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Turning a negative into a positive at Coober Pedy……

The distribution of a racist flyer in the lead up to the local town council election has angered and upset the  Aboriginal community in  Coober Pedy….but local man and Secretary of the Concerned Residents Group, Bundi Pantelis , says despite himself and other members being named in the flyer… the Concerned Residents Group has never agreed or endorsed in any way the views that it pushed.

Mr Pantelis says the author of the racist flyers had attended two of their meetings 12 months ago… but when he expressed his views about Aboriginal people he was told that he was no longer welcome to attend.

Mr Pantelis told CAAMA that the concerned Residents Group also contained a number of Aboriginal people and they had been dumbfounded that they were being accused of racial discrimination.

Bundi Panteliis Concerned Citizens Group coober Pedy


Our world changed into a nightmare… overnight !

warren mundine CAAMA  photo


The Chair of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council says the arrival of the First Fleet and subsequent colonisation of Australia was a defining moment, because it changed the world of his people into a nightmare… overnight.

Warren Mundine was responding to claims made by Mr Abbott late last week that the arrival of the First Fleet was THE defining moment in the history of this continent.

Negotiations for nuclear waste repository must be in language – First Nations Party founder.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

The founder of Australia’s First Nations Political Party has called for full and proper consultations in language before any Native Title holders in the Territory can give consent for the location of a nuclear waste repository on their land.

Maurie Japarta Ryan, a fierce critic of the Northern Land Councils nomination of the Muckaty site, says any involvement by the Land Councils is a conflict of interest.

maurie ryan repository

Racist rhetoric concerns Coober Pedy Health Clinic

The distribution of a racist flyer in the lead up to local town council elections in Coober Pedy has angered and upset the local Aboriginal community.

The flyer, one of a number distributed throughout the town by a Concerned Citizens Group, lists the removal of Aboriginal people from Coober Pedy as one of three main priorities.

Priscilla Larkins, CEO of the Umoona Health Clinic who describes herself as a a proud Aboriginal person, described the contents of the flyer as disgusting.

Ms Larkins told CAAMA that some clients attending the clinic had spoken about the flyers, saying the accusations and comments about their people made them feel worried about their future in the community.

Priscilla Larkins Umoona Health

The people of Whitegate plea for help………….

The traditional owners of  Alice Springs have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Felicity Hayes snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate


Janice Harris Whitegate

Low income Territorians are doing it tougher……

jonothan pilbrow

A disturbing picture for low income earners in the Northern Territory with prices across key areas such as food, housing, and health….increasing at more than the national average.

Jonothan Pilbrow from Northern Territory Council of Social Services says the 5th NT Cost of Living Report reveals the latest cost increases will make it even harder for low income and disadvantaged Territorians  who are already doing it tough.

Mr Pilbrow has called for greater effort from the Territory government to address the disparity and the impact it has on low income earners.

Jonothan Pilbrow

Whitegate mob plea for help to stay on their land !

Felicity Hayes -Whitegate  camp caama photo

Traditional owners of an Alice Springs town camp have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Residents of the Whitegate camp on the eastern boundary of the town had their water supply turned off last week… as part of what they say is an ongoing campaign to force them to relocate to another nearby camp.

Felicity Hayes – Snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate

Lack of Funding Threatens Community Legal Centres

Alice Springs hosted the National Community Legal Centres Conference this year, with special guest Shadow Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus. This biggest issue discussed this year was the impact of Government funding cuts on Aboriginal people who need free legal advice. Mikaela Simpson has the story.

A Moment With Warren H Williams: Music and Aboriginal People

We sat down with country music star Warren H Williams to ask him what music has meant in his life and to his people.

Global Summit accepts cultural knowledge is extremely valuable.

Prof. Tim Carey

Central Australian based mental health academic Professor Tim Carey says that people who are self-determining don’t always make the choices others think they should …but society must  be able to accommodate this.

Head of Research and Deputy Director at the Centre for Remote Health Professor Carey recently returned from the Global Summit on Diagnostic Alternatives…a forum which discussed new therapies and greater recognition and acceptance of other cultures.

Tim Carey

Australia’s poor track record in dealing with home grown Human Rights concerns…..

Hugh de Kretser caama photo

A Melbourne based Human Rights lawyer says Australia has a poor track record in complying with home based human rights complaints  …despite being a signatory to major Internatonal Human Rights Agreements.

Hugh De Kretser from the Melbourne based Human rights Law Centre told CAAMA RADIO that in broad terms Australia is a party to all of the major human rights treaties that create binding international law obligations which must be complied with.

Hugh de Kretser

Academic’s “underwhelming” response to Twiggys Report.

Prof. Jon  Altman

Professor John Altman  from the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research at the Australian National University   is a veteran researcher into  job creation programs  for  Aboriginal and Islanders living  on country.

Prof. Altman joins Paul Wiles on “Strong Voices” to share  shares his thoughts on the Forrest Report into  training and employment .

Prof John Altman responds to Forrest Report