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Community Mob Urged to Understand Impacts of Fracking


Jimmy Cocking ALEC caama photo-crop2015800x

A peak Northern Territory Environmental lobby group is urging community aboriginal people to become more informed about the impact and potential dangers of fracking and mining on their land.

Commenting on a recently released report into fracking Arid Lands Environment Centre Director Jimmy Cocking said recommendations contained in the report do not go far enough and there is a need for a moratorium on all exploration licences until it becomes clear where the gas reserve are in the Northern Territory.

Mr Cocking says that just having guiding principles as a regulatory measure is not enough to address and police issues associated with fracking and that there needs to be an overhaul of the Petroleum Act and the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act and more importantly that Aboriginal people should be provided all the information in language to fully understand.


Aboriginal leaders bid to speed up land claims in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council have revealed details of land rights claims and are urging the State Government to speed up its response to claims which were set in motion in mid 2014.

The Chairman of the Tasmanian Aboriginal land Council Clyde Mansell says the claims were made in July last year and the places hold significant cultural landscape that is important to the local aboriginal people in the area.

CAAMA News 02-03-15

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker

The Tasmanian Aboriginal land Council are calling on the State Government to speed up its responses to land claims.

A new program spruiking lagauge and the law is aiming to bridge the divide between Aboriginal people and the the crimial justice system.

Closer to home where Northern Territory Indigenous activist Tilmouth sadly passed away at the weekend

Mr. Tillmouth was a long-time member of the Labor Party, and in the late 1990s was the frontrunner to be pre-selected as the party’s senator for the NT…

And Finally to Canberra where The National Museum of Australia says that a controversial exhibition of Aboriginal Artefacts collected by Captain James Cook will be returned to Australia for the first time 245 years…


Prestigious 2015 Fullbright Award for Aboriginal Researcher

Dean Jarrett Fulbright

Dean Jarrett a Gumbaynggir man from New South Wales and a PhD candidate for the University of Technology, Sydney has received the prestigious 2015 Fullbright scholarship and intends to further his studies in the United States of America with the focus on Aboriginal social enterprise, entrepreneurship, supply diversity and the impacts this has on Aboriginal communities.


First Aboriginal Woman Elected in Queensland Parliament

Leeanne Enoch_QLD parliment

The first Aboriginal woman elected to the Queensland State parliament strongly believes that her people need to be engaged at all levels of government and hopes Aboriginal people take their place in the political arena. Former teacher and political advisor Leanne became just the second Aboriginal person in over forty years to be elected to the state parliament.

Ms Enoch says she will endeavour to meet the needs of the people and who’s main concerns are jobs and job security, the rising costs of living in Queensland, frontline services and the total annihilation of Aboriginal communities. Ms Enoch told CAAMA radios Donna Campbell that following her success her job will be to shine a light on the path of possibilities for Aboriginal people.

BROTHERS 27-02-15


Ernie Dingo, Myene Wyatt and young fellas from St Josephs Flexible Learning Centre, Joined us on the show today to talk about how to keep a balance between work life and cultural life, while the young fellas had a chat about fundraising for a up coming trip to Sydney.

Culture and lime light

‘Wild Australia’ exhibition


A valuable historical collection of photos of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performance troupe are being displayed in an exhibition called ‘Wild Australia’ in the Anthropology museum at the University of Queensland.

The earliest know photo of the troupe was taken in 1892 at St Lucia in Brisbane where members gathered for a dress rehearsal. They had come from the Indigenous groups of Wakaya, Kuthant, Kurtjar, Arapa, Walangama, Mayikulan, Kabi Kabi, Kaladoon and Muralag.

Professor Paul Memmott director of the Aboriginal Environments Research Center says that the images are “mostly men” however, there are four women and one child in the troupe of 27.

The photographers were at the time some of the leading photographers in the country. The Museum Director Dr. Dianna Young who commissioned the exhibition says it’s an important contribution to Australia’s history and says our past should be acknowledged.


AHC Don’t Want A Publicity Stunt


Residents of The Block received a move on order last week. Evictions are nothing new to the block these recent evictions could be the final chapter in the ongoing feud.

Jenny Munro has told CAAMA Radio that she is committed to standing her ground to the protect the block from commercial development, rather she says, it should be used for what it was set aside for and that is Aboriginal housing.

The company behind the multi million dollar project set for the Block say they too are committed to ensuring Aboriginal Housing is also built on the site.

The Aboriginal Housing Company were set to meet with Redfern residents at the inner Sydney site on Tuesday afternoon. However, due to an overwhelming presence of media at the site the AHC declined the meeting instead they say they would like the mediation to be “more constructive” rather than “a publicity opportunity.”

The AHC say they will continue to strive to to make sure the Block remains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and controlled into the future.



CAAMA NEWS 26-02-15

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams

New child protection legislation has been introduced in the Northern Territory to provide a more stable upbringing for children in foster care

A new report into Heart Health is being labelled as the most comprehensive report ever published in Western Australia

Over to New South Wales where residents from Redfern’s The Block were due to meet with the Aboriginal Housing Company on Tuesday afternoon, however due to an overwhelming media presence at the site, AHC say they wish to reschedule, so that the mediation could take place in a constructive way, rather than as a publicity stunt

Staying in NSW where an Aboriginal Researcher who has been awarded the Prestigious Fullbright Scholarship says he will further his research on Indigenous entrepreneurship and social enterprise


Sheffield Shield Day one

Day one of cricket has concluded in Alice Springs with the temperature well in to the thirties, the heat didn’t stop Queensland from ending the day at 9/206 at TIO Traeger Park.

Federal Funding For Essential Dementia Programs Forgotten


Dementia is five times more common among Aboriginal people. Currently across the nation there are 25,000 Australians who are affected by young onset dementia. If there is no medical breakthrough or advancement the number of people with young onset dementia is set to rise by 48% by 2050.
Now vital funding for essential support programs could be on the chopping block. Which will force the young people living with dementia into residential aged care earlier than they should.
CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia Carol Bennett told CAAMA Radio that residential aged care for people under 65 people suffering dementia isn’t a solution the problem which seems to be getting worse.


The Sheffield Shield in Alice Springs


With Australia Co-Hosting the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup with New Zealand unfortunately the Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers won’t be able to host any teams at their home ground The MCG, Fortunately for Alice Springs that means two home away from home games to be played at TIO Traeger Park.

The first of the two scheduled games to be played in The Alice is underway, seeing the Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers taking on the myFootDr Queensland Bulls on day one of the four day test match.