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Bush To Belly Yiyili Community School Students

Photo courtesy of Bush To Belly Food Co.

A Victorian based documentary maker is set to capture how remote Aboriginal students from the Yiyili Community school in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia have learned to developed Barista and food preparation skills. Nell Reidy on of the Documentary film makers talks to Damien Williams from CAAMA radio about the plans to showcase what the students have done so far.

“Whole Lot To Say” Jess Holland



Photo Courtesy of Jess Holland

This is the second album from powerhouse Australian country music songstress Jess Holland, released on the 28th of March 2014 Jess talks to Damien Williams from CAAMA radio about the release and the year so far and what is in store for her.

A Very CAAMA Christmas!

It’s been a busy year for CAAMA Radio, Music and Productions! Check out what we’ve been up to in this great reggae version of Joy To The World recorded by Shannon Gallagher.

Dennis Mutton Medalist


The prestigious Dennis Mutton Medal recognises outstanding community involvement and contribution that has been initiated after a graduate’s completion of the Governors Leadership Foundation program. Each year the medal is awarded to a Fellow who reflects the core value of giving to the community and this year’s recipient was Arabana Man Aaron Stuart who speak’s to Damien Williams from CAAMA radio about the medal.

Papunya and Ltyentye Apurte Training

Training continues to CAAMA’s Remote Communities allowing a Bigger Voice from Community “Youth and Elders”

The Best of Strong Voices 2014: More Investment Not more Cuts…


Photo Source: NACCHO

Professor of Aboriginal Health at the University of Wollongong Ngarie Brown says that we shouldn’t have cuts to health we should in fact have more investment in our children’s education and in the health sector.

She urges the government to think about closing the health gap. When it comes to investment Ms. Brown says that the Government should focus on our children and the commitment they have promised the Aboriginal community.


Youngsters Sing to Community

Imanpa Primary School kids visited their local radio station today. They wanted to share their joyful voices with the rest of the community.  Take a moment to listen and enjoy their short show too.

Rising food prices for the Northern Territory.


A new report by the Northern Territory Council of Social Service shows that too many Territorians will face rising food bills, The Northern Territory is the second highest weekly expenditure on food in the country.




40 years After Tracy

Joe Clarke (Nov 2011)

Forty years after the devastation of Cyclone Tracy many territory families still feel the affects to this day, CAAMA radio sports show personality Joe Clarke who was one year old when the Tracy struck, talks to Trainee Broadcaster Damien Williams to share his and his family’s story.


Jenny Munro talks Women’s Business.

Jenny Coe caama pwphoto

Jenny Munro a proud Wiradjuri women shares her views on Aboriginal rights, the struggle and what she hopes to see in the future. Jenny attended the Freedom summit that took place at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station in November.

Yorta Yorta Share Their Message at Summit

Monica Morgan caama photo

Monica Morgan travelled from Country Victoria to be part of the 2014 Freedom Summit. She has been campaigning for the Rights of Australia First Peoples for over 30 years and shares her views on Aboriginal Rights with CAAMA Radio.

Aboriginal leaders from across the country gather in Alice Springs for the first ever Freedom Summit.

A prominent group of Aboriginal Sovereign rights campaigners have gathered at the old Telegraph Station in Mbantua Alice Springs for the first ever Freedom Summit which looks at creating a solution for the ongoing miss treatment of Australia’s First Nations People.