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Kungas on CAAMA

Lorena Walker talks with Marlene Cummins Australia’s foremost Indigenous female blues writer and performer.  Marlene knows the blues from both an Aboriginal and more specifically, an Aboriginal woman’s perspective in this country and her story is one of vulnerability, strength and survival. Marlene tell of her struggle being an Aboriginal women growing in the struggle and finding a place in the Australian chapter of the Black Panthers.

CAAMA RIBS Co-ordinator Pam Reilly has a chat with Mary G an icon of Aboriginal broadcasting who has worked for many years, trying to improve the life of her people. Humour remains Mary G’s most powerful weapon.

Making Our Sports Stars Comfortable With Sexuality


Many male sports personalities are beginning to ‘come out’ so why are we seeing people after retirement from sport coming out as gay or lesbian. Why hasn’t the image of the sports star changed and why can’t a sports hero be gay? Gary Osmond from the University of Queensland says there’s no reason we can’t have LGBTIQ sports heroes it’s just societies view and that needs to change.

While, Maria Giannacopoulos says racism for our Aboriginal gay sports stars add another facet that not everyone everywhere faces.

CAAMA News 2-11-2015

CAAMA News team: Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling

A Qld based academic says growing recognition of FASD in both the wider community and by the legal profession could be the kicker needed to progress how the criminal justice system will deal with the issue into the future..

Prominent Aboriginal Elder, Jack Charles  the winner of this years
Senior Victorian Australian of the Year award has again been refused a taxi service unless he paid the fare upfront.

A visionary for  Aboriginal economic development in Central Australia is predicting a better future for his people… but says the focus has to be more widespread than just mining.


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Nurnakah Show – Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence is a major issue in the wider community as well as within the LGBTIQ community so how do we combat this growing problem?

The Nurnakah show crew sat down with Celeste Liddle to go deeper into some of the issues when it comes to LGBTIQ domestic Violence.

Judy tells of the Spirits Of The Ghan

Her breakout role on the silver screen saw her playing a bisexual reporter Vicky Stafford on television’s most controversial show of the seventies The Box, as well she was apart of the cast of Prisoner among countless roles on the stage in theatrical productions. Her most infamous role in modern television, Home and Away, where she played Alf Stewart’s wife.

Now fifteen years on since that role ended on Channel 7 and a number of books later and Judy returns to the Northern Territory with her most stand out book yet titled: Spirits of the Ghan which, is centred on a western Arrente woman from Hermannsburg.

Dan Sultan rocks Uluru

Dan Sultan shared his story being only 2 years old when the handback happened now 30 years on he was happy to be back and rock the crowd with songs off his Blackbird album. Joining him on stage was Australian singer/songwriter Shane Howard.

30 years on keeping Culture strong at Uluru

The audience gathered at the traditional Inma where celebrations continued with both men and women storytelling through song and dance.

Original and unique craft at Uluru

Locals showcase their art painting, bush medicine and culture to a local and international audience here a Uluru.

The Central Australian Women’s Choir sing at Uluru

The Central Australian Women’s Choir continue to share their journey as they returned from a tour of Germany earlier this year. They help celebrate the 3oth Anniversary of the handback to the Anangu people of Uluru-Kata Tjuta.

Music at the Rock, Uluru- Kata Tjuta Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Handover

As the day went on the entertainment continued with the Shane Howard Tio playing their iconic song “Solid Rock” followed by Creekside Regggae Band and the Central Australian Women’s Choir.

Xenophon calls on Environment Minister to say no to BP in Bight


Nick Xenophon has called on the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt to say no to deep sea ocean oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight.

One of the most treacherous parts of the country’s ocean could cause catastrophic consequences if exploration does take place. According to the Senator if we did have an issue on the Bight we could have an issue bigger than the Gulf of Mexico.

Nurnakah Show – Aboriginal Perfromers


Today’s Nurnakah Show is about LGBTI artists, queer and cultural identities, radical self-expression, politics and art, and general fabulousness!