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The Buffalo Trade

Plans for the export of live Buffalo from remote communities in the top end to Vietnam are under way, with the Northern Territory Government keen to involve Aboriginal People.

The Giles CLP Government hopes to stimulate small business growth and Aboriginal employment in top end Communities. The Northern Territories Minister for Primary Industry Willem Westra Van Holthe says that  the export of buffalo will be a great stimulus for both the local and National economy.

The people have spoken…… but who is listening !

The people have spoken

CAAMA News 03-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker, Justin Fenwick.

The war of words between NT Aboriginal MLA’s Bess Price and Allison Anderson has escalated with the member for Stuart calling on the Rebel MLA to quit the CLP and allow other members to get on with the business of governing.

In other news growing condemnation of the Abbott  Government’s proposal to repeal a section of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Conversation continues  over the repeal of Section 18c of the Discrimination Act with  a peak  National Aboriginal health  organisation calleing on the Government to rethink the changes.

CAAMA News 27-03-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker

Northern Territory Labor senator Nova Peris  has described the  Federal attorney Generals comment that people do have the right  to be  a bigot and to  say things  that other people find offensive or insulting …as disgusing and disgraceful

As ANZAC Day draws near renewed efforts to educate the wider community about the signifigant contributuion of Aboriginal and torres strait islanders who have fought and died for their country over the last 115 years

Turning to the territory now where the Government has defended claims that the territory will be opened for business to mining companies

Police harassment – race profiling angers Centralian mob!

Alison Furber caama photo

Alison Furber talks about racist policy regarding sale of alcohol;

Indigenous Business Australia


Establishing a business is hard enough. But what happens when you don’t know where to start or how to get funded.

Indigenous Business Australia is there to help Aboriginal people who wish to own their own business. They provide free workshops for Indigenous aspiring indigenous business owners.

Justin Fenwick sat down with Paul Hynes from the IBA to have a chat about what it means to create a sustainable and viable business in the modern era.

CAAMA News 10 – 03 PM

The next 48 hours could change some people’s lives. A current cyclone warning is being sent out by the bureau of meteorology for residents living in the Cape York Peninsular, Cape Keeweer and Pormapuraaw.

Graeme King from from the Darwin Weather Bureau says residents should be on alert. He says that there is a possibility the cyclone could strengthen and people should be more concerned about the unpredictability of the storm.

Chrissy Grant the Deputy Chair of Tony Abotts’ Indigenous Advisory Council has called on the Government to improve outcomes in the health sector.

Professor of Indigenous Heath and Education at the University of Wollongong, Ngiare Brown, says that her concerns are around any potential cuts to education and health.

It’s game on! The DesertSMART challenge begins on March 17. The challenge encourges locals to learn how to reduce their home’s carbon footrpint.

Running over a 10 week period the program covers topics from water usage to how to save on your power bills. Hayley Michener from the DesterSMART Mob told CAAMA Radio that the challange is all about being sustainable at home.

Visit to IMANPA

Trip to IMANPA was full of Fun and Laughs with the Children of IMANPA School and Gary Mumu putting out a Great Show throughout the CAAMA Network………………….

Trip to Aputula

New RIBS Broadcasters  from Aputula Warrie, Ursula and Samuel participated in Radio Broadcasting training  ………A great success over the 2 days training which attracted future trainees…………Bright prospects for the Broadcasters at Aputula

Meet your new CAAMA board for 2014.

CAAMA BOARD 2014L-R. Jennifer Hampton, Paul AhChee, Catherine Satour,  Michael Griffin Chairperson,
Emhran Sultan, Ester Pearce, Karl Hampton  deputy Chairperson, Eileen van Iersel, Maureen Abbott. Owen Cole absent.

CAAMA NEWS 27-02-14

CAAMA News team: Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly, Damien Williams.

The  global significance of  Aboriginal  rock art  at Western Australia’s   Burrup Peninsula would guarantee it world heritage  listing in  any other country …according  to  a veteran Australian anthropologist  with  over 40 years  experience.

Northern Territory farmers are being given a  helping hand with a new package on offer from the NT Government.


am 27-02

Tom Calma – school has to be appropriate for Aboriginal kids.

Dr Tom Calma  caama photo A veteran Northern Territory Aboriginal rights campaigner who has  climbed the heights of mainstream academia while maintaining ” a fire in the belly ” for the rights of his people, has questioned the Abbott Governments primary  focus on school attendance as the best way of closing the disadvantage gap between  his people and mainstream society.

INCOMING Canberra University chancellor Dr  Tom Calma  talks to Paul Wiles about  some of the   issues which impact on the education of  Aborignal children in remote communities.

Dr Tom Calma