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Words of wisdom from former N.T. Administrator Ted Egan.

Ted Egan caamapwphoto

A former Northern Territory Administrator who spent a large part of his life living and working alongside Aboriginal people says it is important for their children to receive an education in their own first language.

Ted Egan who served as Administrator of the Northern Territory from 2003 to 2007 … learned to speak Tiwi while working in the Top End as a 19 year-old.

Mr Egan,  a veteran Aboriginal land rights supporter and currently completing a  PhD  says if there is a First Language which is spoken, written, researched and understood… then Aboriginal  children should be taught in this language.

Blind Moses ……impressed like no other man !

URAIAKURAIA, MOSES TJALKABOTA, (‘BLIND MOSES’) Son of Tjeta of the ‘Tnurangatja’ (witchetty grub) totem, and Araniljilka, of the Western Aranda tribe, Moses was about eight years old when Lutheran missionaries founded Hermannsburg in 1877. One of the first school pupils, Moses enjoyed singing hymns and hearing Bible stories which led into learning the rudiments of reading and writing. Impressed by this new teaching, he passed on his knowledge to others until forbidden to do so because of conflict with traditional beliefs. He was withdrawn from school, but was later allowed to return to his lessons. With four others, he was baptised on 26 Dec 1890.

Humble yet fearless, tireless and faithful. When he disapproved of something, ‘he could be very definite and outspoken, even blunt’, but his sincerity deflected offence. He was widely respected, and ‘his kindly disposition won him friends among the white people as well as among his own Aranda’ (Albrecht, 1954). Moses married Sophie (Sofia) in 1903. They had ten children, but he outlived them all, many dying during the severe drought in the late 1920s. He was survived by Sophie and three grandchildren.

Alice Springs based botanist Peter Latz  shares his personal memories of a remarkable man.

(Text courtesy ROBIN RADFORD Evangelical History Association of Australia 2004)

Peter Latz Blind Moses

Yamatji Marlpa Corporation celebrates 20 years

Njamal Elder Doris Eaton


The Yamatji Marlpa Corporation celebrated 20 years of operations this week, Njamal Elder and Co-chair of the Corporation Doris Eaton expressed her happiness of the progress and difference they have made over the years.

Ms Eaton  says they will continue their work in the Pilbara, Murchison and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia.

Let them sit down with us on the ground and listen to what we’ve got to say !

Dr Beryl Philp-Carmichael (Left)  next to her old school friend Joyce Hampton  on Old Menindee Mission Bend 2014.-crop

Dr-Beryl-Philp-Carmichael (Left) next-to-her-old-school-friend-Joyce-Hampton on-Old Menindee Mission Bend.

A powerful message to the NSW State Government from the last knowledge keeper and traditional storyteller of the Ngiyaampaa people of Western NSW.

The worsening supply and condition of water in the far west of NSW is being attributed to an appalling lack of consultation by the state Government with  the local traditional landowners.

Ngiyaampaa Elder Aunty Beryl Carmichael says many of the current problems could have been avoided if her people had been consulted … rather than the signing of MOU’s with the local land council.

Now that’s what I call a training manual …….the amazing work of Dr Sandeep Reddy !

Dr Sandeep Reddy caama pwphoto

Sandeep has a background in Health Service Management, Public Health and Medicine. Following some years in clinical practice and medical education, Sandeep attained extensive experience managing various health service projects and formulating high-level policy in Australia , New Zealand and Europe. In recent years, Sandeep is focusing on research in health systems, patient flow dynamics and program evaluation. Sandeep is also undertaking PhD studies involving Realist Evaluation of hospital programs in the context of health reforms.

Dr Sandeep Reddy Centre for Remote Health

Education in the Northern Territory….just where is it going ?


The Northern Territory Education Minister supports  the teaching of Aboriginal history and culture in Territory schools and says it is important for all Australians to have a robust understanding of what has grown the nation.

Peter Chandler talks with Paul Wiles about changes in the delivery of education across the Territory.

Peter Chandler education in the NT

The Faces of Freedom…..Alice Springs 2014

Aboriginal elders and leaders from across Australia gathered in Mbantua Alice Springs for a two-day gathering to discuss ongoing impacts of Government policies on their people and how they can best work together to provide a unified voice to lead them into the future.
The gathering has elected a committee to take  important   issues back to communities  prior to the election  of an  Aboriginal National Body .

Our voices havn’t been heard for a very long time……. Jenny Munro.

Jenny Munro is a Wiradjuri woman from Erambie Reserve who has fought tirelessly for Aboriginal people in their quest for social justice and land rights.

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As a journalist, author and film-maker for over 45 years,  Jeff  Mc Mullen continues to write, film and campaign around the world to improve the health, education and human rights of Indigenous people.

Global research shows cultural therapy heals trauma !

judy-atkinson (2)


An Australian expert in Aboriginal and Islander trauma and self harm has urged the Prime Minister to include cultural therapy in schools to help address and turn around the worlds highest rates of youth suicide.

Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson says young Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander males aged between 15 and 19 are four and a half more likely to die of suicide than their non Aboriginal counterparts and females the same age are six times more likely to suicide than other young women.

Professor Atkinson has urged Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne to consider the importance of cultural therapy while young people are attending school.

It was bush here before colonisation…but it was not empty .

Warren Mundine CAAMA  Photopw

The boss of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council says Mr Abbott needs to get his facts right about Australia … and that Aboriginal people probably had  a better life at the time of colonization… than those in 1788 England.

Listen to more……

We Aboriginal people had a well structured, well organised lifestyle……



Western Australian Nyungar Elder, Professor Ted Wilkes  tells CAAMA Radio he is extremely disappointed by the Prime Ministers recent  comments….and rejects  historical references which suggest  Aboriginal people were  purely a nomadic race.


A time for honesty….Rosalie Kunoth Monks.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks CAAMA pw  photo

The Northern Territory Australian of the Year for 2015… respected Central Australian Arrente / Alyawarra woman Rosalie Kunoth Monks has urged her people to make a return to a more simple lifestyle… to stop being greedy… and to learn to live with less.

Ms Kunoth Monks, a veteran rights campaigner, captured the attention of the nation when she took part in a national broadcast discussion during which a fellow panellist referred to her people as ” a problem”…. and suggested that they need to become more civilized.