Island located in the Gulf of Carpentaria have welcomed the announcement of the arrival of the Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Nigel Scullion and the Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash. Queensland LNP senator Barry O’Sullivan announced the arrival after visiting Mornington Island and becoming aware of the issues the community faces.

Frank Mills CEO of the Mornington Island Shire Council is hopeful for an outcome from the visit stating consultation is the way to understanding a community and its first hand problems. The Senators are expected to arrive on the 20th of May.



CAAMA News 20-03-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Justin Fenwick.

Thousands have protested across the country against the closure of Western Australian remote Aboriginal Communities.

Over 2,000 people turned out in Perth City and thousands more across the country in cities and towns to show their support against the western Australian Government’s decision to close up 150 Aboriginal communities.

While in Alice Springs residents organised their own rally hitting back at the Western Australian government and their proposed community closures.

Close the Gap Day celebration were held right across the country. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live shorter lives than other Australians – on average 10 to 17 years less But that doesn’t have to be the case…