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CAAMA News 07-05-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams.Mikaela Simpson.

The shock resignation of Australian Greens leader Christine Milne has seen Victorian senator Richard Di Natale elected unopposed to the party leadership.

A Western Australian Greens Senator who recently visited remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley region says community members are still in doubt about their future and if they will be able to remain out on country.

Down to Victoria where young people often left out by society have made the international stage at the Cannes Film festival showing that they can contribute and do have a lot to offer their communities.


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CAAMA News 6-05-2015

CAAMA News team : Loreena Walker , Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson.

An award-winning journalist who worked for both ABC and SBS has taken fire at the public broadcasters over what she says is the mainstreaming and presentation of stories which have greater commercial appeal rather than informing Australian”s cultural diversity.

A Northern Territory born Larrakia actress who has called out the media Industry for a lack of cultural diversity on Australian television… says change will only happen if minorities come together to support one another.

Claims by Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that he is not concerned by global and national rallies against his move to close remote communities because rally protesters are not from Aboriginal communities … has brought an angry response from community members.


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CAAMA News 5-05-2015

Qld Attorney general, Yvette D’Ath, has raised concerns about the states rising jail population, which she says had “reached unacceptable levels…. particularly in Indigenous communities”.

Northern Territory born Larrakia actress Miranda Tapsell has used her acceptance speech at the Logie Awards to draw attention to the lack of racial diversity on Australian television.


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CAAMA News 4-05-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling.

Aboriginal  people in their thousands have been joined by local and overseas supporters in voicing concern about the proposed closure of remote  communities in Western Australia.

Trish Morton Thomas an Alice Springs based comedy writer and veteran rights campaigner says  Western Australia is a test case… and the Northern Territory could be next

IN Darwin Hundreds of people gathered outside the Northern Territory Parliament  and called on the Federal Government to reverse funding  cuts to community services.

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CAAMA NEWS 1-05-2015

CAAMA news team : Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams.

Sydney based Aboriginal rights campaigners are acknowledging the impact that  social media is playing in drawing global attention, to the plight of their people and the issues  that they face within Australia.

Following the launch of a new campaign aiming to reduce the high statistics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being incarcerated. The co-chair of a leading aboriginal Justice coalition has called on the Federal Government for a joint partnership.

The peak AFL body in the Northern Territory has thrown its full support behind Central Australia’s annual Lightning Football carnival dismissing suggestions that anti social behaviour that followed this years event put its future at risk.


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CAAMA NEWS 30-04-2015

CAAMA news team : Kyle Dowling, Loreena Walker, Damien Williams, Mikaela Simpson,

Cities and towns across the globe will hold rallies on Friday the 1st of May against the Western Australian Governments proposed closure of  more than a 150 remote Aboriginal communities.

In Western Australia a camp for displaced Aboriginal people on Heirisson Island is again facing forced closure and removal by local authorities.

The peak body for Victorian Aboriginal Languages is working closely with traditional owners and schools to  provide a wide variety of programs which will help preserve traditional Aboriginal languages.


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CAAMA NEWS 29-04-2015

CAAMA news team : Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson, Loreena Walker, Paul Wiles.

An Australian institute which tracks online race hate says it hopes content from a new Alice Springs site will be removed from Facebook…

Western Australia’s  Kimberley region continues to see rising levels of homelessness with  a new report claiming seven per cent of the region’s predominately Aboriginal population is homeless.

South Australia’s peak Aboriginal Land Trust  says it is confused following reports that the Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Australians Nigel Scullion will cut current   funding to the APY Lands


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CAAMA NEWS 28-04-2015

CAAMA news team : Kyle Dowling, Loreena Walker, Damien Williams, Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles.

The Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has hit back at critics of his Governments tough love approach to youth anti social behavior  in .Central Australia.

A NSW Wiradjuri man who spent decades fighting social justice issues for his people will be remembered as a motivated and tireless individual whose actions changed the lives of many.

Hundreds of people including guests from across Australia and around the globe gathered at Yulara over the weekend for a festival celebrating Aboriginal culture.


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CAAMA News 27-04-2015

CAAMA News team : Kyle Dowling, Justin Fenwick,Paul Wiles.

Moving ANZAC  Dawn Service in Alice Springs for Centenary celebration.

Former Deputy Chief Minister critical of her own party over funding cuts to youth services in Central Australia.

New Territory Labor leader  wants to re- connect with the bush.


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CAAMA News 24-04-2015

CAAMA News team: Paul Wiles, Loreena Walker, Justin Fenwick,Kyle Dowling.

A prominent Maori leader who generated international television exposure about the treatment of Aboriginal people following the John Howard led intervention into the Northern Territory is causing more pain for the Australian Government…this time over the proposed closure of remote communities in Western Australia.

As thousands make the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove for commemorations on Saturday historians are urging people across the country to use ANZAC Day as a day to reflect on the nation’s history.



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CAAMA News 23.04.2015

CAAMA News team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell

A Central Australian based mental health academic has added his thoughts to the ongoing debate about the Northern Territory Governments tough love approach to youth anti-social behaviour in Alice Springs.

Alice Springs is gearing up for ANZAC Day celebrations this weekend, with a new Commemorative Walk honouring our Armed Forces.

In the lead up to the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day iconic Australian singer, song writer has recorded a new song which recognises the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women in the defence of their country.


CAAMA News 22.04

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Kyle Dowling, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker

An Alice Springs Town Councillor who is calling for an integrated response to anti-social behaviour says the town’s youth sector needs to be better resourced.

The singer of an iconic Australian war song has been commissioned by the Army to write a and perform a song which pays tribute to contribution of Aboriginal men and women who volunteered to fight for their country.

A peak Central Australian Aboriginal medical service which is providng treatment to people who are using the drug ICE says the problem needs to be faced front on