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CAAMA news 24-07

CAAMA news team: Mikaela Simpson, Justin Fenwick, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams.

A prominent aboriginal author has challenged his people’s children to stay at school and learn so that they are able to debate the misrepresentation of their country’s history.

A debate has erupted again following the erection of a controversial statue in Alice Springs.


am 24.07

Rapper Kaylah Truth talks on CAAMA Radio.


Photo: Kaylah Truth

Kaylah Truth is a young rapper doing big things from Brisbane QLD she has already made a name for herself. She has been a support act for some of the biggest R&B acts from the United States including J. Holiday an American recording artist and songwriter to one of the most successful girls groups of all time TLC. Kaylah is also apart of a new TV series call Brave New Clan she has a chat with Lorena Walker on Women’s Business.

Yuendumu Elders Celebrate NAIDOC with Prisoners

The Alice Springs prison has made a committment to it’s Aboriginal inmantes by organising a yearly NAIDOC celebration. This year, several elders from Yuendumu were invited to come along to support the Aboriginal prisoners who are greatly overrepresented in the jail.

Aboriginal Elder Keeping Stories Alive.


PHOTO: Luke Plummer

Aboriginal Elder Freddie Dowling released his book Grampa Milawa Stories, stories that his elders told him when he was a young boy now he wants to pass them down to the next generation. Freddie said it’s important to keep these stories alive and it’s something that we can all enjoy.

Shellie Morris talks on Women’s Business about Awards, Music, Community and Life.


Aboriginal singer/songwriter Shellie Morris talks to Lorena Walker on Women’d Business about receiving the 2014 Northern Territory Australian of the Year and what she’s been up to. Shellie will be performing at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in Scotland this August.

Sarah Carmody IMP Marathon runner completes the Gold Coast Half Marathon.


Alice Springs local IMP runner Sarah Carmody participated in the Gold Coast half marathon where all 12 members crossed the finish line, Sarah finished in at 2:36:30. Sarah talks to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices where she tells us all about her journey and being apart of the Indigenous Marathon Project squad.


Alice Springs 2014 NAIDOC celebrations.

NAIDOC celebrations started at the Alice Springs Town Council lawns before a march through the Todd mall to Anzac Oval where welcome to country and activities took place. Many gathered and enjoyed the local entertainment by Warren H Williams. Some of the NAIDOC award winners Joe Hayes and Sissy Dun were also there to receive their awards.

The 55th Annual Alice Springs Show…

It’s been two fun filled days for the CAAMA Crew at the 55th Annual Alice Springs Show doing everything from Helicopter rides, great interviews, visiting the baby animals including the 4 week old Alpaca named whiskey even taking a stroll down sideshow alley. It’s been an  awesome atmosphere at the show.

Yappa Fashion Festival a success in the Alice.

The Yappa Fashion Festival, the first of it’s kind was held in Alice Springs over the weekend with a sell out crowd. With a mix of culture, color and first time models it was a fantastic night with a live band and a lot of happy people.

Historic court case win for Muckaty Mob


Today marks an emotional day for the people of Muckaty marking a seven year long fight for their land. The Commonwealth Government and the Northern Land Council announcing they will withdraw their proposal to implement a nuclear waste dump on Muckaty Station.

Traditional owners and supporters gathered on the Alice Springs Town Council lawns to express their emotions.


Justin Brierty talks on Strong Voices about the controversial photo that has now gone national.

Justin Brierty the Chief photographer at News Corp Australia’s Centralian Advocate in Alice Springs had recently taken a very controversial photo. The photo is of a Aboriginal baby boy still in Nappies in the back of a Police paddy wagon. Justin talks to Lorena Walker about why he took the photo.

2014 Indigenous Round Melbourne Demons Vs. Port Adelaide