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National Sorry Day highlights ongoing issues of concern.

Celeste Liddle caamapwphoto (2)


A Melbourne based social commentator and blogger is calling for greater recognition of Sorry Day and says it needs to become a central part of the national consciousness.

Celeste Liddle …. Indigenous organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union, says many Australians are unaware of the trans-generational impact of forced removal… and that it still affects many families even today.

Ms Liddle told CAAMA that the policies that led to the Stolen Generations are still very much part of what is happening  today.

Celeste Liddle sorry day



Reconciliation for all Australians.


The chairman of The Journey of Healing South Australia John Browne talks about the stolen generation, being taken at the age of 10 from the Northern Territory. John has spent the last 56 years living and working in Adelaide.

Today marks an important day for Australia with National Sorry Day commemorations across the country reflecting on the stolen generations. John talks to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices.

National Day Of Action


National Sorry Day carries different meanings for many people across the country. Some use it as a day to reflect on the past, other may use it as a day for looking forward to see what the future may hold while there are many hoping that change will be good for all.

The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance have always looked at educating their people and letting them decide what they want to do and to tell us more is one of the members of WAR Boe Spearim.

Boe Spearim

Not everyone is on the same page with Constitutional recognition…..Professor Pat Dodson.

Prof. Pat Dodson photo courtesy UNSW

The man called “the father of reconciliation” says Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders need to be given the courtesy of respect if they are to give their consent for  important matters of national significance to go ahead.

Speaking on CAAMA radio following a meeting  in Broome which looked at  the future development  of Aboriginal owned land, Yawuru Elder Professor Pat  Dodson warned of the  potential dangers his people face unless they are  adequately protected.

Pat dodson on CR pw

Community based organisations in N.T. are important !

Wes Miller

A new website which offers a range of services is making it easier for Northern Territory communities and agencies to access information about governance and management .

Wes Miller Project officer with APONT the Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the Northern Territory says the Aboriginal Governance and Management Program was established to provide support primarily for remote organisations but it was also available to those in urban areas.

Mr Miller stressed the value of maintaining remote community organisations which he says play a significant role in both management and employment…


For more information visit http://aboriginalgovernance.org.au/

Time to empower indigenous communities – S.A. Chief Justice


Aboriginal imprisonment rates in South Australia are being criticized by the states Chief Justice who says it is no longer an option to do nothing about an issue which has become ” a matter of shame”.

Chris Kourakis says a recent report on Aboriginal youth incarceration in the state showed things were getting worse and that the issue has not been looked at carefully enough.
The Chief Justice  told CAAMA radio he thinks now is the time for the JUdiciary to empower Aboriginal communities to take a much more active role in the process…

Aboriginal people in /south Australia represent one in five of those sentenced and make up 26 percent of those on remand.

Chris Kourakis SA Chief Justice

Women’s Business 22-05-15


From the Torres Strait to Germany it was a pack show on Women’s Business for another Friday. On the show today we had Ivy Trevallion from Thursday Island who had a chat with Lorena Walker about life in the TSI. Heather Wilson talked to Donna Campbell about the World Tobacco Day the Congress way and Genise Williams had a chat about the upcoming “BOOMERANG Tour” of Germany by the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir.

















BROTHERS 22-05-15


Today is all about comedy and on the show we have the great pleasure of chatting to one of the countries funniest BROTHERS Sean Choolburra about how he started and the inspiration for doing stand up comedy.

We also have a chat to Venezuelan comedian Ivan Aristeguieta who is a on the Melbourne comedy Road Show in the year 2012 Ivan and lovely wife Monika migrated to Adelaide, Australia. Ivan took the great challenge of performing comedy in a second language and aimed for Australian laughter.

Ivan Aristeguieta



Our Show 2015 002 (Medium)

This week on Nurnakah Show we delved into what is meant by the term gender fluid. Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose this week came out and claimed they were Gender Fluid which got us thinking for an explanation about the term.

We caught up with Starlady on the back of her TedX Talk in Sydney yesterday what it meant for her and how it changed her we also picked her brain for highlights amongst the nerves.

And Finally we start the ball rolling about anti-social youth behaviour. We’ll be going over this issue over the next few weeks and what still needs to be done to tackle the issue within Alice Springs.

Just who will be running Stolen Generation services ……

The peak body representing Central Australia’s Stolen Generations and families is concerned and anxious who will take over the delivery of its services…after it failed in its bid to win ongoing funding.

Jackie Baxter… Manager of the The Central Australian Stolen Generations & Families Aboriginal says its board is worried about who will be providing ongoing services to its clients and if it will be able to engage with the local community.

Ms Baxter says although the office closed to the public three weeks ago… staff continue to work on a voluntary basis as she continues to push for information about who will be taking over.

stolen gen Jackie Baxter

Maurie Ryan (2)

Maurie Japarta Ryan the Deputy Co-Chair of the Northern Territory Stolen Generations Aboriginal corporation has also expressed concerns about who will take over delivery of the service.

Mr Ryan told CAAMA Government should appoint another Aboriginal organisation to provide the service…before looking at non indigenous service providers from outside of the Territory.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

Aboriginal domestic violence shelter face funding cuts in WA.


Photo: ABC

Yvonne Sampi, a Bardi women from One Arm Point in Western Australia has been working at a Aboriginal domestic violence shelter servicing  surrounding communities is worried that it may be forced to close due to the Federal Governments decision to cut funding.

Yvonne Sampi talks to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices.

Recognition for first people’s could soon become reality

Tim Gartrell - Recognise-crop


A peak body working towards the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian Constitution says Government now needs to be working closely with Aboriginal leaders to determine how the process should be implemented.

Tim Gartrell a campaign Director at Recognise says Constitutional recognition is now firmly on the agenda with a recent poll indicating 87% of participants in favour of constitutional recognition of Australia’s First People.

Recognise is a people’s movement who have worked extensively for years to achieve constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, whose focus is fairness and respect at the centre of the constitution and remove the discrimination of existing clauses.

Recognise recently conducted the poll to discover the level of support across a wide and diverse community with a sample size of 750 participants, Richard Farrell discusses constitutional recognition over a chat with Kyle Dowling.