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RIBS crew on Black Star

The CAAMA RIBS crew in Northern Peninsula Area Queensland pumped out a deadly show across the Black Star Network while attending the Remote Indigenous Media Festival.

Friday Afternoon with Kenny

Kenny Windley bringing a cheer to everybody’s Friday afternoon “Live” in the CAAMA Studios

Training at Ntaria & Papunya 2014

27th – 28th – 29th – 30th of May 2014 was a Great experience for Fiona and AC meeting and training the Young Men Henly, Anslem, Galvin, Theo and Thelick from Ntaria Youth Corp as well as training the Young Ladies Makisha, Loretta, Isobelle along with Griffen from the Papunya Youth Group

Elliott Trip for Training

14th May 2014 was a trip to Elliott for some training and to meet with Stuart Nuggett another RIBS Broadcasters for Gurungu……….
Big things happening in Elliott with Hip Hop music workshops as well as the older school students planning to be part of Elliott RIBS shows……….Gurungu connecting to the Community via CAAMA Radio………….

Visit to IMANPA

Trip to IMANPA was full of Fun and Laughs with the Children of IMANPA School and Gary Mumu putting out a Great Show throughout the CAAMA Network………………….

Trip to Aputula

New RIBS Broadcasters  from Aputula Warrie, Ursula and Samuel participated in Radio Broadcasting training  ………A great success over the 2 days training which attracted future trainees…………Bright prospects for the Broadcasters at Aputula

Community Trips Continue

Trip to Elliott

The journey continues for AC as he travels to RIBS Communities throughout Central Australia [CAAMA RIBS]

Fiona and AC travelled to Elliott 250kms North of Tennant Creek……A wonderful green and wet drive as the wet season continues

Arriving in Elliott we met with the Shire Manager, School Principal, and the Head Nurse at the Health Clinic

Meeting Jason Bill [Elliott RIBS Broadcaster] was the highlight of the trip and the possibility of future trainees from the region

The second stage of the trip to Alpurrurulam was cancelled due to the Georgina River being impassable……………

AC CAAMA’s new RIBS Co-ordinator

Allan Neilson[AC] first 2 weeks at CAAMA has been a journey to Community meeting RIBS Broadcasters from NTARIA, UTJU and TITJIKALA and many more Communities to come………

Paul and Fiona visited Titjikala for two days of new broadcaster training.

The radio trainees Doris, Jillian, Stephanie,layla and Lisa at Titjikala were fantastic and we all had alot of fun last week learning how to operate the RIBS studio, and how to be the best broadcaster we can be.

Imanpa Kids – Sing Live on Radio

Imanpa primary school kids were very excited to be in the local RIBS radio station singing live to their community.


Justin visited Ntaria with Paul for Kima’s show. It was his first viit to a community and he met people and saw how a RIBS broadcast goes to air on the CAAMA network.


Paul and Valdwyn worked hard for two days on new broadcasting training at Utju this week.
Valdwyn did so well that with the assistance of Jonathon Doolan and Paul, she put a program to air for two hours after the training.