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CAAMA News 22-05-2015

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker, Donna Campbell

The peak body representing Central Australia’s stolen generations and families is concerned and anxious who will take over the delivery of its services after failing in its bid to win ongoing funding. The Deputy Co-Chair of the Northern Territory Stolen Generations Aboriginal corporation  has also expressed concerns  about who will take over delivery of the service

In Western Australia where the closure of a remote domestic violence centre could have a devastating impact on a number of local communities.


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CAAMA News 21-05-2015

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker

A  sold out forum has heard Aboriginal communities need to be supported and empowered to develop their own solutions as part of the drive to address the massive over representation of their people in Australian  jails.

The temporary closure of the only facility in Alice Springs currently offering affordable short term accommodation for community visitors will place added pressure on town camps according to a peak local body


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CAAMA News 20-05-2015

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Damien Williams, Lorena Walker,Donna Campbell.

The Giles CLP government have been called upon to commit to new funding to fast track   recommendations and strategies presented at the Northern Territory Parliamentary Ice Inquiry.

A peak body working towards the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders in the Australian Constitution says Government now needs to be working closely with Aboriginal leaders to determine how the process should be implemented.

A Northern Territory founded  domestic violence campaign has gained the support of NRL team the Parramatta Eels who are now publicly supporting and promoting the campaign.


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CAAMA News 19-05-2015

CAAMA News Team: Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker, Damien Williams, Donna Campbell.

A Western Australia based suicide prevention researcher has described an  unprecedented rise in the number of suicides in the  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population as a humanitarian crisis.

Marches against the closure of remote aboriginal communities in Western Australia captured global attention but rights campaigners now want to turn the focus where it is needed most in the communities themselves.

The peak body representing Aboriginal town camps in Alice Springs is calling on all sectors of Government to recognise the ongoing efforts of Town Campers to improve community safety.


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CAAMA News 18-05-2015

The Northern Territory Chief Minister has rejected Opposition claims that he will be forced to walk away from funding remote Territory  outstations and bush communities if he accepts an upfront sweetener from the Federal government.

The peak funding body for the Australian screen industry says it wants more Aboriginal content for both the wider community and the rest of the world to see.

Better news for older Aboriginal  people with a  new affordable and sustainable system which will   ensure care for all Aboriginal and TSI people wherever  they live.

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CAAMA News 15.05.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams

The Federal Opposition has slammed the $145 million funding cuts to Aboriginal programs and services labelling the Abbott Government s approach to dealing with Aboriginal people as authoritarian and paternalistic.

The Northern Territory Deputy Opposition Leader Lyn Walker is also critical of the Federal Governments financial incentive to take over the delivery of community service.


CAAMA News 14.05.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams

Australia’s peak representative voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has called on the Abbott coalition Government to ‘lift its game’ in the way it engages with its organisations and communities, and to place greater value on community-led solutions.

The CEO of a leading Central Australian women’s council says a recent Law and Culture meeting had focussed heavily on empowering women to speak up about matters which are important to them.

The boss of one of the country’s largest Aboriginal Land Councils says he expects the United Nations special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will visit Australia to investigate the proposed closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.


CAAMA News 13.05.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Donna Campbell.

Australia is mourning the passing of the man whose iconic song raised global awareness of the plight of the Stolen Generations.

A veteran Aboriginal trauma and grief councillor says domestic violence related homicides amongst her people  are alarmingly high because there is too much focus on other systemic issues.

A new Northern Territory law which will lead to more Aboriginal people entering the criminal justice system will be challenged in the High court by the Territory’s peak Aboriginal Justice Agency.


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CAAMA News 12.05.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams

A ban on kava in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory following the Howard Governments Intervention has created an economic and social catastrophe according to a high profile academic and author.

The Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Child Protection is calling on community members to report child neglect in a move which she believes could help reduce the alarming number of children being  placed on care and protection orders.

A new push by the Northern Territory Government aims to grow and strengthen the involvement of Aboriginal people in the management of their country.


CAAMA News 11-05-2015

CAAMA NEWS TEAM : Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Justin Fenwick.

A leading Western Australian Aboriginal business strategist says political advisors who promoted the closure of remote communities to Premier colin Barnett … had got it wrong … underestimating the capacity of his people to mobilise and inform the global community of their mistake.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has responded to criticism of his Governments inability to protect Aboriginal children who are placed into foster care and protection.


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CAAMA News 08-05-15.

CAAMA News: Lorena Walker, Mikalea Simpson, Damien Williams.

Disturbing new data has revealed an alarming increase of sexual abuse against young Aboriginal children placed in foster care in the Northern Territory.

Changes to the work for the dole scheme could see a large number of Aboriginal people who are unable to meet the requirements in their communities being forced into regional centres.


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CAAMA News 07-05-15

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Donna Campbell, Damien Williams.Mikaela Simpson.

The shock resignation of Australian Greens leader Christine Milne has seen Victorian senator Richard Di Natale elected unopposed to the party leadership.

A Western Australian Greens Senator who recently visited remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley region says community members are still in doubt about their future and if they will be able to remain out on country.

Down to Victoria where young people often left out by society have made the international stage at the Cannes Film festival showing that they can contribute and do have a lot to offer their communities.


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