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It was bush here before colonisation…but it was not empty .

Warren Mundine CAAMA  Photopw

The boss of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council says Mr Abbott needs to get his facts right about Australia … and that Aboriginal people probably had  a better life at the time of colonization… than those in 1788 England.

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We Aboriginal people had a well structured, well organised lifestyle……



Western Australian Nyungar Elder, Professor Ted Wilkes  tells CAAMA Radio he is extremely disappointed by the Prime Ministers recent  comments….and rejects  historical references which suggest  Aboriginal people were  purely a nomadic race.


We Need To Build A Movement Before We Start Talking About Anything Else


“We are Aboriginal people not Australian. That’s the thing we have to ask ourselves are we Aboriginal people or not!” – Boe Spearim

A group of Aboriginal Rights Campaigners burned the Australian flag at a protest in Brisbane at the G20 over the weekend. The group also burned effigies to Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine. 

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The Curriculum focuses on issues rather than the Narrative.

John_Howard_on_4_february_2003 (1)


Former Prime Minister John Howard has come out and criticised the national history program being taught in school across the country.

The PM spoke on Seven News saying that the curriculum focuses too heavily on issues rather than the narrative of colonisation.

Justin Fenwick sat down with Jennifer Caruso from the University of Adelaide for her view on what should be included in the curriculum.


A time for honesty….Rosalie Kunoth Monks.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks CAAMA pw  photo

The Northern Territory Australian of the Year for 2015… respected Central Australian Arrente / Alyawarra woman Rosalie Kunoth Monks has urged her people to make a return to a more simple lifestyle… to stop being greedy… and to learn to live with less.

Ms Kunoth Monks, a veteran rights campaigner, captured the attention of the nation when she took part in a national broadcast discussion during which a fellow panellist referred to her people as ” a problem”…. and suggested that they need to become more civilized.

NT Aboriginal child removal ….. researcher says numbers have increased threefold since 2007

Paddy Gibson

Alarming data on the removal of Aboriginal children from their families in the Northern Territory reveals the number has grown by more than three times since the Howard coalition Government Intervention in 2007.

Paddy Gibson a Central Australian based researcher with the University of Technology Sydney says with almost 800 Aboriginal kids in the NT  now in out of home care…the aggressive attitude is not improving outcomes and there are  no indicators to demonstrate things are getting better.

Mr Gibson says under the watch of  the  current  Minister for Child Protection, John Elferink, the system has seen its  biggest influx of kids.

N.T. Childrens Commissioner says struggling families need more services !

Howard Bath 3 CAAMA PHOTO

The Northern Territory Children’s Commissioner says a reduction in the frighteningly high number of Aboriginal children being placed into protection is possible by incorporating family support services, currently available in mainstream centers , into Aboriginal communities.

Howard Bath  told CAAMA Radio unspent Departmental  money  should be  incorporated into services aimed at building stronger families on the ground  in the communities.

Back to the future….dispossessing the dispossessed !

Shaun Gordon CEO Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

Aboriginal people in NSW are claiming a moral victory against a State Government Bill which aims to extinguish hundreds of coastal land claims.

A protest rally on Monday which attracted more than 500 supporters has turned the spotlight back on the Bill which would prevent only Aboriginal people from owning coastal land.

Sean Gordon, CEO of the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council says the rally had sent a strong message to government that it has to consult with the community before its puts any Bill before the Parliament.

“Ice” on the precipice of being rampant in N.T. communities !

Graham Buzz Bidstrup CAAMA pwphoto (2)A veteran Australian rock musician who visits Northern Territory Aboriginal communities to  deliver  a ” good food good health”  program has added his voice to claims that the party drug ice  is becoming a  growing problem.

Graham” Buzz” Bidstrup.. an original member of iconic Australian rock band The Angels and now CEO of the Jimmy Little Foundation agrees with a  claim by Victorian based academic Professor Marcia  Langton  that dealers are now targeting Aboriginal  communities with   ‘ice” .

New NT arrest laws ignore Deaths in Custody recommendaton !

Jonothan Hunyor-NAAJA

A new law which will allow Police in the Northern Territory to detain a person for 4 hours without charge, will impact overwhelmingly on Aboriginal people according to the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

NAAJA Principal Legal Officer.Jonathon Hunyor says ‘Police already have the power to arrest people who commit offences and need to be taken off the street to protect public safety…. but the new law effectively allows police to impose a sentence of four hours without a charge even being laid”.

Mr Hunyor says the lessons of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody are being ignored  and  to avoid future deaths in custody less not more Aboriginal people need to be locked up.

Nova explains leaked emails in Parliament


“The release and publication of these emails is an attempt to extract money and embarrass me and my family. With legal options now exhausted this other party has turned to the media.”


Aboriginal Media will strengthen under Northern Alliance !

Chairman of the Northern Alliance, CAAMA CEO  Michael Robertson, speaks with Paul Wiles about ongoing efforts to create stronger working relationship both within the sector and with Government. Michael remains  positive about  future growth  and the ongoing  role  of the Alliance in promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture across the nation.