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Elliot Community calls out for help for Housing situation.

Photo: ABC News

Photo: ABC News Mitch Woolnough

The Aboriginal community of Elliot is facing uncertainty as the living conditions get worse everyday due to the lack of help from Government. Community members are frustrated that there has been no word from the Government about the living conditions in the community. Speaking on Strong Voices the chair of Elliot Chris Neades is shocked to see how his people are living.

Founder of a Online Protest talks on Strong Voices.


Sam Cook is one of the founders of #SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA And says she never thought that they would get such a response as they did by National and International people in support of the forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. They had support from Actors, Athletes, Businesses, and Civil Rights leaders.

The campaign was established to inform people and to stop the forced removal of Aboriginal people from their communities.The online protest is still going and has just under 50,000 hits on the Facebook page with a massive reach of 1 million.


Aboriginal Organisations close down as funding is cut.


On the back of protests in Alice Springs on Monday morning Aboriginal organisations are set to close their doors and are beginning to speak out about funding cuts which have torn the sector apart.

Among those cuts is Brisbane based Aboriginal Organisations Inala Wangarra. CEO of the community organisation Karla Brady spoke to CAAMA Radio and says those out there who are afraid to speak should stand up and have speak their minds about the injustice done to Aboriginal organisations.

The Combined Aboriginal Organisations have called for a senate inquiry into the IAS funding calling it chaotic and confusing for Aboriginal Organisations.


Stand up and Speak out!


Aboriginal Organisations rallied together on Monday to speak out about the recent IAS funding cuts. Protesters took to the steps of the Alice Springs convention centre calling on the Senator for the Northern Territory Nigel Scullion to face the music.

Owen Cole the Managing Director of Yeperenye spoke out about the funding cuts which would affect Aboriginal organisations across the country not just in Alice Springs and urged those who were hurting to stand up and speak their minds.

IAD calling for Answers amidst the chaotic funding process!


A heated debate broke out on the steps of the Alice Springs Convention Centre where local workers from Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations protested about recent funding cuts to the Aboriginal sector through IAS funding.

The Rally was a strong response from the local community, particularly those at threat of closing their doors. Organisations across the country speaking out saying they feel they haven’t been given enough information when it comes to IAS and the lack of communication by government is what led to yesterday’s protest in Alice Springs.

Among those which feel they haven’t been given adequate communication from government and who will experience cut backs is the Institute of Aboriginal Development. CEO of IAD Jenny Bedford took to the steps prior to the heated argument about funding to Aboriginal Organisations. It was here Ms Bedford explained about the 46 year history of the organisation.

IAD has provided essential services for Aboriginal education for over 46 years. Recent funding has seen IAD receive only 7% of funding applied for through the application. For the first time in a public arena, Minister Nigel Scullion was forced to address concerns about the IAS funding.

Jenny Bedford 

CEO of IAD has a message for Senator Scullion


CEO of Institute of Aboriginal Development Jenny Bedford has spoken out at Nigel Scullion questioning him and urging him to restore all funding to IAD.

Protesters demonstrated outside of the Alice Springs Convention Centre calling on the Senator for the Northern Territory and Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Nigel Scullion to come and ‘face the music.’

Those who protested were local residents and organisations which received little to no funding. IAD, one of those businesses which received 7% of funding asked for. The leading Aboriginal educator in Central Australia could be forced to close its doors under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy funding results.

Ms. Bedford told CAAMA Radio that if cuts go ahead as planned Aboriginal people in the sector will be worse off than they are today.

CAAMA NEWS 30-03-15

CAAMA NEWS TEAM: Justin Fenwick

Western Australian police have raided Heirisson Island for the third time in two weeks, with authorities extinguishing a sacred fire within the camp and removing camping gear at the Nyoongar Tent Embassy.

Meanwhile Social commentators continue to lash back at comments made by former politician Gary Johns. The comments made in the Australian by Johns show his support for the closure of remote communities if they not economically viable.

