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CAAMA News 9-10-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker.

A a war of words has erupted in Tasmania after a Local Federal Member claimed he makes no apology for failing to turn up at  a scheduled meeting with a Tasmanian Aboriginal delegation.

A respected Central Australian Aboriginal leader says good and effective programs across the country have ultimately come to an end because  the shortness of Governments and the uncertainty of funding ….ultimately kills them off.


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CAAMA News 8-10-2015

CAAMA News team: Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Justin Fenwick.

Australia’s peak Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychological body is using Mental Health Week to highlight the importance of community health and well-being.

More than 60 bike riders and twenty support crew have  arrived at  the half way point in Tour Cross Oz”s  bike ride from Adelaide to Darwin . Neil Jackson founder of the annual ride which helps to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute says the more that people talk about depression… the more the stigma will disappear.

The countdown begins till Centralian’s hit the polls at the weekend…



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CAAMA News 7-10-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Justin Fenwick.

A Kimberley Aboriginal community in Western Australia has rejected the Turnbull Governments  proposed cashless welfare card trial.

In local news the race is heating up as Alice Springs heads closer to a  by-election at the weekend.


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CAAMA News 6-10-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Justin Fenwick.

Traditional owners of Central Queensland opposed to the development of the Carmichael Coal Mine in the Galilee Basin have taken their case to the United Nations in a bid to prevent Federal and State Governments from re igniting the project.

… in local news…Alice Springs residents  will take to the polls this weekend to vote in a Town Council by-election.


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CAAMA News 5-10-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling.

An important message to our new Prime Minister …. Aboriginal people are now understanding the meaning of the word  “sovereignty ” and how  Tjukurpa…their own law …gives them the right to make decisions about what happens on their country..

The Aboriginal community in Broken Hill has celebrated the opening of a new primary healthcare facility.


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CAAMA News 2-10-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Damien Williams, Justin Fenwick.

An expert in trans generational trauma and violence says she believes the growing number of young Aboriginal men and women in juvenile detention and jail is contributing to both a growth and change in violence across the country.

Across to NSW where a community driven health program is changing the everyday lifestyles of Aboriginal people in a bid to combat the high levels of chronic diseases.

To Darwin where Top End Territorian Barbara Chisholm has mixed it  with competitors half her age at the National Indigenous Golf Championships… and still managed to come out in front.


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CAAMA News 01-10-2015

CAAMA News Team: Donna Campbell, Kyle Dowling, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson and Lorena Walker

Australia’s first Aboriginal member in the House of Representatives says it is important to be in parliament if any real change is to be made for his people.

Australia’s peak representative body for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders has criticised an upcoming trial of cashless welfare cards in Aboriginal communities next year.

A young Central Australian Aboriginal mother who was nationally recognised  for her achievements in promoting health  through sport is calling  for greater  recognition of young Aboriginal leaders and the work that they do for their communities.


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CAAMA News 30-09-2015

CAAMA News Team: Donna Campbell, Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson and Justin Fenwick.

An Aboriginal Land Council and  mainstream regional council agree that the NSW Governments inability to address the alarming number of unresolved land claims is preventing economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Remote Aboriginal and Islander  broadcasters from across the country are being given a unique  opportunity  to access industry training  skills often restricted to the mainstream, commercial sector.

The boom growth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business has seen the launch in a new fund which will invest exclusively in indigenous business ventures.




CAAMA News 29-09-2015

CAAMA News Team: Donna Campbell, Mikaela Simpson, Kyle Dowling and Lorena Walker

A prominent  Australian human rights lobby group  has called on  Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles to  adopt Amnesty international justice targets as a move  towards reducing  the over representation of Aboriginal youth in the juvenile justice system.

To NSW where a decade long land claim struggle in the west of the state finally came to an end at the weekend with local Aboriginal people celebrating the official handover of what is now the largest declared Indigenous protected area in the state.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander radio broadcasters and media  staff are gathered at Lajamanu in the Northern Territory for the 17th National Remote Indigenous Media Festival.



CAAMA News 28-09-2015

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson.

A powerful message to Government from of one of the country’s most significant Aboriginal Land Councils .

A member of the Northern Territory Stolen Generations says he believes Governments are waiting for the few remaining members to die… to avoid having to pay any form of compensation.

The Northern Territory government has announced a new project which will  provide more accommodation for the families of Aboriginal renal patients undergoing regular clinic treatment.


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CAAMA News 25-09-2015


CAAMA NEWS team Lorena Walker, Donna Campbell,Damian Williams, Justin Fenwick, Mikaela Simpson.

Award winning and internationally recognised Aboriginal and non-aboriginal authors have gathered in Melbourne for the launch of a new book which revisits the Howard Governments Intervention into Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.

The Northern Territory Opposition says the refusal of Correctional Services Ministers John Elferink to investigate serious allegations of mistreatment at the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre in Darwin is appalling.

The Turnbull Government have unveiled a multimillion dollar plan to combat domestic and family violence in Australia.


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