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Amplatawatja School Concert

It was a warm night at Amplatawatja and the community gathered at the school to help the students celebrate the end of year with a show case of songs and dances they have been working on for the last two weeks with the help of CAAMA music, E-town and the HILL BOYZ.

the night started with the year one’s ending with a whole school performance capping off a great night of entertainment and another school year.

Brothers Show – Domestic Violence



The Brothers Show was one Brother down this week and decided with the recent White Ribbon Day to take another look at domestic violence.

This week we caught up with Red Cross Senior Community Development Officer Stan Law who shares the great success the community of Katherine has had in coming together in solidarity against domestic violence for White Ribbon day.

We also chat with an old friend of CAAMAs Richard Farrell, the Social Services Manager for Tangentyere Council. Richard was one of the keynote speakers for the White Ribbon Day march in Alice Springs and is apart of Tangentyere’s Men’s Behavior change program.




Black pearls of the desert…………

Community Promotes Change In Behaviour

The men’s behavior change program, officially launched in Alice Springs this week, is a partnership between The Alice Springs women’s shelter, Tangentyere Council and Jesuit Social Services and is based on two principles: that women and children have the right to live their lives freely and safely and that men who deny them this right need to take responsibility for their actions and choose to change.

Men who have been violent or controlling towards a family member attend the Men’s Behaviour Change Group for at least 20 weeks

Program Manager Maree Corbo told CAAMA Radio the program has been successful in getting men to change their behavior because they are invited to reflect on their behavior and learn ways to relate non-violently.

General Manager of Jesuit social services John Adams says the program aims at curbing the high rates of domestic violence in Central Australia and that men need to take responsibility and care for their families.

Peak body says a range of issues impact mental health……

Mental Health Australia has today welcomed the Australian Government’s Response to the Review of Mental Health Programs and Services.

Frank Quinlan CEO of the peak  body representing mental health services   says  “It will take considerable effort to achieve successful mental health reform, the time for review has now finished and implementation can begin.”

Frank Quinlan talks with Paul Wiles.

Alice Springs Says No More To Gendered Violence

Alice Springs residents have come together for the annual white ribbon day event to show their support and dedication to stamping out violence from the community.

The White Ribbon Campaign is about recognising the positive role that men play in preventing violence against women.  It also fosters and encourages male leadership in the prevention of violence against women based on the understanding that most men are not violent.

Inkintja Congress Male Health branch manager John Liddle echoed the assistant commissioner’s comments saying it is time for communities to encourage and stand with their leaders in their communities

The Alice Springs White Ribbon event is part of the international 16 days of activism against gendered violence campaign.

Gomeroi people call for transparency over native title deal with coal company.


photo courtesy Front Line Action on Coal

In NSW traditional owners have expressed concern about  lack of transparency over a recent native title agreement with a coal company.

The native title deal  followed  four years of negotiations as 18 elected Aboriginal representatives from across North West NSW came to an agreement with Whitehaven Coal at a closed meeting in Tamworth on Monday.

A press release issued by  Whitehaven Coal says the agreement will see the Gomeroi  people  working with Whitehaven, on how  the groups will collaborate on improved communications  and  cultural heritage  matters .

But the deal has surprised and caused concern for many with Senior Gomeroi Elder Uncle Neville Sampson stating it is  invalid because it had not received approval from the wider community.

Gomeroi woman Dolly Talbott  told CAAMA Radio the lack of  transparency  has created  conflict between her people and says many of her people don’t even know what the deal entails.


The rocky road ahead for mining and gas exploration in the Territory…….

Traditional owners may have won the battle to save Watarrka National Park from fracking – but the war  of war of words between the Central Land Council and the Northern Territory Giles CLP Government is set to continue.

Northern Territory Minister for Mines and Energy Dave Tollner  announced on Tuesday that an  oil and gas exploration permit  will not be issued  to  Palatine Energy  because  the application did not satisfy new land use measures which  “ensure activities can proceed  alongside other land usages  in a  safe and sustainable  manner.”

N.T. Government Minister for Parks and Wildlife Bess Price and Central Land Council Director David Ross  share their thoughts about the future of mining on Aboriginal land   across the Territory.

Bess Price

David Ross Watarrka

Closing the gap to reduce Type 2 Diabetes

alex photo

30% of Aboriginal people over the age of 18 have type 2 diabetes.

Deputy Director and program leader of Aboriginal research at the South Australian Health Medical Research Institute Professor Alex Brown told CAAMA Radio he wants to help his people and raise awareness to beat what is a preventable disease.

Lawyer gives insight in day one of the coronial inquest.


Day one of the coronial inquest into the death of a 22-year-old Aboriginal woman in a Western Australian police lockup last year has revealed a disturbing culture of apathy and neglect.

Ruth Barson, Senior Legal Officer with the Melbourne based Human Rights Law Centre says Western Australia’s incarceration rates are an injustice which reflect poorly on the entire State and  called  on the Barnett Government to implement reforms already  in place in other jurisdictions  across the country

.Ruth Barson – day two coronial inquest

White privilege is still prevalent in today’s society and is preventing the advancement of Aboriginal people

Dr Marcus Waters caamapwphoto

Dr Marcus Woolombi Waters a lecturer from School of Humanities at Griffith University recently  delivered the keynote address at the Heritage Week Celebrations held in Jamaica . Dr Waters says when he returned  to Australia  he was once again reminded of the overwhelming racism experienced by Aboriginal peoples.

Speaking on CAAMA Radio Dr Waters says whether people recognise it or not… white privilege has already set the foundations for black Australia.

Dr Waters says Australia is one of the richest western countries in the world built on an industry of mining from the lands of Aboriginal people who remain living in third-world poverty.


Disturbing evidence presented at inquest into death of Ms Dhu.

photo’s of Ms Dhu’s family at coronial inquest courtesy of Gerry Georgatos

A coronial inquest into the death of a 22 year old Aborignal woman in Western Australia has heard police thought she was faking when she told them that her hands were going blue and she could not feel her leg.

Ms Dhu, who who was taken into custody for fine defaults had been taken to the Hedland Health Campus three times during her detention.. but was diagnosed by doctors during the first two visits as having “behavioural issues” and discharged.

CCTV footage presented at the inquest shows Ms Dhu later  vomiting in the jail cell and failing backwards before hitting her head on concrete floor .