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Nurnakah Show 27-03-15

Our Show 2015 039 (Medium)

This Week was CRAZY! We loved brining you Nurnakah show! We had a chat to local doctor Hilary Taylor about her involvement in the Alice Springs Pride Carnivale!

And we caught up with our Producer! Justin Fenwick about his experience of coming out and how he deals with culture. A very interesting conversation! Nurnakah show is broadcast EVERY Friday at 9AM CST 10:30AEDT tune in 100.5 in Alice Springs OR through www.caama.com.au


Heart Disease On the Rise in Aboriginal people


Photo Courtesy: SBS.com.au

The recent report on Aboriginal Heart Health is being dubbed as one of the ‘most comprehensive every published in Western Australia.’ The report uncovers that although the Gap for Cardio Vascular disease among Aboriginal people is slowly decreasing there is still a lot to be done to close the Health inequalities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Report Author Dr. Judy Katzenellenbogen says that the work needs to start with our hospital systems and out of hospital care. While programs need to be in place to help Aboriginal people when it comes to smoking and things that lead to heart attacks.

She says that recent reports reveal a significant decline in chronic diseases including heart disease however, despite these efforts there is still a lot of work to be done.


Federal Funding For Essential Dementia Programs Forgotten


Dementia is five times more common among Aboriginal people. Currently across the nation there are 25,000 Australians who are affected by young onset dementia. If there is no medical breakthrough or advancement the number of people with young onset dementia is set to rise by 48% by 2050.
Now vital funding for essential support programs could be on the chopping block. Which will force the young people living with dementia into residential aged care earlier than they should.
CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia Carol Bennett told CAAMA Radio that residential aged care for people under 65 people suffering dementia isn’t a solution the problem which seems to be getting worse.


CAAMA news 25-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Donna Campbell, Kyle Dowling, Justin Fenwick

The stand-off between Redfern locals at the Block and Aboriginal Housing Company is continuing with social commentator’s weighing in on the debate, the Co-Founder of an online new source has expressed his thoughts and concerns surrounding the current Redfern evictions.

Keeping in Redfern and long-time Aboriginal Rights Campaigner Ray Jackson has spoken out about his concerns surrounding the meeting with Aboriginal Housing Company.

Young onset Dementia is on the rise across Australia and is set to affect more than 37,000 people by 2050. However, vital funding for essential support programs is now under threat.

A group of Central Australian Northern Territory Emergency Services Volunteers are jetting off to a Top End community to help with disaster relief in the wake of Cyclone Lam.


We’re Not Going Anywhere!

WikiLeaks spokesperson Gerry Georgatos - AAP-1

courtesy of: sbs.com.au


The Residents of the Tent Embassy of the Redfern site known as The Block, say they are not going anywhere as an eviction notice was issued by Aboriginal Housing Company to the Embassy members.

The ongoing feud between AHC and the residents of the inner city site has finally come to, what looks like it’s final chapter in the ongoing saga. Jenny Munro told CAAMA News she would remain on the historical site and ‘wouldn’t be going anywhere.’

The Aboriginal Housing Company erected signs on Friday notifying residents of the Tent Embassy they are trespassing on AHC land and need to vacate the premises.

We’re Still On The Block! Jenny Munro Speaks Out 

Gerry Georgatos spoke to CAAMA News about the situation at The Block and says that Jenny Munro will always ‘defend’ the block! Mr. Georgatos says that the ongoing feud has been brewing for a long time and has been evident through disagreements witnessed by himself and other members of the public, between AHC and residents of the historical site.

He says that the block is still an opportunity “and that’s what Jenny and other residents see.” An opportunity for Aboriginal people which seems to be being overlooked by AHC.

CAAMA has tired to contact AHC a number of times for comment however, calls went unanswered.

We’re Still On The Block!


They were given 48 hours and signs were erected that allegedly told them to get off the land otherwise they would be ‘forcibly removed’ if they were caught trespassing! But worst of all they were told they had to leave the site known as The Block! We’re not talking about Scotty Cam from the Channel Nine reality show. We’re talking Jenny Munro and the mob from Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy!

On Friday tensions between residents of The Block and Aboriginal Housing Company came to ahead. The company issued residents with an ‘eviction’ notice at the weekend giving them only 48 hours to vacate the site.

The historic inner city site, which was set aside for Aboriginal housing, is now in fear of being demolished to make way for a $73 Million Dollar development by Aboriginal Housing Company!

Jenny Munro says that the historic site was put aside for Aboriginal Housing and is standing firm on her beliefs for what the site was set aside for.

Mickey Mundine was unavailable for comment today and CAAMA Made a number of attempts to make contact with AHC. All attempts  were unsuccessful. However Ms Munro says that she isn’t leaving the historic site. She says that the company will ‘hopefully’ meet with the residents of The Block.

Protestors…it doesn’t mean that they haven’t a proper story to tell.

Nigel Scullion CAAMA photo

The Federal  Minister responsible for Aboriginal and Islander Australians  has called on critics to name one organization that has taken a funding cut from within his Department.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio  Senator Scullion  admitted that addressing Aboriginal disadvantage is not an easy task to sell to Parliament …but one that he is prepared to take on.

Nigel Scullion

Sovereignty is the foundation for our rights – Michael Mansell

Michael Mansell caamapwphoto-crop

Tasmanian veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner Michael Mansell explains  sovereignty .

The changing face of Territory politics…

Adam Giles  CAAMA  pwphoto

The first Aboriginal man to lead a Government within Australia  shares his vision for the Northern Territory… you might be surprised!

Northern Territory Chief Minister, Adam Giles, talks with Paul Wiles on Strong Voices.

Listen to the entire interview here:

Adam giles brings back Aboriginal affairs portfol;io

Roxley Foley….Momentum Grows for Canberra.


Second Generation Aboriginal Rights Campaigner Roxley Foley has urged Sovereignty Leaders to stand up and find ways to protect their Communities and their Rights.

With less than a week to go it remains evident the Sovereignty movement is showing no signs of slowing down. Numerous meetings have been held across the country to gather Grass Roots concerns, which will then be delivered to Government on National Sorry Day.

Roxley Foley Canberra Rally_internet

……….. Pixie Jenkins stands tall and proud…………

Pixie Jenkins caamapwphoto (2)

Pixie Jenkins journey

We are victims….but don’t let it define who we are .

Dr Chris Sarrra

Respected academic Dr Chris Sarra  says the Australian Government could stand accused of lacking humanity if it continues with plans to withdraw services from remote communities….forcing  Aboriginal people s into regional centres.

The QLD based educator says as a nation we can all afford to be more sophisticated and courageous in terms of the ongoing relationship between Government and the first Nations Peoples.

‘Dr Sarra ,founder of the QLD based Stronger Smarter Institute, has been recognised internationally for his teaching methods which have instilled pride and self belief in Aboriginal children.
Speaking on CAAMA Radio Dr Sarra is also keen to see his people move away from the idea that they are victims … constantly being wronged by the wider community.