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Women’s Business 01-05-15


It was another busy this week on Women’s Business with special guest Hannah from Woo Woo Yiljirli Indigenous Nail art, founder and organiser of Yappa Styles Fashion. Hannah had a chat with Mikaela and Donna about the fashion show down at the rock for the Tjunju Festival and Trisha Morton-Thomas talks to Lorena about the new Aboriginal comedy TV series 8MMM.

Central Australia says no to forced closures


Hundreds of Central Australians have joined national and International protests against the forced closure of 150 remote Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia.

With International support growing and rallies held as far away as Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, it sends a clear message that the Australian Government that it needs to reconsider the proposed action of the Western Australian Government.

Western Aranda women Que Kenny kicked things off by thanking people for showing their support and introducing the main speakers, before opening the floor for people to have their say.


BROTHERS 1-05-2015


Another Friday and another BROTHERS show, this weeks topic was language discussing the importance of maintaining your traditional language and what it means for your culture.

On this weeks show we spoke with Paul Paton the executive officer of the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages. Mr Paton discussed how the corporation has worked closely with traditional owners and schools to implement a bilingual education program, telling traditional stories in language.

Lance Box an administrator for Yeperenye Primary School in Alice Springs, is passionate about traditional languages and has worked with Aboriginal people extensively over the years. Mr Box has also worked closely with students assisting in the teaching languages in the central Australian region.


Jenny Munro discusses international support for WA communities

Jenny Munro CAAMA KD photo


A Veteran Sydney based Aboriginal rights campaigner acknowledges the impact that social media is playing in drawing global attention to the plight of their people and the issues that they face within Australia.

Jenny Munro says that she is pleased by the international support and attention that the fight against the WA community closures has gathered. Ms Munro told CAAMA it is an opportunity to change established national perspectives.

Cities and towns across the globe will hold rallies on Friday the 1st of May in opposing the Western Australian Governments proposed closure of 150 remote Aboriginal communities.

AFL NT throws full support behind “Lightning Carnival “

Tony Frawley AFL NT  caama photo

Major stakeholders involved in the annual AFL “Lightning Carnival” in Alice Springs are working together to ensure there is no repeat of the anti social behavior which followed this years event.
Tony Frawley CEO of AFL N.T. joins Paul Wiles on “Strong Voices” to discuss their ongoing support  of the tournament.

Tony Frawley AFL NT

Getting Kids Back into Sports


As Australians, we like to think we’re part of a great big sporting nation and
in many communities, sport is what brings us together. So it’s hard to believe that nearly half of all Australian kids these days are not involved in any kind of sport, with many preferring just to sit in front of a computer screen or the telly.

Sporting Schools is looking to change with aims to get
Aussie kids physically active and connect more kids than ever before with
their favourite sports.

Kicking off in July 2015, the Sporting Schools program provides funding to connect primary schools with local sporting clubs and coaches all over Australia so that they can run before,during and after school sports activities that are both fun and safe for kids.

To tell us more, we’re joined now by Sydney Swans and AFL Legend, Michael

Michael O’Loughlin

Keeping Traditional language strong!

Paul Paton Languages

The peak body for Victorian Aboriginal Languages is working closely with traditional owners and schools to provide a wide variety of programs which will help preserve traditional Aboriginal languages.

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages was established in 1994 to address concerns about of loss of language and is now working with local language centres across the state.

Paul Paton the executive officer of the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages told CAAMA traditional language plays a vital role in Aboriginal culture and provides people with a strong sense of pride and understanding of their community.

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages is currently working with primary schools across state, allowing students to use language, technology and art to tell their traditional stories.

Still Standing Strong

Photo courtesy of Nyoongar Tent Embassy

Photo courtesy of Nyoongar Tent Embassy

The Nyoongar Tent Embassy on Herission Island in Western Australia again faces forced removal.

Over the last few months talks of closures of remote communities in Western Australia has forced many Aboriginal people from across the state and the Country to join together in Perth to show their support to the people that will be homeless if the closures continue.

Veteran Nyoongar Rights Campaigner Herbert Bropho speaks to CAAMA radio about the still standing strong for the rights of his people in the face of talks to evict people from the Nyoongar Tent Embassy.

Herbie Bropho

Seven per cent of the Kimberley homeless!

Gerry Georgatos caamapwphoto

Western Australia’s Kimberley region continues to see rising levels of homelessness with a new report claiming seven per cent of the region’s predominately Aboriginal population is currently homeless.

Gerry Georgatos a long time human rights campaigner and suicide prevention researcher based in Western Australia says the current extent of homelessness in the Kimberley demonstrates the State Governments disregard in dealing with the inequalities that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders face.

Mr Georgatos told CAAMA that little has changed for Aboriginal people in Western Australia since the 1967 referendum calling the disparity of homelessness experienced by the First Peoples as ‘racialization’.

Mr Georgatos also discusses the adverse effects the looming community closures will have on residents within the Kimberley and surrounding regions over a chat with Kyle Dowling.

8MMM – A local shares the funny side of life in the Alice.

Trish- Morton Thomas caamaphoto

Trisha Morton-Thomas is a writer, director and actress raised in Alice Springs. Trisha is also one of the creators of the TV Show 8MMM a Aboriginal radio station in the heart of the town. Trisha tells us about her character “Lola” the unpaid tea lady and community Elder.

Trisha Morton FINAL


N.T. Chief Minister says his message to parents is right !

NT Chief Minister  Adam Giles caama pwphoto

The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has hit back at critics of his Governments tough love approach to youth anti social behavior in Central Australia

Responding to criticism from both within his own party and mental health experts that a tough love approach on its own is rarely successful in defeating anti social behavior … the Chief Minister was resolute with his approach.

Mr Giles says the message  from Government was that if  kids are out on the streets at night they would be treated as being neglected… and this was the right message to give to parents..

Adam Giles anti social

Tributes for veteran social justice campaginer

Edited Ray Jackson

Australia has paid farewell to veteran social justice campaigner Wiradjuri man Kwementyaye Jackson.

Kwementyaye Jackson, who passed away last week fought tirelessly against Aboriginal deaths in custody and was the long standing president of the Sydney based Indigenous Social Justice Association .
Despite being widely ignored by the mainstream media Kwementyaye Jackson and the Indigenous Social Justice Association, were honoured with a major French human rights award in 2013.
Jenny Munroe .. veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner and a founder of the Redfern Tent Embassy told CAAMA radio the dedication of Kwementyaye Jackson will leave an enormous void.

Gerry Georgatos a Western Australian based suicide prevention researcher who worked closely with Kwementyaye Jackson over many years says although known by thousands for his work with deaths in custody…his legacy went far beyond this and that his contributions will be remembered with great fondness.


Kwementyaye Jackson will be fondly remembered as an active and tireless individual whose actions will live on into the future.