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Traditional “caretaker” of country ” tells his story………..

Peter Coco Wallace

A Central Australian based Kurdungurlu or “caretaker” of country says the attraction of modern technology is making it difficult for him to keep his young people connected with their culture.

Peter “Coco”  Wallace …an Eastern Arrente Elder says traditionally  doing drawings on the ground and talking  were once normal ways of sharing knowledge and keeping culture strong…. but now the young people are  being heavily influenced by new technology.

CAAMA News 21-07-14

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Allan Neilsen

The number of Aboriginal people who own their own home is on the rise.  the rate of home ownership among Aboriginal house holds rose from 32% to 36% in 2011.

A Victorian Aboriginal  Elder is working with local youth trying to engage them in dreamtime stories.

And in local news… Ngurratjtua landscape artists are showcasing some new work on the walls of the Alice Springs Plaza



Yuendumu Elders Celebrate NAIDOC with Prisoners

The Alice Springs prison has made a committment to it’s Aboriginal inmantes by organising a yearly NAIDOC celebration. This year, several elders from Yuendumu were invited to come along to support the Aboriginal prisoners who are greatly overrepresented in the jail.

New test for depression in older Aboriginal people.

Winthrop Professor Osvaldo Almeida ( photo courtesy UWA Centre for Medical Research)The creators of a new culturally acceptable screening tool which helps diagnose depression in older aboriginal people believe that it will allow the start of new processes in diagnosing a range of other mental health issues.

University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Professor Osvaldo Almeida  says he expects the tool will be useful to medical professionals and others who are working  in remote areas.

depression test for older aboriginal people

Town Camp residents challenge grog laws again !

Alice Springs Town Camp residents  have  protested against laws which prevent them  from having a drink in their own homes.
The rally was organized by Four Corners, a men’s leadership group at Tangentyere which  is supported by the Intervention RollbackAction Group and the NT Greens.


We cannot ignore the human question of the debate …Race Discrimination Commissioner.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr  Tim Soutphommasane with Aboriginal  rights campaigner Adam Goodes......A new poll showing 88% of respondents disagree with the idea  that it should be lawful to offend, insult or humiliate a person on the basis of race is further evidence that changes to the Racial Discrimination Act are unwarranted and unwanted according to  Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane.

A first-generation Australian of Chinese and Lao extraction, Dr Soutphommasane was raised in southwest Sydney. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, from where he also holds a Master of Philosophy degree.

Race Relations Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane changes to racial vilification law

5 to WIN


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Community mental health mob celebrates 21 years of service.

MHACA celebrates 21 years of service


Mundine talks up jobs for remote communities !

warren mundine caama photo 2

The boss of Prime Minister Tony Abbotts Aboriginal Advisory Council has fired off a strong warning to  those  that remain critical about the future viability of remote Aboriginal communities.

Right  wing think tanks have  long been critical of  money spent by Government  in remote Aboriginal communities  and  suggested the best way to avoid this cash flow is for Aboriginal people to integrate into mainstream society…but Warren Mundine. l says he has other plans for these communities.

Warren Mundine

Close the gap…..but apparently not with public servants wages !


Michael Mansell phooto courtesy TAChttp://caama.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Michael-Mansell-talks-institutional-racism.mp3

Michael Mansell talks institutional racism

Arm-twisting the Abbott Government not to be the chief protectors.


Les Melzer caama photo (2)The peak representative body for Aboriginal and Islander Australians says it will be more forceful about arm-twisting the Abbott Government to not be the chief protectors that control its people’s committee’s and remove key organisations.

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples co-chair Les Malezer  says the Federal Minster for Indigenous Affairs, Territory Senator Nigel Scullion was being mischievous with his comments about the role of the National Congress

.Les malezer pt 1

Les Malezer pt 2


Justin visited Ntaria with Paul for Kima’s show. It was his first viit to a community and he met people and saw how a RIBS broadcast goes to air on the CAAMA network.