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CAAMA news 27-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Kyle Dowling, Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker.

Aboriginal support services have spoken out about the permanent care order which was introduced to Northern Territory parliament last week

A leading health educator has reminded all women to visit their local clinic or GP for an Ovarian Cancer check-up before the end of the month.

An exhibition of photographs from the 19th century is on display at the University of Queensland uncovering a different part of Australian History.



CAAMA NEWS 26-02-15

CAAMA News Team: Justin Fenwick, Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams

New child protection legislation has been introduced in the Northern Territory to provide a more stable upbringing for children in foster care

A new report into Heart Health is being labelled as the most comprehensive report ever published in Western Australia

Over to New South Wales where residents from Redfern’s The Block were due to meet with the Aboriginal Housing Company on Tuesday afternoon, however due to an overwhelming media presence at the site, AHC say they wish to reschedule, so that the mediation could take place in a constructive way, rather than as a publicity stunt

Staying in NSW where an Aboriginal Researcher who has been awarded the Prestigious Fullbright Scholarship says he will further his research on Indigenous entrepreneurship and social enterprise


CAAMA news 25-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Donna Campbell, Kyle Dowling, Justin Fenwick

The stand-off between Redfern locals at the Block and Aboriginal Housing Company is continuing with social commentator’s weighing in on the debate, the Co-Founder of an online new source has expressed his thoughts and concerns surrounding the current Redfern evictions.

Keeping in Redfern and long-time Aboriginal Rights Campaigner Ray Jackson has spoken out about his concerns surrounding the meeting with Aboriginal Housing Company.

Young onset Dementia is on the rise across Australia and is set to affect more than 37,000 people by 2050. However, vital funding for essential support programs is now under threat.

A group of Central Australian Northern Territory Emergency Services Volunteers are jetting off to a Top End community to help with disaster relief in the wake of Cyclone Lam.


CAAMA news 24-02-2015

Damien Williams, Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker, Kyle Dowling

Residents of the inner city Sydney site known as the Block have been given an eviction notice by the Aboriginal Housing Company. The historical site was set aside for Aboriginal housing although plans to commercialise the site have in recent times caused upset.

In the top end where recovery and clean up missions are well underway in areas worst hit by Ex-Tropical Cyclone Lam.

A U.S sitcom has come under scrutiny after a racially insensitive joke about Aboriginal People aired during an episode of the show last week.



CAAMA News 23-02-15

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick.

A Senate Committee Inquiry into children living in out of home care has heard disturbing evidence of the increasing numbers and massive over representation  of Aboriginal and Islander children within the system.

Across to Western Australia where Government talks of closing down Aboriginal communities in remote and rural regions of the state  has residents living in fear…. with some already moving on .

As the clean-up begins In the wake of Tropical  Cyclone Lam… the Northern Territory Chief Minister is urging people in remote communities cut off by flash flooding to wait for authorities to assess damage in their area.

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CAAMA news 20-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Kyle Dowling, Lorena Walker

Hundreds of Aboriginal people have been evacuated to Darwin from island communities on helicopters and in planes, as Tropical Cyclone Lam strengthens and heads towards the Northern Territory mainland.

Red Cross helps  to keep displaced families in contact.

A proposal to name, shame and possibly jail people who are unable to pay council fines for illegal camping has drawn criticism from a peak Aboriginal think tank which says rather than locking more of its people up Governments should be looking for new ways to addresses why it is happening.


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CAAMA news 19-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams, Donna Campbell, Lorena Walker, Justin Fenwick

Growing national concerns about the Northern Territory Governments plan to  name and shame and possibly jail people who are unable to pay fines.

The chair of Tasmania’s peak aboriginal land council says debate about Aboriginality will always be seen as a devious activity until the mainstream media and politicians can accept that it is something that has to be determined by the Aboriginal community itself.

To New South Wales where  fifty years ago  a group of students embarked on the Freedom Ride…a journey  which would see their legacy written into the history books as they brought  issues of racism in Australia to the forefront  of media.


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CAAMA News 18-02-15

CAAMA News team : Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson,Kyle Dowling. Donna Campbell.

The daughter of one of Australia’s most recognised Aboriginal rights campaigners says the re- enactment of the historical 1965 Freedom Ride… is an important time for all Australians to remember the silent black history of our country.

A Central Australian health worker has lodged a complaint with a South Australian housing organisation about the wording it used in a brochure to describe how her people need to care for their homes.

A peak Central Australian Desert dialysis unit says it believes the provision of treatment in bush communities is having a marked and positive impact across a range of community issues.


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CAAMA news 17-02-15

CAAMA news team: Damien Williams Kyle Dowling, Donna Campbell.

The women who played a major role in transforming how Australians viewed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has been fondly remembered as a softly spoken campaigner who changed the hearts and minds of a nation.

Aboriginal health services in the Top End and western Desert regions of the Northern Territory are now  working  together to provide  better dialysis  services  in remote T regions.


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CAAMA News 16-02-15

The war of words between the Northern Land Council and the Federal Minister responsible for  Aboriginal and Islander Australians  looks set to continue- with both arguing that they are operating in the best interests of their constituents.

The boss of the  Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council has blasted the Government following the release of the latest Closing the Gap figures.

A group of Grandmothers  made a big impact in Canberra last week with their ongoing efforts to raise awareness of Aboriginal  child removal and placement in NSW.

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CAAMA News 13-02-15

CAAMA News team : Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles. Kyle Dowling.

The first Aboriginal woman in Federal Parliament has slammed the Australian Government for failing to reach predicted targets in its effort to close the disadvantage gap between her people and the wider community.

The Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs,  Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion has rejected Opposition claims that the Abbott Government has slashed more than 500 million dollars from Aboriginal Services.


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CAAMA News 12.02.2015

CAAMA News Team: Mikaela Simpson, Justin Fenwick, Donna Campbell, Paul Wiles

The Prime Minster has delivered the Seventh Closing the Gap Report, however failings within the report are extremely disappointing for Aboriginal people.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has re introduced Aboriginal Affairs back to Territory politics as a stand alone portfolio and says he wants to see the task of helping Aboriginal people driven into the future.

The Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs Territory Senator Nigel Scullion has met with Elders and the Grandmothers Against Removal at the Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy in on Monday.


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