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Community support grows for Whitegate………

Felity Hayes  centre and fellow Whitegate supporters. caama photo

No drinking at Whitegate…..including water !

Dan Murphy  Alice Springs based  sculptor and Whitegate supporter Dan Murphy tells CAAMA Radio he thought Government concerns about drinking at the camp were all about alcohol……….

Turn on the tap……water is a human right !

(All photo’s courtesy Paddy Gibson and Matty Day)

Family and supporters of the Alice Springs Whitegate community turned out in numbers on Monday morning to challenge the Territory Government decision to turn off their water supply.
About 60 protestors gathered outside the office of the  NT Community Services Minister Bess Price  with signs claiming “water is a human right… and “turn on the tap”
Local sculptor and Whitegate supporter Dan Murphy told the gathering that the government’s action was a shame job.

First Nations founder tells N.T .Government…these are human beings !

Founder Australia's First Nations Political Party-Maurie Japarta Ryan caama photo

The founder of Australia’s First Nations Political Party has blasted the Northern Territory Government over its treatment of traditional owners living at the Whitegate camp in Alice Springs.

Maurie Japarta Ryan says he was asked by the residents at Whitegate to visit the camp… which is just outside town boundary. …and the experience had deeply saddened him.

Whitegate-Maurie Ryan 

Tangentyere CEO speaks up for Whitegate’s forgotten people !

Tangentyere CEO Walter Shaw

The peak Central Australian organisation responsible for providing services to Alice Springs town camps says Whitegate is a remnant of what town camps used to look like…. and its residents have now become forgotten people.

Tangentyere Council CEO Walter Shaw is calling on all parties with responsibilities for the welfare of the Whitegate camp residents… to come on board and hold the Giles CLP Government responsible to  find a lasting solution.

John Williamson….new book and 50th album

John Williamson Special book n new album

Member for Barkly warns be wary of politicians selling waste dump !

Gerry McCarthy caama photo

The explosion of a 55-gallon drum of nuclear waste stored at a remote American dump earlier this year is a frightening reminder of the potential hazards associated with storing nuclear waste.

The explosion left the facility closed for months and according to the LA Times raised questions about the ability to safely manage other nuclear waste containers buried at the site.

With the Abbott and now Giles CLP Government keen to locate a nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land in the Northern Territory, the Member for the Barkly Gerry McCarthy has warned traditional owners to be wary of politicians offering money.

Gerry McCarthy new push for waste dump

Turning a negative into a positive at Coober Pedy……

The distribution of a racist flyer in the lead up to the local town council election has angered and upset the  Aboriginal community in  Coober Pedy….but local man and Secretary of the Concerned Residents Group, Bundi Pantelis , says despite himself and other members being named in the flyer… the Concerned Residents Group has never agreed or endorsed in any way the views that it pushed.

Mr Pantelis says the author of the racist flyers had attended two of their meetings 12 months ago… but when he expressed his views about Aboriginal people he was told that he was no longer welcome to attend.

Mr Pantelis told CAAMA that the Concerned Residents Group also contained a number of Aboriginal people and they had been dumbfounded that they were being accused of racial discrimination.

Bundi Panteliis Concerned Citizens Group coober Pedy


Our world changed into a nightmare… overnight !

warren mundine CAAMA  photo


The Chair of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council says the arrival of the First Fleet and subsequent colonisation of Australia was a defining moment, because it changed the world of his people into a nightmare… overnight.

Warren Mundine was responding to claims made by Mr Abbott late last week that the arrival of the First Fleet was THE defining moment in the history of this continent.

Negotiations for nuclear waste repository must be in language – First Nations Party founder.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

The founder of Australia’s First Nations Political Party has called for full and proper consultations in language before any Native Title holders in the Territory can give consent for the location of a nuclear waste repository on their land.

Maurie Japarta Ryan, a fierce critic of the Northern Land Councils nomination of the Muckaty site, says any involvement by the Land Councils is a conflict of interest.

maurie ryan repository

Racist rhetoric concerns Coober Pedy Health Clinic

The distribution of a racist flyer in the lead up to local town council elections in Coober Pedy has angered and upset the local Aboriginal community.

The flyer, one of a number distributed throughout the town lists the removal of Aboriginal people from Coober Pedy as one of three main priorities.

Priscilla Larkins, CEO of the Umoona Health Clinic who describes herself as a a proud Aboriginal person, described the contents of the flyer as disgusting.

Ms Larkins told CAAMA that some clients attending the clinic had spoken about the flyers, saying the accusations and comments about their people made them feel worried about their future in the community.

Priscilla Larkins Umoona Health

The people of Whitegate plea for help………….

The traditional owners of  Alice Springs have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Felicity Hayes snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate


Janice Harris Whitegate