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Waltja announced as finalist for Indigenous Governance Awards

Alice Springs’ own Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi has made the top 8 finalists for the Indigenous Governance Awards. Waltja employs senior women in remote communities to help deliver family programs which build cultural knowledge. CAAMA tagged along with the judging panel to find out just why they’ve been shortlisted for this year’s award.

“Aboriginal people can do whatever we damn well like and we can do it well.” – Mick Dodson

Mick Dodson is judging this year’s Indigenous Governance Awards and says Indigenous organisations could really show non-Indigenous organisations a thing or two.

Black and white support grows for Whitegate…………


Award winning artist- author shares his Whitegate story……..


An artist and author who shared the story of the Aboriginal people at Whitegate Camp in an award winning novel, says the camp has gone backwards despite the cultural significance of the traditional owners. The Hayes family  who are recognized by many as the senior traditional custodians of the area  are being denied basic services afforded to most Australians.

Rod Moss artist , author and long time friend of the Whitegate families says the camp  has gone back to the way it was when he first visited 25 years ago.

Rod  talks with Damien Williams about his journey with the Whitegate Mob.

Rod Moss

Adelaide Reds defeat Melbourne City at Anzac Oval

Alice Springs hosted its first ever A-League Soccer match last weekend, with Adelaide United defeating Melbourne City 1-0 with goal in the first minute of play. Hundreds of supporters turned up to cheer on the teams, including kids soccer teams from Yuendumu and Ntaria who got a special coaching session with Melbourne City coach, John van ‘t Schip. The pre-game match was played by Alice Springs under 16s who lost to Darwin under 16s with the only goal scored in the last minutes of the game. Check out all the action in our video, including interviews with Adelaide Reds coach Josep Gombau, Melbourne City coach John van ‘t Schip, and Adelaide Reds defender Dylan McGowan.

The CEO of the Lowitja Institute talks on CAAMA Radio.


Romlie Mokak is the Chief Executive Officer at the Lowitja Institute based in Melbourne. After working in the public sector for the past 15 years he encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to study in the medical sector and become health professionals. Lorena Walker has a chat with him on strong Voices.

Ray Jackson talks about the recent Death of a young women in police custody in WA.

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The president of the Indigenous Social Justice Association Ray Jackson raises his concern about the Death in Custody of a young Aboriginal women in Western Australia. Lorena Walker chats with Ray on Strong Voices.



The people of Whitegate plea for help………….

The traditional owners of  Alice Springs have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Felicity Hayes snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate


Janice Harris Whitegate

Mick passionate about His people

Prof. Mick Dodson caama photo

Professor Mick Dodson is known for his work in helping to raise awareness about the Aboriginal men and women who served our country.

One of his other roles is as a part of the Reconciliation Australia’s Indigenous Governance Awards judging panel. This year there is a record number of nominees in the prestigious awards. Over 113 organisations and projects have been nominated. However there can only be 8 finalists…

These finalists coming from Across Australia from remote communities to even metropolitan cities and representing a diverse range of sectors. This year there’s even a slice of Central Australia…Mick Dodson sat down with Justin Fenwick to have a chat about the importance of the awards.

Low income Territorians are doing it tougher……

jonothan pilbrow

A disturbing picture for low income earners in the Northern Territory with prices across key areas such as food, housing, and health….increasing at more than the national average.

Jonothan Pilbrow from Northern Territory Council of Social Services says the 5th NT Cost of Living Report reveals the latest cost increases will make it even harder for low income and disadvantaged Territorians  who are already doing it tough.

Mr Pilbrow has called for greater effort from the Territory government to address the disparity and the impact it has on low income earners.

Jonothan Pilbrow

Dr Yunupingu’s family gives permission

The late Dr Yunupingu’s family gives permission for Australia to hear his message

Whitegate mob plea for help to stay on their land !

Felicity Hayes -Whitegate  camp caama photo

Traditional owners of an Alice Springs town camp have urged the Giles CLP Government to work with them….rather than trying to force them off their own land.

Residents of the Whitegate camp on the eastern boundary of the town had their water supply turned off last week… as part of what they say is an ongoing campaign to force them to relocate to another nearby camp.

Felicity Hayes – Snr woman at the camp told CAAMA she believes there are other reasons behind the push to relocate then to another camp.

Felicity Hayes whitegate