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The CEO of the Lowitja Institute talks on CAAMA Radio.


Romlie Mokak is the Chief Executive Officer at the Lowitja Institute based in Melbourne. After working in the public sector for the past 15 years he encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to study in the medical sector and become health professionals. Lorena Walker has a chat with him on strong Voices.

Ray Jackson talks about the recent Death of a young women in police custody in WA.

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Photo Source: www.news.com.au

The president of the Indigenous Social Justice Association Ray Jackson raises his concern about the Death in Custody of a young Aboriginal women in Western Australia. Lorena Walker chats with Ray on Strong Voices.



Whitegate mob plea for help to stay on their land !

Felicity Hayes -Whitegate  camp caama photo

Traditional owners of an Alice Springs town camp have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Residents of the Whitegate camp on the eastern boundary of the town had their water supply turned off last week… as part of what they say is an ongoing campaign to force them to relocate to another nearby camp.

Felicity Hayes – Snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate

Jacinta Price talks about Life, Music and Yamba on Women’s Business.


Jacinta Price has just got back from performing at the National Indigenous Music Awards, being apart of the Darwin festival and a support act for Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. She is also featured as Tourism Central Australia’s Character for 2014. Lorena Walker catches up with her for a chat on Women’s Business.

Chief of Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory talks about GP co-payment cuts


There could be more cuts to Northern Territory medical services which may impact the health gap between Aboriginal and non-indigenous people.

The Chief Executive of AMSANNT John Paterson talks to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices.


Congress President urges Governments to take community health seriously !

William Tilmouth

President of the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and veteran  rights campaigner William Tilmouth says governments need to take the delivery of community controlled health services seriously if it wants to see improved health outcomes for his people.

William joins Paul Wiles on “Strong Voices”.

William Tilmouth Congress

The 31st Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award Winner talks on CAAMA Radio.

The Winner of the 31st Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards used twenty images of young Aboriginal men with targets painted on their chests.

Artist Tony Albert used the photographs as his response to the 2012 Kings Cross Shootings in Sydney, using contemporary art to get his message across.

Learning online Business

Starting an online business is a scary thing especially if you are unsure of what you are doing, that is why at TAFE Western New South Wales  are running free online courses to help you start your online business.

Bettyanne Hauville a coordinator at TAFE Western joins us on CAAMA Radio to let us know how to get we can take advantage of this great tool.

Bettyanne Hauville

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Military History

Prof. Mick Dodson (2)

The task of collecting information about Aboriginal and Islander men and women who have fought for their country is continuing and Professor Mick Dodson from Australian National University remains positive about the four year project and talks to CAAMA Radio about the journey ahead.

Serving our Country

Australian Greens say Forrest Report is flawed vision.


The Australian Greens have described the Forrest review into addressing Aborignal and Islander employment and training as a flawed vision of how to support the most disadvantaged peoples in Australia.

Australian Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues , Senator Rachel Siewert says “While some recommendations in areas around employment and early childhood care are sensible, they are packaged with top-down measures that show a fundamental lack of understanding of how you empower people.

“Greens Senator Rachel Siewert responds to Twiggy report”.

Mundine says Forrest Report a gamechanger and revolution.

warren mundine CAAMA  photo

The Chair of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine  has welcomed the Forrest Report into Aborignal and Islander Training and Employment – claiming it is important in regard to big chages that need to be made.

Warren Mundine response to Twiggy report

Self harm researcher says a lack of recognition prevents young Aboriginal people being proud of their identity.

Adele Cox  CAAMA photo


The  lack of acknowledgement and respect for Aboriginal and Islander people’s as the “First Australians” has a major impact on their mental health and wellbeing ….according to a leading suicide prevention researcher.

Adele Cox, a Bunuba and Kija (Gija) woman from the Kimberley region in Western Australia  has spent  15 years  researching suicide prevention and how communities can best turn around alarming levels of self harm.

Adele Cox -full interview