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NT Governments tough love approach won’t work says Sydney based youth social worker

father riley

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A veteran Sydney based youth social worker says the Northern Territory Governments zero tolerance policy on after hours anti-social behaviour won’t see any real results.

Father Chris Riley Founder and CEO of Youth off the Streets, has worked with at risk youth with a history of abuse, trauma and neglect for over 30 years

Father Riley told CAAMA he does not believe the Northern Territory Governments tough love approach will produce results, stating a zero tolerance policy promotes further crime without adequately rehabilitation.

Father Riley said to combat the rise of anti-social behaviour the Northern Territory Government must first understand why young people are continuing to get up to mischief . Relating back to his experiences in Sydney, Father Riley recognised the importance of relateble local role models assisting youth alongside community based agencies.


“Stop trying to assimilate Our People”

Natalie Cromb

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A NSW Kamileroi woman has called on Cape York Aboriginal spokesperson Noel Pearson to start listening to his people and stop promoting assimilation ..claiming Mr Pearson has thrown his support behind a conservative Constitutional recognition movement  which he has been promoting  ac the mainstream media.

.Natalie Cromb a multi media columnist told CAAMA Radio the movement is promoting an alternative to full constitutional recognition… one which is more palatable to white Australia which perceives Aboriginal people as a problem…. and one which that the country needs to move on from.

Ms Cromb says because her people are angry and are seeking to be heard….. the wider community needs to come together and rally against unfair treatment towards Aboriginal people from the Australian Government which is ongoing !

She joins Mikaela Simpson on CAAMA Radio.

The new Northern Territory Labor Leader Michael Gunner talks on Strong Voices.


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The new Labor Leader for the Northern Territory Michael Gunner has a chat to Lorena Walker on Strong Voices about his new position in the Labor Party and what he hopes to bring to the Northern Territory in 2015.

Alice Springs Helping To Make Wishes Come True!

Sarah Wyatt Make a wish ASP-crop

Make a wish Australia started in 1985, and the Alice Springs Chapter started in 2003. Since then 12 Alice Springs children with life threatening illnesses have been granted wishes. To be eligible for a wish a child must be between 3-18 and have a life threatening illness, they can be nominated online at the make a wish website.

 The swim-a-thon was an idea Alicia, the former president of Make-A-Wish, had last year, and the event was so successful raising around $23,000 that they have decided to host one again this year. It will be held this saturday night, from 7pm to 7am, and teams are expected to have a swimmer in the water for the entire event. Some swimmers are going to swim the entire 12 hours!

Sarah Wyatt, President of the Alice Springs Make-A-Wish Branch joined Mikaela Simpson and Donna Campbell on Women’s Business.


Nurnakah Show 17-04-15

Our Show 2015 039 (Medium)

This week on Nurnakah Show we looked at Brotherboys what’s its like to be a brotherboy and how hard it is to transition.

Joining us on the program was the lovely JD and amazing Kai Clancy! hear their story below!

Ntaria school students revisit the history of the “Walers”

The role of the Australian Light Horse regiment in WWI is firmly entrenched in military history… but many may not be aware that many of their horses t came from Central Australia community of Ntaria (Hermannsburg).
Tough and rugged, the Walers were just what the Australian Light Horse needed to perform in the harsh  conditions the troops experienced in the Middle East.
Military enthusiast Raymond Finn, a Wangkangurruman man from far north South Australia has started a horseback journey accompanied by students from the Ntaria Senior School, who have been training the horses and preparing for the ride that will retrace the footprints of horses that proudly served our country.


Police need greater respect – Central Australian youth co-ordinator .

Jonothan Hermawan Red Dust Role Models caama pwphoto

A Central Australian youth co-ordinator is calling on young  Aboriginal people  to  think again about how they relate  and respond
to the police.

His message comes following  a spike in youth  anti-social behaviour in and around the Alice Springs CBD.

Central Australian Red Dust Roles Models manager Jonathon Hermawan says having school based  police constables is essential for young  children to  form  positive relationships with police.

Jonothan chats with Kyle Dowling on Strong Voices .

Jonothan Hermawan Red Dust Role Models

BROTHERS 17-4-15


Another Friday and another Brothers show. This week we focused on positive role models and we put the question out what motivates you. On this weeks show we spoke with Adrian Dodson-Shaw who is apart of the Indigenous Marathon Project and Patrick Johnson the current Australian record holder in the men’s 100m.

Adrian Dodson-Shaw completed the New York Marathon and more recently the North Pole Marathon,  we spoke to Adrian about his journey and discussed what motivated him to undertake such a significant event.

Patrick Johnson is currently a AMSANT leadership coordinator and has represented Australia in multiple commonwealth games achieving a bronze medal and has even completed at the very highest level during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Patrick Johnson the current Australian record holder in the men’s 100m. Mr Johnson is currently an AMSANT leadership coordinator

Remember if you have any stories you want us to talk about or any issues you would like to raise, send us an email to, drop in to see us at 101 Todd Street or give us a call on (08) 89519 778.

Our bodies carry the sacred stories of country – Rosalie Kunoth Monks.

Rosalie Kunoth Monks caama pwphoto

A respected Central Australian Aboriginal Elder has rejected the suggestion that Aboriginal women exposing their bodies during ceremony is offensive. Rosalie Kunoth-Monks a Arrernte and Alyawarra woman told CAAMA Radio that Aboriginal women’s breasts are not considered to be as sexual objects in Aboriginal culture and that they carry and posses power and ancient Law.

Alice Springs police urging rock throwers, to think about their actions

Crime Scene tape

In recent weeks the Alice Springs CBD has seen a rise in anti-social behaviour with local police maintaining a strong presence to deter such actions.

Superintendent Travis Wurst from the Alice Springs police says while some of the offenders are believed to be local the town received many visitors over the Easter break with a large number of these still staying in town.

‘We’ve had about 200 or so in any one time in the CBD, which is a rather large group of people and some of those have been around well after midnight’.

Superintendent Wurst discussing the increase of youth activity after hours. He told CAAMA the offenders do not understand the serious consequences of their actions  and it is lucky no serious injuries occurred.


The Troops March On – Sydney Mob Against Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities

Ken Canning Sydney Rally_

Concerned citizens of Australia who are outraged at the proposal to close remote aboriginal communities, once again gathered in capital cities across the Nation with the highest number of participants to date. Murri Man and a self-professed activist and poet Ken Canning has slammed Tony Abbott and the Australian government for their genocidal acts against the nation’s first peoples and warns Government to prepare for a revolution. 


The Northern Territory Government gives tough love approach to anti-social behavior

NT Minister for Children and Families John Elferink caama pwphoto (2)

The Northern Territory Government has put parents of rock-throwing youths in Alice Springs on Notice. The Minister for Children and Families John Elferink unveiled the Governments tough love approach at a media conference yesterday in Alice Springs.

The Government is taking a tough love approach to anti-social youth behaviour in Alice Springs. A heightened police presence will take place from Thursday April 16.

Which will see any youth found roaming the streets unsupervised placed into protective care and assessed to whether their parents are found to be unfit to look after their child.

While those with school aged children who roam the streets unsupervised will now run the risk of a $298 fine for not having their children in school.

While the government is looking at options to help families return to communities.