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CAAMA News 28.03.2015

A traditional owner for the central Queensland region has called on the State Government to overrule legal action sought by an Indian mining company… for the use of their land for the Carmichael coal mine.

A leading health organisation is calling for better efforts to stop food shortages in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The Central Land Council of Alice Springs have hosted their annual training Camp for the 13 Ranger groups from across the Northern Territory and South Australian APY Lands.


CAAMA News 27.03.2015

According to a former politician Aboriginal people have no need to be on country. Rather they should move on. Gary John’s former ALP party member says that Aboriginal people no longer have land-identity.

Social commentator Celeste Liddle says that it’s concerning governments are using words such as economically viable when it comes to the future of Aboriginal people.

A leading international human rights advocacy group says it is evident through the growing incarceration rates that Australia’s “tough on crime approach” does not work for the Aboriginal community.

The Western Australia Aboriginal Affairs Minister has assured Aboriginal residents in remote out stations that they will be full consulted with before any closures go ahead.


CAAMA news 26-03-15

CAAMA news team: Justin Fenwick, Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker, Damien Williams

According to a former politician Aboriginal people have no need to be on country and they should move on.

A leading international human rights advocacy group says it is evident through the growing incarceration rates that Australia’s “tough on crime approach” does not work for the Aboriginal community.

The Western Australian Aboriginal affairs minister has assured Aboriginal residents in remote outstations that they will be fully consulted before any closures go ahead.


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CAAMA NEWS 25-03-15

CAAMA NEWS: Justin Fenwick, Mikalea Simpson, Lorena Walker, Allan Neilson

The spokesperson for a leading environmental Alliance has called on the CLP Government to stop subsidising mining companies… and invest funds directly back into Aboriginal communities in a bid to improve infrastructure…

A recent report into an innovative money management program has found siginificant progress in building the financial skills of Aboriginal people in the APY lands, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Meanwhile in Western Australia aboriginal people at the noongar tent embassy are still concerned about their future.

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CAAMA NEWS 24-03-15

CAAMA NEWS TEAM: Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker, Allan Neilsen

Tributes continue to flow for Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser who died at the weekend. Parliament remembering Fraser as a man who was ahead of his time.

Turning to other news and Thousands protested across the country against the closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities in Western Australia last week.


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CAAMA News 23-03-15

CAAMA NEWS Team: Justin Fenwick, Kyle Dowling

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is being remembered across the country
or Australia’s 22nd Prime Minister who passed away on Friday morning.

In his time as Prime Minister he established SBS, and made contributions to the Northern Territory It was under Fraser, in 1978, that the Northern Territory’s current form of self-government was granted while he also made contributions to the land rights of Aboriginal Australians

Residents in Mornington Island are welcoming the announcement of a May arrival of the Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander affairs and the assistant Minister for Health.


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CAAMA News 20-03-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Justin Fenwick.

Thousands have protested across the country against the closure of Western Australian remote Aboriginal Communities.

Over 2,000 people turned out in Perth City and thousands more across the country in cities and towns to show their support against the western Australian Government’s decision to close up 150 Aboriginal communities.

While in Alice Springs residents organised their own rally hitting back at the Western Australian government and their proposed community closures.

Close the Gap Day celebration were held right across the country. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can expect to live shorter lives than other Australians – on average 10 to 17 years less But that doesn’t have to be the case…


CAAMA News 19-03-15

The Federal Minister responsible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is urging the Western Australian Government to dispel growing fears that their people will be forced out of their communities and off country.

The boss of the Prime Ministers  Indigenous Advisory Council has told Mr Abbott that he needs to use a more engaging language when talking about Aboriginal and Islander people’s.

Nyoongar  rights campaigners have expressed their concern about the decision  by some of their people to accept a State Governments offer of $1.3 billion.for the recognition of native title  over   five regions  except  Perth .


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CAAMA News 18-03-15

An Aboriginal member of the Western Australian State Parliament says the behavioural patterns displayed by Tony Abbott raises questions about his ability to be the Prime Minister for Indigenous Australians.

Anti-fracking lobbyists have protested outside a national mining and exploration seminar taking place in Alice Springs …. voicing concerns about the dangers of fracking and the impact that it will have on country.

Victorian Aboriginal leader Alf Bamblett is being remembered as the man who helped shape many of the local organisations providing services to his people.


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CAAMA news 17-03-15

CAAMA news Team: Damien Williams, Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles

Aboriginal people living in Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region have made a global call for action to stop the forced closure of 150 of their communities.

A prominent Aboriginal Affairs columnist has slammed the Abbott coalition government’s policies which she says are undermining   community efforts to help close the disadvantage gap.

A leading Central Australian Aboriginal education service provider has become one of the many local frontline services affected by funding cuts under the Abbott governments Indigenous Advancement Strategy.



CAAMA News 16-03-15

Nyoongar protestors were vocal but non violent as police and Perth city council workers moved in to dismantle the refugee camp on Heirisson Island  late Friday afternoon…

A  peak Australian Human rights advocacy group says legislation being debated in the Western Australian Parliament goes too far…….. and that it risks criminalising peaceful protest.

A newly formed Aboriginal organisation in Western Australia is considering a class action against the State Government…alleging that the state is tampering with sacred sites legislation.


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CAAMA News 13-03-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Damien Williams

Family, friends and community members gathered in Darwin on Thursday for the State Funeral of veteran Aboriginal Rights campaigner Kwemetyaye ‘Tracker’ Tilmouth

Nyoongar Tent Embassy campaigners claim that the Western Australian Government, the Perth City Council and the police are in breach of state legislation for trying to move them away from a registered sacred site.

A  Western Australian researcher has come out in support of the refugee camp on Matagarup stating it is a shelter for the dispossessed and signifies the underlying issues in Aboriginal Affairs.



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