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CAAMA NEWS 2-06-14

CAAMA news team : Loreena Walker, Pam Reilly ,Justin Fenwick, Paul Wiles :

The historic legal fight over a proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory begins in the Federal Court today.

Down to  Sydney  where  people are asking  “where  is the Aboriginal Flag on the Harbour Bridge” ?

The Titjikala community south of Alice Springs has become the first to have its own Alcohol Management Plan approved by the Federal Government .


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CAAMA News 30-05-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Mikaela Simpson, Damien Williams

An eye health expert working to eliminate Yrachoma in Aboriginal people says despite good progress over the last few years  education remains critical  at a grass roots level

meanwhile the  former  Governor General of Australia Major General Michael Jeffery has found a new passion supporting a cause that affects millions.

It was all smiles today at one lucky school as they welcomed players from the Melbourne Football Club ahead of this this weekend Indigenous round between the Melbourne demons and Port Adelaide at TIO Traegar Park.


CAAMA News 29-05-14

CAAMA news team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Pam Reilly, Damien Williams

A Queensland  Aboriginal elder who had to fight authorities for custody of her grandchildren after her daughter committed suicide says that her people need to know their rights when confronted about the welfare of their children.

The Northern Territory Government is using Aboriginal elders to help keep re-offenders out of jail.

An Aboriginal woman, who has spent nearly 30 years working for the recognition of Indigenous peoples, says that employers need more than just cultural awareness training to make her people to feel culturally comfortable in the work place.


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CAAMA News 28-05-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Mikaela Simpson, Justin Fenwick, Damien Williams

Australians will feel deeply ashamed at the  levels of sexual abuse suffered by children..both black and  white .. when the full findings of the royal commission into Institutional Responses to Child sexual abuse are made public… according to a cultural liason  working with victims of sexual abuse.

Up to Tennant Creek  where over 250 protesters joined forces to march against a proposed nuclear waste dump  at  Mukaty

An Aboriginal woman who has spent nearly 30 years working for the recognition of Indigenous peoples… says that employers need more than just cultural awareness training to make  her people to feel  culturally comfortable in the work place.

CAAMA News 27-05-14

CAAMA News Team: Lorena Walker, Justin Fenwick, Paul Wiles, Pam Reilly

A recent report may well hold the key to reducing the harsh reality of youth suicide in Aboriginal communities.

Funding cuts to important Aboriginal health programs….will create massive implications in the bush, according to NT Health Minister Robyn Lambley.

This week marks National Reconciliation Week and the AFL are back in headlines. A report released by Roy Morgan has revealed the AFL’s acceptance of Aboriginal Culture.


CAAMA News 26-05-14

CAAMA  news team : Pam Reilly, Loreena Walker, Paul Wiles

Comments by the head of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council that Aboriginal ceremonies “went on for too long and had become bull goona ” demonstrate a total lack of cultural understanding  according to the Chairman of the Central Land Council.

The Western Australian Government has extended funding for mental health care of Aboriginal people in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of  the state.


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CAAMA News 23-05-14

CAAMA News team : Pam Reilly, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams, Justin Fenwick, Loreena Walker.

The Giles NT CLP Government is still years away from implementing a full scale residential boarding program for Aboriginal secondary students… even if it decides to go ahead with the recommendation which is contained in a new review.

Opponents of a proposed nuclear waste facility at Muckaty in the Northern Territory have renewed calls on the federal government to conduct an open and transparent inquiry.

The first Central Australian Aboriginal woman to be drafted into the Women’s AFL says that no matter where you live….if you work hard dreams do come true.


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CAAMA news 22-05-14

CAAMA news team: Pam Reilly, Mikaela Simpson, Lorena Walker, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams

The Abbott Government has been accused of introducing a tax of death on Aboriginal people by introducing a seven dollar charge to visit a doctor.

Family members are being urged to help their elders indicate if believe they were victims of sexual abuse while in care or working on Territory cattle stations.

Maurie Japarta Ryan has been re-elected as the Central Land Council chairperson.

Arrernte language and culture has been recognised following the launch of a new book in Central Australia.


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CAAMA news 21-05-14

CAAMA news team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Lorena Walker, Damien Williams

An expert in trauma and grief says Australians need to take on board the UN Declaration on the rights of the child if it hopes to address or indeed turn around alarming levels of self-harm and suicide of its young people.

The flow on effects of a $7 increase to see a doctor will have a greater impact on people living in regional and remote areas according to the National Rural Health Alliance.

An Aboriginal leader from the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales has stressed the importance and ongoing daily significance of connection to country.


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CAAMA news 20-05-14

CAAMA news team: Mikaela Simpson, Paul Wiles, Justin Fenwick, Damien Williams, Warren H Williams.

Leading Aboriginal educator Dr Chris Sarra says he agrees with the concept that something has to be done to change the current delivery of education to young people living in remote Northern Territory communities.

Over the next five years 534 million will be cut from Aboriginal programs, among those programs and in the firing line is the national Congress of Australia’s First people.

The country’s peak representative body for Aboriginal and Islander families says budget cuts to the sector will have a major impact on family centres and flow on services they provide within communities.


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CAAMA NEWS 19-05-14

CAAMA News team : Pam Reilly, Loreena Walker, Justin Fenwick, Damien Williams.

The author of a  review into Aboriginal education in the Northern Territory says he is not suggesting the involuntary removal of kids from their communities to ensure that they receive an acceptable secondary education.

A new book tells the story of the people and ideas that gave development to the Alice Springs based  Centre for Appropriate technology.

Budget cuts to a peak Northern Territory Environmental group have set alarm bells ringing.

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CAAMA News 15-05-14


CAAMA News team; Mikaela Simpson. Justin Fenwick;Pam Reilly, Paul Wiles, Damien Williams.

The fallout from the Federal Budget will hurt families, senior citizens, and single parents, while funding to vital Aboriginal Programs will be scrapped and the Aboriginal Health sector set to lose millions. Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Shayne Neumann is not happy!

To the Top End where  the CLP are rumoured to be closing a mandatory alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility on the back of the Northern Territory budget.

Aboriginal community radio sector avoids Budget hit.


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