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CAAMA News 27-11-2015

CAAMA News team : Kyle Dowling,  Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles

18 elected Aboriginal representatives came to an agreement with Whitehaven Coal  during a closed meeting, leading to  concern among some Gomeroi people who have questioned the communities engagement and role in the decision making process.

The  manager of an Alice Springs based men’s behaviour change initiative says the  official launch of a  behaviour change program for men  is continuing  to create  discussion around  gender equality in Aboriginal town camps and communities.

Changes to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act will empower Aboriginal people with localised decision-making according to the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion.


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CAAMA News 26-11-2015

CAAMA News team : Kyle Dowling,  Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker

Alice Springs residents have joined together on white Ribbon Day  to show their support and dedication in removing  violence from their community.

Northern Territory Federal member Warren Snowden says it is important for men to demonstrate to women that they are fair dinkum about removing violence from their lives.

To NSW where traditional owners have expressed concern about  lack of transparency over a recent native title agreement with a coal company.


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CAAMA News 25-11-2015

CAAMA News team : Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Alan Nielson

Traditional owners have won the battle  to save watarka National Park from fracking  but the war  of war of words between the Central Land council and the Northern Territory Giles CLP government is set to continue.

The Alice Springs women’s shelter is encouraging community members to take part in Wednesdays  white ribbon walk and activities  as a part of the growing  international campaign which is tackling  gender based violence.


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CAAMA News 24-11-2015

CAAMA News team : Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Warren H Williams, Lorena Walker

A coronial inquest into the death of a 22 year old Aboriginal woman in Western Australia has heard police thought she was faking when she told them that  her hands were going blue and she could not feel her legs.

Meanwhile the Senior legal officer with the Melbourne based Human Rights Law Centre  says although the community is grieving it is now is the time for reform to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders taken into police custody are safe.

In other news Aboriginal people with  diabetes are being  encourage to have regular eye checks with new information  revealing of the 37 per cent of adults affected by the disease 13 per cent have lost their vision.

And finally to NSW where a new program will  be trialled in three Aboriginal communities in a bid to help  close the oral health gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.


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CAAMA News 23-11-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams, Kyle Dowling.
A two week inquest which begins today into the death of a 22 year old Aboriginal woman who died in police custody in Western Australia last year… will see and hear compelling evidence that her death was unnecessary and could have been avoided if a Custody Notification Service had been in place.

A family whose land borders  the site of a proposed nuclear waste repository south of Alice Springs has sent out a strong message to other concerned Territorians.

N.T. Chief Minister Adam Giles has reaffirmed his commitment to community consultation and best scientific practice in any decision to locate a site in the Territory.


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CAAMA News 20.11.2015

CAAMA News team: Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker

The Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten says justice targets to reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia’s prisons need to be included under the “closing the gap” framework’.

along way to go in closing the health gap with an Aboriginal doctor and researcher informing 30 % of Aboriginal people over the age of 18 have type 2 diabetes.

The boss of an Australian anti bullying lobby group says the need to stay connected in remote communities could potentially bring more harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander young people.

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CAAMA News 19.11.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker, Damien Williams, Paul Wiles

An Aboriginal academic says the ongoing prevalence of white privilege within Australian society is preventing many of his people from moving ahead.

A south Australian multi award winning aboriginal eco-tourism operator says his culture and language is just as significant today as it has been for thousands of years.

Hermannsburg West of Alice Springs has again held a white ribbon march to raise awareness of and eliminate domestic violence in the community.


CAAMA News 18.11.2015

CAAMA News team: Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams Paul Wiles.

Environmentalists and supporters across the Territory have staged a series of protests against the Giles CLP Government’s decision to give the go ahead to a controversial gas pipeline from Tennant Creek to QLD.

The Central Australian Frack Free Alliance also held a protest at the Alice Springs office of Chief Minister Adam Giles voicing their opposition to the North East Gas Inter-connector pipeline.

The Alice Springs based Arid Lands Environment Centre has voiced its concerns about a new proposed nuclear waste dump site south of the town.

the National Indigenous Television Service says it is committed to sharing the voices of First Nations Peoples across the full spectrum of storytelling, from traditional offerings to contemporary productions.


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CAAMA News 17.11.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker, Damien Williams

An internationally recognised award winning Australian architect who has had a long connection with Aboriginal people says Governments shouldn’t be telling them where they should live and how they manage their lives.

Aboriginal Media Organisations have been recognised by Australia’s peak community broadcasting body for their dedication to expanding the voice of the mob.

Tennant Creek based 8CCC Pinara Aku Children’s Language Program…was recognised as Winner of the 2015 Best New Program Talks.



CAAMA News 16-11-2015

The Federal Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg says the Turnbull government will name the preferred site for national radioactive waste dump by end of 2016… and that the site will be operational by 2020.

Friends of the Earth Adelaide says with three of the proposed sites in South Australia “The test will be how the government handles community opposition.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has offered his own thoughts on the storage of nuclear waste material.


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CAAMA News 13-11-2015

CAAMA News Team: Damien Williams, Paul Wiles

Indigenous Rangers from across the country have called for a doubling of their numbers within the next five years.

One of the Northern Territory’s last great cat hunters has been named the 2015 Indigenous Natural Resource Management Champion.

The Northern Territory Opposition has attacked the CLP Government following the resignation of the  Corrections Commissioner  after a convicted murderer escaped from a work camp.


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CAAMA News 12-11-2015

CAAMA News Team: Damien Williams, Paul Wiles, Lorena Walker.

The Northern Territory’s peak Aboriginal Justice Agency says although it is disappointed by the High Court’s Decision to up hold the paperless arrest law in the Territory implementation of the law will now be under greater scrutiny.

Aboriginal people in Central Australia are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the successful Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.


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