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Long time Aboriginal rights campaigner Ray Jackson vs Gary Johns !

Ray Jackson caama  kdphoto


Ray Jackson a Wiradjuri man from Redfern and long-time Aboriginal rights campaigner has responded to controversial comments made by Gary Johns in a  recent opinion piece. Ray Jackson had a chat with Kyle Dowling strongly voicing his opinion of the former minister stating that forced contraception is deeply unfair and the decision was made under the perception that all on welfare payments are freeloaders.

Ray Jackson also expressed his frustration as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family were cited by Gary Johns when discussing that some people should not be parents all together especially at the expense of the tax payers.

Improving the genetic quality of Australia ….. Paddy Gibson responds to Gary Johns.


Growing condemnation of a media article which suggests that  those on welfare   shouldn’t receive welfare payments unless they are using contraception.

“The Australian”: newspaper columnist and former Labor MP Gary Johns writes “some families, some communities, some cultures breed strife…. the idea that someone can have the taxpayer, as of right, fund the choice to have a child is repugnant”.

In a column titled “No Contraception, No Dole,” Johns singles out a Sydney Aboriginal family and the recent tragedy in Cairns involving a Torres strait Islander family-  to push his case.

Paddy Gibson a researcher with  Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning says there is no confusion in the article about who Johns is mainly referring to for his proposed solution.

Let them sit down with us on the ground and listen to what we’ve got to say !

Dr Beryl Philp-Carmichael (Left)  next to her old school friend Joyce Hampton  on Old Menindee Mission Bend 2014.-crop

Dr-Beryl-Philp-Carmichael (Left) next-to-her-old-school-friend-Joyce-Hampton on-Old Menindee Mission Bend.

A powerful message to the NSW State Government from the last knowledge keeper and traditional storyteller of the Ngiyaampaa people of Western NSW.

The worsening supply and condition of water in the far west of NSW is being attributed to an appalling lack of consultation by the state Government with  the local traditional landowners.

Ngiyaampaa Elder Aunty Beryl Carmichael says many of the current problems could have been avoided if her people had been consulted … rather than the signing of MOU’s with the local land council.

The Faces of Freedom…..Alice Springs 2014

Aboriginal elders and leaders from across Australia gathered in Mbantua Alice Springs for a two-day gathering to discuss ongoing impacts of Government policies on their people and how they can best work together to provide a unified voice to lead them into the future.
The gathering has elected a committee to take  important   issues back to communities  prior to the election  of an  Aboriginal National Body .

Remote Indigenous Media Festival Wrap Up

Chris Pyne – revisits significance of Aboriginal culture in the national school curriculum.

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The Federal Education Minister Chris Pyne has clarified his position about the teaching of Aborignal culture and history in the National School Curriculum .

Responding to concerns about comments he allegedly  made in regard to the inclusion of Aboriginal culture and history, Mr Pyne told  CAAMA listeners that it is an intrinsic part of the Australian story.

Chris Pyne live on caama

“When Do We Draw the Line in the Sand” – Aboriginal MP Ken Wyatt.


The first Aboriginal man elected to the House of Representatives says he is frustrated at the lack of progress being made in Closing the Gap in Aboriginal and Islander disadvantage.

Western Australian Liberal member Ken Wyatt was a guest panellist on the recent ABC Q and A program along with other prominent member of the Aboriginal community.

Responding to questions about the Forest report on Aboriginal Employment and Training, Mr Wyatt said he has seen many reports over the years but it is now time to take action.

Pam Reilly spoke to WA Federal MP Ken Wyatt on Strong Voices.

Pat Turner talks refugees and colonisation

Raise Your Voice is our new online segment featuring the opinions of significant people on important Aboriginal issues. In this video, Arrente and Gurdanji woman Pat Turner (former CEO of ATSIC and Deputy Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) talks about ‘boat people’ – from ancient trade routes with the Makassins of Indonesia, to the British invasion and our current government’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Broadcasters talk about working at CAAMA

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at CAAMA Radio? Two of our young Aboriginal broadcasters, Mikaela and Lorena, spoke to Questacon about their radio careers.

Barkly Work Camp Open Day

The Barkly Work Camp (the Work Camp) is a low-security correctional work camp located on Peko Road, 2kms from the Tennant Creek town centre. The Work Camp was officially opened on 8 September 2011 and holds low and open-security prisoners. No sex offenders or prisoners of public interest are considered for placement at the Work Camp.
CAAMA Radio took part in the first open day event since the work camp opened. A large crowd attended and witnessed the innovative open minded approach that correctional services has implemented at this site. Continue reading

We cannot ignore the human question of the debate …Race Discrimination Commissioner.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr  Tim Soutphommasane with Aboriginal  rights campaigner Adam Goodes......A new poll showing 88% of respondents disagree with the idea  that it should be lawful to offend, insult or humiliate a person on the basis of race is further evidence that changes to the Racial Discrimination Act are unwarranted and unwanted according to  Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane.

A first-generation Australian of Chinese and Lao extraction, Dr Soutphommasane was raised in southwest Sydney. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, from where he also holds a Master of Philosophy degree.

Race Relations Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane changes to racial vilification law

Corporate Australia Challenged…


Photo Courtesy: http://www.alantudge.com.au

Tony Abbott’s Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Affairs have called on corporate Australia, to take a bigger role in closing the employment gap after it was revealed 1.3% of all private sector employees were Aboriginal.

Mr Tudge says greater efforts should be made to increase the rates of employment of Australia’s First Peoples.

Alan Tudge