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CAAMA News 12-02-16

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Erin Liddle, Danielle Young

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has released the 2016 report on closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage this week, showing little improvement in most key areas including incarceration rates and life expectancy.

The boss of an Aboriginal health organisation is calling on Government to make a real commitment towards working with Aboriginal people.

The Parramatta Eels are in Alice Springs this week ahead of their pre-season trial match against the Gold Coast Titans at Anzac Oval.


CAAMA News 10-02-16

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Erin Liddle, Damien Williams

The Western Australian Government’s commitment to Aboriginal affairs has been called into question following the decision against using mining royalties to support remote Aboriginal communities.

Despite growing support for Reconciliation, a new report shows that one third of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been racially abused in the last six months. LW has the story.

Northern Territory intervention has failed on human rights and closing the gap, an independent report has found.



CAAMA News 09-02-2016

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Erin Liddle, Damien Williams

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has flagged self-determination as a key underlying policy principle in his push to increase economic opportunities for Aboriginal people across the Territory.

Territory Federal Member Warren Snowden says he is confident that translating medical terminology into Aboriginal languages will improve health outcomes for local communities.

The best Aboriginal and Islander cricketers from across the country have arrived in Alice Springs for the 2016 Imparja Cup.


CAAMA News 8-02-2016

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker.

Traditional owners in Queensland say they will continue to assert their rights as custodians of the Galilee Basin despite the State Governments decision to give environmental approve to Adani’s Carmichael Coal mine.

A Melbourne based Aboriginal social commentator has challenged the main stream media to accurately report on Invasion day protest marches and rallies, rather than trying to play them down.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has re affirmed his belief that a site in South Australia will be chosen to house the National Nuclear Waste Repository.


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CAAMA news 05-02-2016

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Erin Liddle, Paul Wiles, Lorena Walker.

Changes to Victorian prison laws will actively address Aboriginal and Islander imprisonment numbers while also giving inmates new skills allowing them to re-enter the workforce.

In Victoria where an upcoming writer’s festival aims to shine a light on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders literary works.

The Australian architectural community has paid tribute to an iconic architect and humanitarian who worked to improve health in remote Aboriginal communities.


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CAAMA news 04-02-2016

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Erin Liddle, Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker

Environmental groups have expressed outrage following the Queensland Governments decision to give the go head to what will be one of the largest coal mines in the world.

Across to Brisbane where an Aboriginal rights campaigner has revealed the history associated with the name of a prominent local street and why it remains an important part of history.

In local news internationally recognized Kangaroo carer Alice Springs based Chris Brolga says aboriginal culture will play an important part in the future growth of his business.


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CAAMA news 03-02-2016

CAAMA news team : Damien Williams, Erin Liddle, Paul Wiles, Lorena Walker.

Traditional owners living in Newcastle NSW have put out a call for action following ongoing concerns about the threat to a sacred aboriginal women’s site.

The creator of an iconic Australian mockumentary which portrayed the relationship between Aboriginal people and Australians of European descent has questioned what Governments have really achieved in the 30 years since he wrote the original plot.


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CAAMA news 02-02-2016

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker.

Northern Territory LABO R has raised the bar in a push to develop Australia’s first National Indigenous Art Gallery in Central Australia

A photo shared on social media depicting two men who dressed up and painted themselves as Aboriginals… has sparked ongoing debate about racism within Australia.

In New South Wales a former NRL player has dismissed reports that he was disrespectful during an Australia Day award ceremony in his local community.


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CAAMA News 1-02-2016

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Kyle Dowling
Growing concerns about the well being of Western Australia’s Spinifex Desert mob with moves to shut down a short-stay camp at Boulder in the Kalgoorlie -Esperance Goldfields region.

The Northern Territory Opposition has attacked the Giles CLP Government following moves to reintroduce legislation which would see convicted child sex offenders named and identified on a public website


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CAAMA News 29-01-2016

CAAMA News team ; Paul Wiles, Lorena Walker, Erin Liddle, Damien Williams.

A young Aboriginal woman who took part in her first Invasion Day rally in Melbourne on Australia Day… says it is important to continue raising awareness of her peoples history and why the 26th of January is a heavy load for them to carry.

A former London based communication expert who has travelled the globe speaking with First Nations Peoples says Australia has a fundamental responsibility to teach its children in schools the real history of the country.

One of  Alice Springs  oldest Aboriginal Education centres  which offers flexible learning opportunities for all ages. is calling on locals to check out what they have to offer.


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CAAMA News 28-01-2016

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Erin Liddle, Kyle Dowling, Damien Williams.

The 2016 Australian of the Year says for too long Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders have not been given the opportunity to reach their full [potential and that this has been done for questionable reasons.

The CEO of a peak Aboriginal body in Western Australia’s  Pilbara  has welcomed a Supreme Court investigation into the appointment of its Directors.


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CAAMA News 27-01-2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been joined by supporters in their thousands at rallies across the nation .. voicing concerns about the date of Australia Day celebrations and why it is offensive to Aboriginal people.

Veteran Tasmanian rights campaigner Michael Mansell adds his voice to the debate.

The  Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion has commented on a speech by high-profile journalist Stan Grant on why the Australian dream is rooted in racism…. and added some of his own thoughts !

Centralian Citizen of the Year.


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