And finally Aboriginal leaders have presented the government with a blueprint to close the gap on disadvantage. Saying that without fundamental change the gap will be as wide in 50 years’ time as it is today…

Love Thy Neighbour


source: www.realestate.com.au/


It’s that time of year again when Neighbours get to know each other. We’re not talking the season première of the new season of the TV show, which is now in its 30th year by the way! We’re talking about connecting with the person over the fence.

Neighbour day was established after a string of elderly people were found in their flats, apartments and homes thought to have been left dead for over 2 years!

We lead such busy lives and Sunday March 29 allows people to slow down and stop and think, get to know their neighbours and make sure they’re okay.

Neighbour day is a great way to connect with and learn more about your neighbours. Now in its twelfth year there is set to biggest yet with over 40,000 participants this year nation wide! Even here in the territory! To find out more information or where you can join in the neighbourly fun! Head to www. neighbourday.org.au


The Hard Questions from Aboriginal Australia to Gary Johns


Source: 2GB.com.au

Former ALP party member Gary Johns must now face up to the hard questions being asked by Aboriginal Australia after his article in The Australian.The article titled Aborigines must face up to the hard questions points out his view that Aboriginal people have no ‘need’ to live on country.

In his article he is critical of Aboriginal people needing a connection to country any more. Saying that those who live on remote communities are not creating a viable economic future for their people. Rather he says they’re “sitting idle, playing cards and taking benefits for pretend work.”

Mr. Johns that Aboriginal people should move off the homelands and into respected jobs and industries. Although he says there is no one stick approach when it comes to helping those on communities move off he says it comes down to how willing the government is to help Aboriginal people build an “economically viable future.”

Aboriginal Commentators Hit Back at Johns’ Racist Comments

Celeste Liddle

Social Commentator Celeste Liddle has spoken out about former Politician Gary Johns. Labelling his comments as ridiculous.

Johns made comments in an opinion piece in The Australian where he claims Aboriginal people have no need to live on country any more and are just wasting taxpayers money for what he calls a ‘lifestyle.’

His comments add fuel to the Government’s fire and come only weeks after Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that Aboriginal people who live on remote communities are only living there because of a “lifestyle choice”.

Ms. Liddle says that she agrees with one comment. Aboriginal people are worse off now than they were 40 years ago. Ms. Liddle says that sadly Australian’s at large have a negative view of Aboriginal people and that needs to change and it starts with mainstream media helping to change that image by promoting the good work that Aboriginal people…

CAAMA NEWS 25-03-15

CAAMA NEWS: Justin Fenwick, Mikalea Simpson, Lorena Walker, Allan Neilson

The spokesperson for a leading environmental Alliance has called on the CLP Government to stop subsidising mining companies… and invest funds directly back into Aboriginal communities in a bid to improve infrastructure…

A recent report into an innovative money management program has found siginificant progress in building the financial skills of Aboriginal people in the APY lands, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Meanwhile in Western Australia aboriginal people at the noongar tent embassy are still concerned about their future.

25-03-15 am

The ‘Big Man’ – The Life and Legacy of Malcolm Fraser


Source: news.com.au


Malcolm Fraser was Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister and Friday morning Australians woke to the news that in the early hours of the morning he had passed away at the age of 84.

Fraser’s Government changed the political space. The Chair of the Prime Minister’s Aboriginal Advisory Council, Warren Mundine described Mr. Fraser as a man who was ahead of his time.

During his time as Prime Minister he established SBS and made contributions to Aboriginal Land Rights as well as introduced sled governance to the Northern Territory.

Mr. Mudine sees Fraser as a visionary of his time. Mr Fraser spoke of issues surrounding Refugee’s and Aboriginal Land Rights as well as being passionate about Humanitarian rights. All issues which are still being spoken about in Parliament today.

Warren Mundine – Malcolm Fraser