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Self harm researcher says a lack of recognition prevents young Aboriginal people being proud of their identity.

Adele Cox  CAAMA photo


The  lack of acknowledgement and respect for Aboriginal and Islander people’s as the “First Australians” has a major impact on their mental health and wellbeing ….according to a leading suicide prevention researcher.

Adele Cox, a Bunuba and Kija (Gija) woman from the Kimberley region in Western Australia  has spent  15 years  researching suicide prevention and how communities can best turn around alarming levels of self harm.

Adele Cox -full interview

The 2014 NAIDOC Youth of The Year Award recipient Amelia Telford talks on CAAMA.

Amelia Telford is a young Aboriginal women from the Bundjalung nation on the north Coast of NSW. She is Indigenous Coordinator for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and is encouraging youth from around Australia to get involved in the conversation about climate change.

Cassandra Williams sings Falling Down on Snapshot 3

Cassandra Williams- caama photo
The Williams name  is synonomous with Central Australia’s finest music. Ntaria based artist Cassandra continues the fine family tradition with her latest song which is showcased on Snapshot 111.

Location of nuclear waste dump should not be made by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats !

Dave Sweeney caama photo

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s Nuclear Campaigner, Dave Sweeney talks with Paul Wiles about the Muckatty decision and recent comments critical of the ACF’ s work with Aboriginal and Islander Australians.

Rapper Kaylah Truth talks on CAAMA Radio.


Photo: Kaylah Truth

Kaylah Truth is a young rapper doing big things from Brisbane QLD she has already made a name for herself. She has been a support act for some of the biggest R&B acts from the United States including J. Holiday an American recording artist and songwriter to one of the most successful girls groups of all time TLC. Kaylah is also apart of a new TV series call Brave New Clan she has a chat with Lorena Walker on Women’s Business.

Psssst ‘n’ Ponies Mens Health Awareness Trail Ride

Prostate cancer effects a lot of men and it is not often talked about between men, knowing this the Psssst ‘n’ Ponies Mens Health Awareness Group decided that it was time to talk about it and make people aware of prostate cancer.

Riding from Undoolya station to the Ross River Homestead spending three days and nights on the road the group hopes to make people take notice and make sure men get check ups and catch it before it causes any harm.

Shane Muldoon, John Liddle and Tony Linn are taking part in the ride and Damien Williams catches up with them at there first nights camp to talk to them about what they are hopping to achieve by doing the trial ride and what is in store for the future.

Shane Muldoon

John Liddle

Tony Linn



Aboriginal Elder Keeping Stories Alive.


PHOTO: Luke Plummer

Aboriginal Elder Freddie Dowling released his book Grampa Milawa Stories, stories that his elders told him when he was a young boy now he wants to pass them down to the next generation. Freddie said it’s important to keep these stories alive and it’s something that we can all enjoy.

White Balloon Day…#whoRUprotecting

White Balloon Day Logo (1)

Photo Source: Bravehearts

This year the White Balloon day initiative is asking all Australians a very important question Who are you protecting. White Balloon Day is Bravehearts fundamental fundraising and awareness program which aims to put and end to child sexual assault in the community.

Braveheart is using social media to get the message across with the selfie campaign. Talking on CAAMA radio the National Media Manager of braveheart Jason oxford-bridge said it’s a great way to get the community together for an important cause.

Flags of our Fathers

As it happens every year NAIDOC week is capped off with the National NAIDOC awards and this year one of the co-hosts of the NITV’s coverage of the event was Bernard Namok Jr who’s father designed the Torres Strait Island flag .
Bernard talks to CAAMA radio’s Damien Williams and lets him in on his life journey so far, from growing up on Thursday Island to working in Darwin and he also talks about watching his father as he spent many a late night as he was designing the Torres Strait Island flag.

Here is what Bernard had to say.

Bernard Namok JR

The History of NAIDOC

Do you know the origins of NAIDOC Week? It all began with Sir Douglas Nicholls (the first Aboriginal man to be knighted) who started ‘Aboriginal Sunday’ back in 1943. Pat Turner, a local Arrente woman, told us all about it when she came in to the CAAMA studios.


Shellie Morris talks on Women’s Business about Awards, Music, Community and Life.


Aboriginal singer/songwriter Shellie Morris talks to Lorena Walker on Women’d Business about receiving the 2014 Northern Territory Australian of the Year and what she’s been up to. Shellie will be performing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in Scotland this August.

Sarah Carmody IMP Marathon runner completes the Gold Coast Half Marathon.


Alice Springs local IMP runner Sarah Carmody participated in the Gold Coast half marathon where all 12 members crossed the finish line, Sarah finished in at 2:36:30. Sarah talks to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices where she tells us all about her journey and being apart of the Indigenous Marathon Project squad.