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The Push for support services for Aboriginal gay and transgendered people!

Photo: abc.net.au

Photo: abc.net.au

Sydney’s gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is in full swing with the final conclusions to the festival this weekend broadcast on SBS. Among the 10,000 people marching will be GLBTIQ Aboriginal people from Across the country including the first Bunjalung Drag Queen Destiny Haz Arrived who will be performing with the Northern Territory’s own Pop Princess Jessica Mauboy.

Although hot on everyone’s lips is what protocols are in place for Mardi Gras when it comes to cultural appropriateness. Two Sistergirls from Central Australia have spoken out about the need for cultural protocol ahead of this year’s celebrations.

Brie Curtis and her sister Rosalina have spoken out about the annual festival urging committe members of the Mardi Gras to include cultural protocol and support for Sistergirls and Brotherboys.

Brie says that she always knew she was a Sistergirl. Ms. Curtis’ story is one which is incredible often those who come out on communities are shunned and turned away however, growing up she says she she was lucky as she wasn’t turned away, rather she was accepted by her family and friends straight away.

Although as the date for the Mardi Gras is closing in with the annual parade scheduled for this Saturday Ms. Curtis is urging the committee to think about cultural protocol and the inclusion of Brotherboys and Sistergirls within the annual festival.

She says that education is the key and that those on communities need to know there is support there for them when they feel like they need to talk to someone about their issues and not keep them bottled up inside.

$28,000 for Breaking Down Legal Language


A new program regarding language and the legal system has found that often legal jargon is being lost in translation.

Miscommunication in the law is a major issues within the justice system. Linguist Samantha Disbray from CDU’s Northern Institude has started the Language and the law project in a bid to close the gap between Aboriginal Australian and the justice system.

Ms. Disbray says that jargon for anyone who isn’t involved with the legal system is overwhelming. While she gives the example of the phrase “to kill” which can mean anything from to literally kill someone to , ‘hit’ or ‘beat.’

The project has been funded $28,000 in a grant from the Law Society Public Purposes Trust and aims to reduce the high level of incarceration due to miscommunication within the legal system.

CAAMA News 02-03-15

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker

The Tasmanian Aboriginal land Council are calling on the State Government to speed up its responses to land claims.

A new program spruiking lagauge and the law is aiming to bridge the divide between Aboriginal people and the the crimial justice system.

Closer to home where Northern Territory Indigenous activist Tilmouth sadly passed away at the weekend

Mr. Tillmouth was a long-time member of the Labor Party, and in the late 1990s was the frontrunner to be pre-selected as the party’s senator for the NT…

And Finally to Canberra where The National Museum of Australia says that a controversial exhibition of Aboriginal Artefacts collected by Captain James Cook will be returned to Australia for the first time 245 years…


Nurnakah Show 27-03-15

Our Show 2015 039 (Medium)

This Week was CRAZY! We loved brining you Nurnakah show! We had a chat to local doctor Hilary Taylor about her involvement in the Alice Springs Pride Carnivale!

And we caught up with our Producer! Justin Fenwick about his experience of coming out and how he deals with culture. A very interesting conversation! Nurnakah show is broadcast EVERY Friday at 9AM CST 10:30AEDT tune in 100.5 in Alice Springs OR through www.caama.com.au


Heart Disease On the Rise in Aboriginal people


Photo Courtesy: SBS.com.au

The recent report on Aboriginal Heart Health is being dubbed as one of the ‘most comprehensive every published in Western Australia.’ The report uncovers that although the Gap for Cardio Vascular disease among Aboriginal people is slowly decreasing there is still a lot to be done to close the Health inequalities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Report Author Dr. Judy Katzenellenbogen says that the work needs to start with our hospital systems and out of hospital care. While programs need to be in place to help Aboriginal people when it comes to smoking and things that lead to heart attacks.

She says that recent reports reveal a significant decline in chronic diseases including heart disease however, despite these efforts there is still a lot of work to be done.


AHC Don’t Want A Publicity Stunt


Residents of The Block received a move on order last week. Evictions are nothing new to the block these recent evictions could be the final chapter in the ongoing feud.

Jenny Munro has told CAAMA Radio that she is committed to standing her ground to the protect the block from commercial development, rather she says, it should be used for what it was set aside for and that is Aboriginal housing.

The company behind the multi million dollar project set for the Block say they too are committed to ensuring Aboriginal Housing is also built on the site.

The Aboriginal Housing Company were set to meet with Redfern residents at the inner Sydney site on Tuesday afternoon. However, due to an overwhelming presence of media at the site the AHC declined the meeting instead they say they would like the mediation to be “more constructive” rather than “a publicity opportunity.”

The AHC say they will continue to strive to to make sure the Block remains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and controlled into the future.



Warren H Williams Sings About Spirituality This Christmas

While Christmas has many meanings, whether its a religious celebration or spending time with family, but for Warren H Williams, Christmas is about Aboriginal spirituality, Dreamtime stories and loving his land. Listen to this brand new, unreleased track performed at the AMSANT birthday celebration conference with local musicians Dave Crowe, Danielle Young, Katie Harder and Mark McCormack.

Blekbala Mujik Live in the CAAMA Studios!

One of Australia’s most iconic Aboriginal bands, Blekbala Mujik, visited CAAMA to launch their greatest hits CD. The band talks about their early roots recording at the old CAAMA studios and then listening back to the songs on our radio shows, and introduces the new line up. You’ll also hear a live performance of the track ‘Uluru’ which celebrates the hand back of the sacred site to its traditional owners in 1985.

Cassandra Williams sings Falling Down on Snapshot 3

Cassandra Williams- caama photo
The Williams name  is synonomous with Central Australia’s finest music. Ntaria based artist Cassandra continues the fine family tradition with her latest song which is showcased on Snapshot 111.

5 to WIN


To celebrate the release of Tjintu Desert Band’s new CD ‘Tjamuku Ngurra’ we’re giving away 5 packs including the CD, t-shirt and cap! To win, make sure you “like” our page on Facebook (Caama Alice Springs) as well as the CAAMA Music page on Facebook, then tell us the answer to this question:
What do the Luritja words ‘Tjamuku Ngurra’ mean in English? To get a hint, visit our website  bit.ly/1cWnKih

RIBS – On the Road Again

RIBS – On the Road Again

As our 2012 year starts to wind down, the RIBS coordinator is on the road to as many communities as she can to catch up, renew music & assist & train where its needed – check out my great office …

Keep an eye out for the RIBS Rocket & come & say Hello….

Latest RIBS Visit to Areyonga

We had a great day in Areyonga Monday 29th. Jonathon took us for a small tour of some of the highlights of the township …


Thanks again Jonathon for helping Kenny out & doing some of his show while he is in Hospital … Working together as a team has been huge in RIBS recently… Thanks to the whole RIBS Team, its been great!!! and you gotta love the wallpaper in my office!!!