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Aboriginal footy players share culture and sport in China.


Young Aboriginal footballers have been given a unique opportunity to promote and share their culture in China, courtesy of the Port Adelaide football club.Approximately 20 young Aboriginal footballers are set to compete against China’s national football team, flying all the way to the city of Guanzhou Hong Kong.

The project uses AFL as an incentive for young Aboriginal people to perform well in the classroom and Andrew Hunter General Manager of community programs for the Port Adelaide Football club says the trip provides international exposure of Aboriginal people though the nations beloved sport.

There are currently around 1000 registered footy players from Auskick through to the professional level, but time well tell whether Australia’s loved game will become a major sport in the future.


Warren Mundine- a lot more needs to be done !

Warren Mundine caamapwphoto


Indigenous Advisory Council chair Warren Mundine says following the PM’s visit to the Torres Strait and Cape York he is  keen to promote the significance of both Government and business engaging with communities and involving them in  decision making processes.

Mr Mundine told CAAMA   while it was important for the Prime Minister to recognise and pay respect to a distinct culture which is different to the mainland….there is still a great deal to be done to improve economic development in the region.

warren mundine cape visit

Nurnakah Show – Health and Support



Today on the Nurnakah Show we’ll be discussing transgender health care pathways in the Northern Territory. Members of the transgender and gender diverse community have recently claimed that they may be forced to leave the NT to be able to access appropriate health care needs. One NT Brotherboy wanting to medically transition was turned away from the Royal Darwin Hospital and told to seek help interstate.


“The Block ” – Government deal offers possible solution.


The Block Tent Embassy at  Redfern is claiming  victory for “people power” following deal with the Federal Government which will allow the Aboriginal Housing company to fast track the building of 62 affordable homes for local Aboriginal people.

The NSW Supreme Court ruled  that the tent embassy residents were trespassing and gave the go ahead for the Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy project…but  the  deal brokered by  Federal Minister Nigel Scullion may have provided a solution.

Wiradjuri Elder and veteran rights campaigner Jenny Munro has always insisted that the embassy would not leave until the building of  affordable housing had been prioritized in the project.

Jenny Munro Block decision

Ear Disease: A Missing Piece in The Puzzle Of Aboriginal Incarceration Rates


Photo courtesy: http://www.thewire.org.au

A recent article in the New Matilda has brought national attention to widespread ear disease among Aboriginal and TSI people, claiming this could be a piece in the puzzle when it comes to addressing why Indigenous incarceration rates remain at an all-time high.

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Reclink 2015 Footy Grand Finals Alice Springs.

Reclink Australia is a non profit organisation whose mission is to provide and promote sport and art programs for people experiencing disadvantage. Established in Victoria in 1990, Reclink Australia operates nationally providing over 4500 activities and 80,000 participation opportunities for disadvantaged Australians annually.

The 2015 Reclink Footy Grand Finals took place at the TIO stadium Treager Park. It was a fun day of footy with the young kids of Clontarf kicking off in the morning and then the senior players taking to the field for the CAAMA Cup.

The Cottage All-stars where too strong this year taking out the CAAMA Cup with the final against Amoonguna Crows.

Brothers Show 28-08-15

This week the Brothers Show discussed leadership, what the word means the different ways people can be seen as leaders within the community. We had the opportunity to sit down with some Brothers to discuss being a strong leader.

Boe Spearim all the way from Brisbane, called into the CAAMA studio for the Brothers the show. Boe is a young Aboriginal man from a long line of strong vocal Aboriginal campaigners, and he shared the importance of youth standing up and leading the way into the future.

An old friend of CAAMA and the Brothers show graced us with his presence, Aboriginal Olympic athlete Patrick Johnson. Patrick has represented Australia at the highest level on multiple occasions and is the current Australian record holder for the 100m sprint. Patrick discusses what needs to be done off the track to empower the mob.

And last but definitely  not least Luke Carroll a well known Aboriginal actor who has starred in The Man From Snowy River, Water Rats and the hilarious Stone Bros. Luke was also in attendance at the AMSANT training course and he discusses what being a leader means to him.

Despite the goodwill of the PM – reality is a little different !

Bernard Charlie photo courtesy Gen One

The Cape York Aboriginal leader who told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that the disadvantage his people face is appalling and unacceptable …says the reality of Government and business really wanting to help still has a long way to go .

Despite years of effort by Governments to help close the health gap…. Northern area Peninsula Mayor Bernard Charlie says his people are still dying too young.

Mr Abbott told the mainstream media entourage traveling with him that he is determined to ensure Aboriginal people are first class citizens …but Mr Charlie says although it was great to have the Prime Minister on country to see first hand the range of issues impacting on his people … . there is still the problem of how Aboriginal and Islanders are really seen by the wider Australian public.

Listen to the full interview with Bernard here :


NT beach receives heritage and culture award.

The 2015 clean beaches program recently wrapped up earlier this month, recognising communities who strive for a cleaner more sustainable coastal environment.

Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in the Northern Territory was nominated for the Keep Australia Beautiful Northern Territory Clean Beaches territory title, and was a strong contended for the National Title for 2015.

But unfortunately for the Territory Guilderton beach in Western Australia was announced the overall Clean Beaches award winner, but Garig Gunak Barlu National Park was recognised for the strong connection to culture winning the Heritage and Culture award.

NSW community programs helping future generations.

Across to NSW where a trial diversionary program designed to address a range of community concerns is already having significant benefits for local youth.

Roger Penrith the Aboriginal liaison officer at the Griffith city council says while the community was in dire need of help the diversionary program’s success is largely due to the collaborative community response.

The initiative focusses on providing a range of afterhour’s programs such as midnight basketball, which aim to reduce boredom and give young Aboriginal people in the community the opportunity to engage in a positive and safe environment.

The research program which began last year was initiated by The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of NSW, the Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service and other local community service organisations and is expected to continue until late 2016.


NT paperless arrest laws could see more deaths in custody.

Jonothan Hunyor-NAAJA

The controversial paperless arrest law in the Northern Territory has come under fire from both the Territory coroner and the Top Ends peak Aboriginal legal Aid Service following claims that the law will contribute to more Aboriginal deaths in custody.

The paperless arrest law was introduced by the current CLP Government giving police the power to detain people for up to four hours without charge or legal representation, over suspected minor offences.

Jonathan Hunyor the principal legal officer with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency says its no surprise that the law is having a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal people and stated although the law was not intended to be racially selective it was always going to impact heavily on Aboriginal people .

Jonathon NAAJA – paperless arrests

A storyteller shares some thoughts about Australia………

The Storyteller - Glen Yearwood


Glen Yearwood is former London-based communication consultancy expert who now lives in Malawi in southeastern Africa.

A Storyteller who  is on a journey to listen  and learn from First Nations Peoples, Glen shares some of his observances about Australia.

Glen also loves music, writing  and  good coffee !

Storyteller- Glen Yearwood