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CAAMA News 24-04-14

CAAMA news team, Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Loreena Walker.

The Northern Territory Opposition has accused the Giles CLP government of creating genuine tension in Central Australia with its race based approach to the sale of alcohol.

The formalities are over for now following the Royal visit and it’s back to governing for the Chief Minister  who says he now has nothing to do with the three  breakaway members.

World Book Day celebrates Authors, illustrators, books and most importantly being able to read a book. But for visually impaired Australians there seems to be a “book famine.”


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CAAMA news 23-04-14

CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Justine Fenwick, Damien Williams

It is an historic moment for the Northern Territory as the Royal Couple continue their tour today at Uluru.

A different take on the Royal visit from veteran Aboriginal actor and rights campaigner Jack Charles, who described the tour as “a wonderful distraction” for white Australians.


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CAAMA news 22-04-14

CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Justine Fenwick

Researchers believe isolation is key contributor to the  spread of a rare genetic  disorder  growing in number throughout Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

The creators of a new culturally acceptable screening tool which helps diagnose depression in older aboriginal people believe that it will allow the start of new processes to diagnosing a range of other mental health issues.

In Central Australia where the Duke and Duchess are set to arrive. Three Lucky Central Australian School students will get the chance to meet the royal pair.


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CAAMA News 18-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker, Pam Rielly

The creators of a new culturally acceptable screening tool which helps diagnose depression in older Aboriginal people believe that it will allow the start of new processes in diagnosing a range of other mental health issues.

meanwhile  health authorities   are warning  residents in  Central Australia to  cover up  and protect themselves from mosquito – borne diseases…following the  recent heavy rain.

In local news Alice Springs Town Camp residents  have  protested against laws which prevent them  from having a drink in their own home..


CAAMA news 17-04-14

CAAMA news team:Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams.

A stern warning to both the Federal coalition and Giles CLP governments from the three breakaway Aboriginal MLA’s….. their people own more than 50 percent of the of the Northern Territory’s landmass and as such they are key stakeholders in any future developments.

An award winning aboriginal author who’s critical of proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act says he believes there is already enough freedom of speech in Australia.


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CAAMA news 16-04-14

CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly, Mikaela Simpson

The founder of Australia’s first nations political party says he found it offensive that Northern territory female Aboriginal politician Allison Anderson had labelled the party racist.

An independent non-profit company is encouraging families of people with dementia to take part in monitoring and looking after them.

This year’s annual Bush bands bash has been confirmed with Music NT now searching for this year’s hottest Aboriginal and Islander desert sound.


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CAAMA News 11-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams

Traditional owners of Uluru have lashed back at the government for proposed plans for further development on their country

An Alice Springs based youth refuge is calling on the federal government to wake up to the seriousness of the issue regarding young people who have no where to live.

in other news  a  peak representative body for the delivery of mental health services  is calling on the  Abbott Government to confirm  a  highly successful program will recive ongoing funding for the next financial year.


CAAMA news 10-04-14

CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Lorena Walker, Pam Reilly, Justine Fenwick, Damien Williams

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Rescue Service have re-emphasised the danger of swimming in the Todd River following an overnight incident in Mbantua Alice Springs   where it was feared a youth had been washed away in the fast flowing current.

The rain may have cleared in Central Australia but driving on bush roads can still be dangerous.

Northern Territory households are paying more per week for fuel and transport than food according to a new social services report.

As search efforts for missing flight MH370 continue,  some members  from Northern Territory Emergency Services are now set to play a vital role in the effort to locate the missing plane.


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CAAMA news 09-04-14

CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams, Pam Reilly, Lorena Walker, Justine Fenwick

The guardian of a young aboriginal woman suffering foetal alcohol syndrome says her unnecessary imprisonment and the lack of suitable care for others with the disorder must come to an end.

Plans for the export of live Buffalo from remote communities in the Top end to Vietnam are under way, with the Northern Territory Government keen to involve Aboriginal People.

The desert community of Titjikala in the Northern Territory has taken home two awards, at the national  Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Tidy Towns Awards  held in , South Australia late last week.

In local news central Australia has been drenched by rain following heavy cloud moving.


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CAAMA News 8-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Damien Williams

Lawyers acting on behalf of Muckaty traditional owners in the Northern Territory have welcomed the court determination for evidence to be heard in Tenant Creek. A move which will allow more people from the community to attend and give evidence.

Western Australian Greens  Senator Scott Ludlum says he is keen to continue his fight against the proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty ion the Northern Territory.

On the Back of the Repeal of Section 18C the Online Hate Prevention Institute has criticised the Government, and their plans to change the laws surrounding the protection of ethnic persons.

Sport with Damien Williams

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CAAMA News 07-04-14

CAAMA News Team: Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Pam Reilly

The Australian Greens have seen a swing towards the party of more than 6% following the rerun election in Western Australia. Gains by the Palmer United Party and the Greens have come at expense of the major parties.

The national children’s commissioner is concerned that proposed changes to the racial discrimination act will send the wrong message to Australian youth  that vilification and intimidation  of ethnic  minorities  is ok.

With one in nine women being diagnosed with breast Cancer the Northern Territory health minister is urging Aboriginal women living in communities to take advantage of a new mobile screening service.



CAAMA news team: Paul Wiles, Justine Fenwick, Damien Williams

The peak representative body for Australia’s Jewish community is working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and other ethnic groups to challenge proposals by the Abbot Coalition government to water down the Racial Discrimination Act.

Unrest continues in Northern Territory politics with a former Labor Aboriginal MLA adding her voice to the call for the three rebel back benchers to resign from the country Liberal Party.


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