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Justice system not tough enough on drug dealers, says a NSW Land Council CEO


image courtesy of ABC news.

The CEO of a central New South Wales Aboriginal Land council  is urging  Government  to stick  to a tough love approach in order to  discourage ice  dealers and users and  also  change  perspectives  towards the drug at a national level.

The Central New South Wales community of Wellington is one of many regional towns across Australia facing an alarming increase in the use of ice.

The towns  struggle to deal with  the problem  has led to the  the establishment of community campaigns such as ‘dob in a dealer’, which urges residents to speak up about known dealers in their community.

Leanne Stanley a Wiradjuri woman and CEO of the local Land Council says while the drug is having adverse effects on the town, she firmly believes this situation is not unique.

Ms Stanley says despite the apparent rates of First Nations Peoples involved in dealing or using the drug she believes both the Aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities are being affected in much the same way.

ALP National Conference


The federal Labor party says it wants to make the reduction of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in prison a key national priority if it wins the next election.

Shayne Neumann the Shadow minister for aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has accused the Abbott government of backing away from a previous commitment to help bring down the numbers.

Shayne Neumann says that you can’t close the gap with cuts to services.

Shayne Neumann

2015 NIMAS: A Celebration Of Music And Culture

The National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs) are recognised as one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous music awards and they have been celebrating Australian music for 11 years!

Held annually under the stars at Darwin’s historic Amphitheatre, The NIMAS bring audiences from all over Australia together to applaud the winners, enjoy the performances and soak up the ambiance of a night for music lovers of all ages and all cultures. This years line up was an epic show stopper, with performances from Frank Yamma, Gurrumul Yunupingu, B2M, Blekbala Mujik, East Journey, Yothu Yindi and many more.

‘Practical self determination in action’.

The Nyangumarta people have spoken of the long walk, in their  journey of  achieving  native title and the subsequent announcement of a new  Indigenous Protected Area.

The Nyangumarta Waararn officially recognised as an IPA last week, which is a voluntary agreement made by Traditional Owners with the State Government, which promotes  biodiversity and cultural research conservation of both land and or sea.

CEO of Nyangumarta Warrarn Aboriginal Corporation Nyaparu Rose told CAAMA  the agreement INCLUDES  four regions  which make up an area of   more than twenty thousand square  kilometres

Ms Rose  says  the IPA  agreement is “awesome” and that  the entire community was ecstatic following the announcement.


Simon Hawkins CEO of the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal corporation has been involved in the helping establish the deal and has worked closely with the Nyangumarta people over the years.

Mr Hawkins explains what the IPA will entail and says the agreement is a very practical implementation of self determination within an area.

Campaign for only Aboriginal cultural centre in Moreland Victoria.


To Melbourne where an inner city councillor says it’s important for Aboriginal people in the Northern Suburbs to have a cultural hub  located  at  a former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school.

The Ballerrt Mooroop college school was forced to close in 2012 due to falling attendance the local Koori  community  is now campaigning  to retain use of the former college site

Sue Bolton a councillor for the Moreland Melbourne city council told CAAMA Radio the location is significant to the Aboriginal people living in the Northern Suburbs of the city and provides them with a cultural centre outside of the city centre.

Ms Bolton  says although the campaign is continuing to gain additional support from both the Aboriginal and non-aboriginal community the fate of the area remains to be seen.

Long time Aboriginal rights campaigner Gary Murray who is a member of the Victorian Traditional Owners land justice group, shares his thoughts and discusses the importance of the establishment of an Aboriginal cultural centre.


Protecting our smallest and most Vulnerable….

When it comes to conservation some of our smaller native animals sometimes may be over looked, but that is why Unitywater a Moreton Bay based water and sewerage service provider have made a partnership with the Bunya Bunya Country Aboriginal Corporation. In the aim of protecting a local native mouse avoid extinction and help preserve some of the region’s rich Aboriginal history.

Emma Newton who is Unitywater’s Environmental Advisor says she is looking forward to working with the Bunya Bunya people on this project.

Emma Newton

Mental Health sector ready and waiting.

frank quinlan ceo mental health australia 2

Frank Quinland Mental Health Australia CEO – courtesy of Mental Health Australia


The country’s peak national mental health body says the Abbott Government appears to be in limbo over its previous support of strategies for the mental health sector.

State leaders are preparing for the council of Australian Governments Retreat on Wednesday and Thursaday prompting the mental health sector to write to the Prime Minister reminding him of the actions which COAG leaders had  agreed to in 2012.

Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan says despite the sector being ready for reform the COAG agreements which included  a fully funded National Mental Health Agreement have still to be implemented.


Cheekydog: Going from strength to strength!!!!!

The name cheekydog has taken the country by storm, Dion Beasley who’s country is near the remote community of Canteen Creek (Owairtilla) located south-east of Tennant Creek, has had his art work distributed since 2012.

Profoundly deaf and a reduction in mobility due to muscular dystrophy, Dion has overcome many challenges and communicates with the world through his visual representations of community life.

for more of Dion’s art work go to http://www.cheekydogs.com.au/ and check out what is store.

Joy Bolter


The Ugly Face Of Racism Within Australia…

australias ugly face of racism

Photo courtesy: honisoit.com

A Sydney based human rights campaigner says while it is important to challenge right-wing racist extremists it is also important to challenge government policy which has created the current environment for it to exist. Jumbunna Indigenous house of learning researcher Paddy Gibson was commenting on last weekend’s rallies across the country which raised the ugly face of racism within Australia.

Just who….is reclaiming what?


Ken Canning -the man who organised  Aboriginal  and Torres Strait Islanders to stand up against race hate groups and open racist behavior says these groups have no right to say who comes and goes in the First Nations Peoples country.

Anti-Islamic nationalist group Reclaim Australia met with strong opposition when they staged protests around the country over the weekend and particularly in Sydney where Aboriginal rights campaigners met head on.


The rallies saw many strong Aboriginal leaders speaking for their first nations peoples. Albert Hartnett is one such leader, who was a standout and passionate speaker throughout the Sydney rallies.

‘They’re trying to reclaim something that isn’t theirs’

Mr Hartnett also questioning Reclaim Australia’s motives, he told CAAMA Radio the rallies offered  a great opportunity to highlight the ongoing marginalisation his people suffer.

CAAMA NEWS 20-07-15

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Kyle Dowling

The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Adam Giles says that his government is committed to tourism in Northern Australian.

An archaeological dig is taking place at one of the most  industrialised areas of Australia, to try and establish how long ago Aboriginal people arrived in the area.

And Finally to the Sunshine Coast where community collaboration could see the preservation, of one of Australia’s most vulnerable animals.


am 20-07

Women Talking Women’s Business

CAAMA radio’s Women’s Business Program focuses on women of all ages doing great things to strengthen their communities. Jointed hosted by Mikaela Simpson, Donna Campbell and Lorena Walker and aired Friday mornings 11am-12pm CST, the show allows women to have a platform to share their stories.

This week focussed on women being recognised on a National Level. Interview guests included the 2015 Senior Australian of the Year Jackie French who shared her journey as a white woman being accepted into an Aboriginal clan group, Chantal Ober, a young woman from Katherine who was recently titled NT Young Person of the Year for successfully advocating for safe spaces young women can access, and finally CAAMA Productions Producer Tanith Glynn-Maloney of award winning short film, Nulla Nulla. The short film has recently been nominated for another award.

If you have a story you would like to share with our listeners contact caama reception on 08 8951 9778