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CAAMA News 4-09-2015

Central Australian Aboriginal Elders have voiced the significance of their stories with the launch of a new book as part of the Central Land Councils 40th anniversary.

Members of  the Borroloola community hand delivered a petition on behalf of Traditional Owners… to the Northern Territory Environment Minister  calling for the closure and clean-up of the McArthur River mine.

Tasmanian Aboriginal lawyer and veteran rights campaigner Michael Mansell says constitutional recognition will mean very little in the day to day lives for Aborignal and Torres strait islanders.



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CAAMA News 3-09-2015

An Australian  expert in child safety and protection says the growing number of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander children removed from their families and placed into out of home care has sparked growing international concern and attention.

The  Western Australian State Government is supporting the continuation of a youth leadership development program for young Aboriginal women in the Kimberley and Pilbara region.


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CAAMA News 02.09.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Lorena Walker

An Alice Springs based Aboriginal school has has delivered a powerful message to the nation about the significance of Aboriginal language and culture and the ongoing role it plays in the growth and development of their children.

Environmentalist and traditional owners of the Roper-Gulf region in the Northern Territory are calling for immediate closure of one of the worlds largest lead and zinc mines.

An internationally recognised expert in the field of child protection is calling for a dedicated research centre to address the alarming number of Aboriginal children being placed in state care.


CAAMA News 31-08-2015

Widespread community concern in Melbourne on Friday forced the cancellation of a joint police operation following claims that the Australian Border Force would be checking people’s visas on Melbourne’s streets.

The Prime Minister has been accused of “failing to do his own homework” following comments about school attendance and teaching methods at the Bamaga Primary school on Cape York..

The NT branch president of the Australian Medical Association says there are significant issues affecting Aboriginal populations at the moment… and that trying to meet the need for mental health services in the bush is difficult and almost like a bottomless bucket.


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CAAMA News 28-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Justin Fenwick

The Block Tent embassy in Redfern is claiming  a victory for people power following a deal  with the Federal Government which will allow the Aboriginal Housing company to  fast track the building of 62 affordable homes for local Aboriginal people.

The only female Aboriginal Minister in the Northern Territory Government has called for the implementation of cultural training for Parliamentarians following questions directed to her from the Opposition which she was unable to respond to due to family connections.

Young Aboriginal footballers have been given a unique opportunity to promote and share their culture in China, courtesy of the Port Adelaide football club according to Port general manager Andrew Hunter says


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CAAMA News 27-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Allan Neilson

The Cape York Aboriginal leader who told Prime Minister Tony Abbott that  the  disadvantage his people face is appalling and unacceptable says the reality of Government and business  really wanting to help still has a long way to go.

A Top End based hearing specialist says he believes untreated ear disease and hearing impairment is a major contributing  factor to the high number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders currently in jail.

Meanwhile an Australian language expert says it is vital for Aboriginal children to be able to speak and understand their own languages if they are to prevent them from becoming extinct.


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CAAMA News 26-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson, Pam Riley, Lorena Walker

The Western Australian Aborignal MP whose  Private Members Bill calling for recognition of her people in the states constitution says the legislation which is likely to be passed next month will also  play an important part  in the move towards  national recognition.

A cultural protection lobby group has reminded Australians of the state’s past  dark history which saw thousands of Aboriginal men incarcerated on Wadjemup- Rottnest Island.

Across to NSW where  a trial diversionary program designed to address a range of  community concerns is already  having significant benefits for local youth.


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CAAMA News 25-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker

Aboriginal people opposed to the development of what they say will be non affordable housing at the iconic Block site in Redfern have vowed to continue their struggle despite  a ruling by the NSW Supreme Court on Monday which gives the go ahead for the Aborignal Housing Companys Pemulwuy project.

The head of a new Queensland based Aboriginal stolen wages taskforce says  his people have been controlled by the Government through their wages for decades and it is now  time to restore independence within communities.

And finally a regional based  NSW  health organisation is confident a newly launched program will improve health statistics over the next generation.


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CAAMA News 24-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Damien William, Donna Campbell

Aboriginal people in Western Australia are confused following the announcement that they are about to be recognised in the states States constitution as the first peoples of WA.

To NSW where a proposed name change for  the  well-known Sydney city of Blacktown has left local Aboriginal residents bewildered at their lack of involvement in the  discussions.

The Aboriginal community on Mornington Island is calling for the removal of  a nine year ban on alcohol following claims that home brewing has led to greater health problems..

A former London based communication consultancy expert says Australia .as a nation has  nowhere to go until it is prepared to have a discussion about its true history and its treatment of the First Nations Peoples.


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CAAMA News 21-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Damien William, Donna Campbell, Kyle Dowling

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has changed his mind after a meeting with Aboriginal delegates and now aggress that Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders should have a conversation about Constitutional Recognition.

Young Aboriginal leaders from the Northwest Cape York region will deliver a letter to the Queensland Premier outlining what they says  the Governments unethical backing of  a multinational mining operator on their land.

The controversial paperless arrest law in the Northern Territory  has come under fire from both  the  Territory coroner and the Top Ends peak Aboriginal legal Aid Service  following claims  that the law  will contribute to more Aboriginal deaths in custody.


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CAAMA News 20-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Mikeala Simpson, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams

Growing frustration and disbelief following the Abbott Governments funding cutbacks which have forced the closure of three newly built remote child care centres in Central Australia.

A newly formed Aboriginal group in Western Australian is calling for greater representation of its people in the re writing of a new state Heritage Act.

A prominent Aboriginal cancer research scientist says narrow minded views of culture have prevented opportunities for community kids to choose careers in science.




CAAMA News 19-08-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams

The refusal by Qantas to allow a cultural Aboriginal man carry his ceremonial boomerangs with him during an internal flight has reignited discussion about the lack of respect and understanding which Australia’s First Nations Peoples are expected to tolerate.

The Australian Government’s commitment to award three percent of all contracts to eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses could dramatically change the way we do business as a Nation according to the managing director of GCM advisory.