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News Wrap Up Live From Uluru!!

This week we bring you the week that was live from Uluru! Our top stories are the Tjungu Festival happening this weekend at Yulara; students from Ntaria ride horseback 130km to honour our ANZACs, Alice Springs open a new commemorative walk for our armed forces, and a local Aboriginal war veteran reflects on his time serving among white men.

Alice Springs Dawn service pays Tribute to 100 years.

The Alice Springs community gathered at the Iconic Anzac Hill where close to a thousand people gave their respects and tributes remembering those who fought for the country. Those heros that shed their blood and lost their lives during all wars including WW1 and the landing at Gallipolli.

This ANZAC Day marks 100 years since troops landed at ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli. During the centenary commemorations we will not only remember the original ANZACs but also we will remember a century of Service by Australian service men and women.

BROTHERS 24-04-2015


Good morning BROTHERS what an fitting show with ANZAC Day just around the corner today we look at the special contributions that countless BROTHERS have made over the years in serving our beautiful country and those people that show there respect in their own ways.

On this weeks show we had the opportunity to speak with John Schumann, an iconic Australian singer song writer. Mr Schumann is known for his role as lead vocalist and song writer in the Australian folk rock band Rudgum and the iconic Vietnam anthem ‘I was only 19.’ Mr Schumann was commissioned to write and perform a song for ANZAC day recognising the efforts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service men and women over the years.

We also had Raymond Finn a Wangkangurruman from the far north South Australia. Raymond is a military history enthusiast. Mr Finn is deeply interested in the deeds of the Australian Light Horse in World War 1 and the involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders over the years.

Dora Smith and Kristal West Sing Live on Women’s Business

The Alukura Singer/Songwriter competition took place this week in the CAAMA Music studios where young Aboriginal women from across the country came to showcase their musical talent. The women where able to record their music in the CAAMA Music studio also being mentored by the Stiff Gins and going out on country.Dora Smith from Broome and Kristal West from Brisbane join Donna and Lorena on Women’s Business.

Alukura Competition winners have a chat on Lunch Time Gig.

Three of the winners from the Alukura Songwriters competition joined Donna and Lorena on the Lunch Time Gig to talk about what they have been up to during their time at CAAMA.

The winners will be recording their singles which saw them gain a positing in the competition on and ultimately win their a spot in the prestigious course.

Miranda, Dora and Bec tell the girls what it’s like recording songs and what they have enjoyed while being in Alice Springs.

New ANZAC walk in Alice Springs

Alice Springs Mayor, Damien Ryan, unveiled a new commemorative walk honouring our Armed Forces ahead of ANZAC Day this weekend. The walk starts at ANZAC Oval and follows along the banks of the Todd River to the base of ANZAC Hill, with plaques detailing all 13 conflicts in which the Australian Armed Forces have taken part.

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress helps to fight ICE addiction in Alice Springs.


There is growing concern from people in communities about the use of the drug ice in Central Australia. Recent times has seen the Prime Minister launch a Task-force to help combat the epidemic within Australia.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Congress is now in the process of working with the community to help fight the issue front on and to have a clear understanding of the drug, the after affects it causes its users and family members who see the changes.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Central Australian Aboriginal Congress CEO Donna Ah Chee has a chat with Lorena Walker on Strong Voices.

Real Australians Say Welcome

Peter Drew is an artist from South Australia. He has engaged in a social media campaign titled Real Australians Say welcome aimed at the political views surrounding refugees who come to Australia by boat.

As the campaign suggest Real Australians Say Welcome is just that, we welcome anyone who comes to our country seeking refuge. In more recent times Drew says his campaign can be related to those Aboriginal people who are seeking refuge on Herrison Island.

He says that his message is the complete opposite to that of the recent Reclaim Australia protests across the country and hopes that his message hits home with some of those protesters who demonstrated in the reclaim Australia rallies. to Find out more visit www.peterdrewarts.com

Child removal not the answer… NT opposition


Lauren headshot

The Northern Territory’s tough love approach on anti-social behaviour is continuing to garner discussion with the NT Shadow Minister for children and families calling for more consistent service delivery across the Territory.

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for children and families Lauren Moss is concerned by the Territory Governments threat to take children who are not being adequately supervised into custody, stating funding cuts to youth services is making it difficult for service providers.

‘we can’t expect to keep removing resources and telling services they have to do more with less and expect the same outcome.’

Minister Moss told CAAMA the issue is not cut and dry, with access to services in remote communities being difficult to implement and acknowledged the struggle of identity many Aboriginal youth face.

The Minister went on to discuss the importance of remembering the rise in anti-social behaviour is not representative of all young people within the Northern Territory.

NT Governments tough love approach won’t work says Sydney based youth social worker

father riley

Image courtesy of www.youthoffthestreets.com.au


A veteran Sydney based youth social worker says the Northern Territory Governments zero tolerance policy on after hours anti-social behaviour won’t see any real results.

Father Chris Riley Founder and CEO of Youth off the Streets, has worked with at risk youth with a history of abuse, trauma and neglect for over 30 years

Father Riley told CAAMA he does not believe the Northern Territory Governments tough love approach will produce results, stating a zero tolerance policy promotes further crime without adequately rehabilitation.

Father Riley said to combat the rise of anti-social behaviour the Northern Territory Government must first understand why young people are continuing to get up to mischief . Relating back to his experiences in Sydney, Father Riley recognised the importance of relateble local role models assisting youth alongside community based agencies.


The new Northern Territory Labor Leader Michael Gunner talks on Strong Voices.


Photo: Xavier La Canna

The new Labor Leader for the Northern Territory Michael Gunner has a chat to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices about his new position in the Labor Party and what he hopes to bring to the Northern Territory in 2015.

Nurnakah Show 17-04-15

Our Show 2015 039 (Medium)

This week on Nurnakah Show we looked at Brotherboys what’s its like to be a brotherboy and how hard it is to transition.

Joining us on the program was the lovely JD and amazing Kai Clancy! hear their story below!