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Anderson rejects claim Ice has gripped communities ………


Alison Anderson CAAMA  photo

Claims in the mainstream media that Aboriginal Communities are in the grip of an ice crisis, have been rejected by the Member for Namatjira Allison Anderson. Ms Anderson says there is no epidemic and the claim is part of a process to build support for the Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest review.


CAAMA pwphoto (3)

It’s Friday again and you know what that means YES YES another episode of BROTHERS and on this weeks show the topic is the Alice Springs Pride Carnivale, to talk more about it, we are lucky to have a Brother from the Tiwi Islands Jason De Santis come on the show and talk about the things he gets up to down in the city being a play write, comedian, gender illusionist and performing on stage in a production that he has writing which has been touring all around the Country, trying to crack the international stage.

Also on the show CAAMA radio’s very own Justin Fenwick who is also performing at the Pride Carnicale, in his first show in a few years.

If you want us to tell your story or you would like us to talk about a topic that your are passonate about, let us know by sending us an email at brothers@caama.com.au or drop by and ask for Damien Williams.

Community Calls for Mining company to listen

Traditional Owners of the land where the McArthur River Mine is located, the Garrwa people, remain concerned about the effects of mining operations in both the river and their country.

Garrwa Elder Jack Green speaks to Damien Williams on CAAMA Radio to talk about the issues that he and his people have about the rehabilitation plans that the mining company may have.



Author says “The BIg Man ” was devastated by dismissal !

Professor Jenny Hocking is Research Professor and ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award (DORA) Fellow in the National Centre for Australian Studies. She is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and a well-known biographer and script-writer and a highly regarded scholar and commentator on Australian politics and history, political biography, counter-terrorism and security matters.

Jenny Hocking on Gough Whitlam

2014 Alice Springs Masters Games

Another great day of the Masters Games todays sports Lawn Bowls, Ten Pin Bowling and Baseball. Check out all the characters

2014 Alice Springs Master’s Games!

The 2014 Master’s Games has officially kicked off! The CAAMA Radio crew have been travelling around Alice Springs to various sporting events with their cameras. Today included the Softball, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey and Tennis.

Keep up to date with photos of the Masters Games by following our website and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caama.alicesprings

BHP to fund Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in STEM program.

Marian-headshot Sept 2014

BHP Billiton Foundation to fund Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program.

Marian Heard, Director of Indigenous STEM education at CSIRO told CAAMA Radio it’s important that there is Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders broaden their career opportunities through technology related courses.

Indigenous Marathon Project Squad named for the 2014 New York Marathon.


The 2014 Indigenous Marathon Project Squad has now been named for the upcoming New York Marathon in November. Robert de Castella and the IMP team have selected 10 athletes to run in the worlds biggest marathon. Talking on CAAMA Radio Rob and four of the athletes Ruth Wallace, Adrian Dodson – Shaw, Elsie Belphina Seriat and Harold Matthew talk about their journey and what it means to be apart of the IMP project.


Oombulgurri community in Western Australia forcibly evicted for demolition!!!

In Western Australia where the State Government wants to start demolition on the Oombulgurri Community where community members were forcibly evicted.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Tammy Solonec who is the Indigenous people’s rights manager at Amnesty International to tell us all about it.

RIBS crew on Black Star

The CAAMA RIBS crew in Northern Peninsula Area Queensland pumped out a deadly show across the Black Star Network while attending the Remote Indigenous Media Festival.

Welcome to Country – NPA

16th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival officially welcomed by Northern Peninsula Area.

Outback to the Coast


CAAMA’s Remote Broadcasters are on a journey from the Desert to the Sea travelling to the Remote Idigenous Festival