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Teens forced to fight and eat animal faeces for junk food


Travis is 15 and last year spent time in Darwin’s Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. He claims that staff bribed young people to fight and eat animal feces in the centre for junk food. Amnesty International spokesperson says that the NT Government are in breach of the state and international charters. The NT Children’s Commissioner and Police Commissioner are now investigating the allegations made by Travis.

Nurnakah Show – Suicide Prevention


Today on the Nurnakah Show we will be discussing the impact of suicide on the LGBTI community. We feel that it is important to break down the stigma’s associated with suicide and mental ill-health.

The National LGBTI Health Alliance Mental Health and Suicide briefing paper (2013) states the elevated risk of mental ill-health and suicide among LGBTI people is not due to sexuality, sex or gender identity in and of themselves but rather due to discrimination and exclusion as key determinants of health. This is sometimes referred to as minority stress.

Nurnakah Show – Diverse Families


This week on Nurnakah Show we discussed what it’s like for Diverse Families. This is inclusive families within the LGBTIQ community. What’s the impact on children! Hear of Gayby Baby!? Well we sit down with the Director of the Film as well as Tracey Jerri and Lisa O’Brian.

Will a new Prime Minister mean Indigenous Affairs is safe?


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Five Prime Ministers in the last five years it seems leadership ‘spills’ are becoming the norm and Australia needs a more stable government now, more than ever. Critics are saying that we have the most unstable government in the Asia pacific region. SO what will Malcolm Turnbull bring to the top job and most importantly what will this mean for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs.

Political Editor for the Adelaide Advertiser ,Tory Shepherd told CAAMA Radio that the Liberal’s 2016 election hopes hang in the balance of the Canning by-election which, is the Government’s most important election at this present time.

So could we head to an early election? Those say it is possible and we shouldn’t rule out any time soon. However, it might seem unlikely as Malcolm Turnbull has alluded that the Coalition won’t head to the polls straight away.

Peter Dutton’s Off the cuff comments land him in Hot Water!

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has landed himself in hot water after his comments were picked up by a microphone which he says he was not aware of.

Before the press conference on Syrian Refugees was running late, Mr Dutton compared it to running on ‘Cape York time.’ Mr. Dutton has since apologised for the remark.

Nurnakah Show – Dating Trans Women


In today’s  Nurnakah Show we’ll be talking about the stigma of dating Sistergirl and transwoman. We want to openly discuss the stigma’s that we and the people whom are attracted to us face and how this affects our lives and relationships. It’s a basic human right, to love and to be loved.

Transgender and Sistergirl identity should not be confused with sexual orientation, or who a person is who romantically or sexually attracted to.

The Government Needs to bought to account on their flawed processes


Today marks one year since the Indigenous Advancement Strategy was launched. The advertised amount was then $4.8 Million dollars. According to Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs Shayne Neumann the Government lied about the amount of money readily available.

Now, he’s questioning the government’s handling of the process after the funding was reduced further to cover the costs of the costly delays of applications. With Aboriginal Organisations across Australia feeling the pinch of the IAS twelve months on and Mr. Neumann is calling on the Auditor General to examine and call the Government to account for their actions surrounding the IAS.

Bush Bands Bash Rock Alice Springs

The Bush Bands Bash rocked Alice Springs for another year, with over 3000 people showing up to Snow Kenna Park! Brining solo artists and bands from across the Central Desert Region, guests were treated to some of the best in Aboriginal music and language.

This year’s bands have sung in ten different languages including: English, Mudburra, Luritja, Eastern Arrernte, Ngaanyatjarra, Alyawarra, Jingili, Pitantjantjara, Walpiri and Yunkunytjatjara. The 2015 line up included Tjintu Desert Band, Rayella, Eastern Reggae, Creekside Reggae Band, D7’z Hill Boyz and E-Town Boyz, Jeremy Whiskey from Iwantja and Desert Mulga.

Desert Divas Open Bush Bands Bash For 2015

The Bush Bands Bash is now in its 12th year and has grown to become one of the biggest music events in the Central Desert Region, showcasing and celebrating contemporary Aboriginal music and language.

To kick of the event, the Desert Divas took to the stage to open the show. Starting up in 2006 with six participants the DD has tripled in size and now includes Diva programs in Darwin, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. This year the Divas have eight girls who have been through song-writing workshops and have been handling intense rehearsals the past few days to get ready for the special showcase. All the songs performed the girls wrote in the past three days and tell their stories about their values, hopes and dreams.

Nurnakah Show – Inclusive Practise


Today’s program was about inclusive practices within services in reference to the LGBTIQ, Sistergirl and Brotherboy community. In the NT there are no specific services for LGBTIQ people.


Nurnakah Show – Health and Support



Today on the Nurnakah Show we’ll be discussing transgender health care pathways in the Northern Territory. Members of the transgender and gender diverse community have recently claimed that they may be forced to leave the NT to be able to access appropriate health care needs. One NT Brotherboy wanting to medically transition was turned away from the Royal Darwin Hospital and told to seek help interstate.


Reclink 2015 Footy Grand Finals Alice Springs.

Reclink Australia is a non profit organisation whose mission is to provide and promote sport and art programs for people experiencing disadvantage. Established in Victoria in 1990, Reclink Australia operates nationally providing over 4500 activities and 80,000 participation opportunities for disadvantaged Australians annually.

The 2015 Reclink Footy Grand Finals took place at the TIO stadium Treager Park. It was a fun day of footy with the young kids of Clontarf kicking off in the morning and then the senior players taking to the field for the CAAMA Cup.

The Cottage All-stars where too strong this year taking out the CAAMA Cup with the final against Amoonguna Crows.