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Pat Turner talks refugees and colonisation

Raise Your Voice is our new online segment featuring the opinions of significant people on important Aboriginal issues. In this video, Arrente and Gurdanji woman Pat Turner (former CEO of ATSIC and Deputy Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) talks about ‘boat people’ – from ancient trade routes with the Makassins of Indonesia, to the British invasion and our current government’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Cassandra Williams sings Falling Down on Snapshot 3

Cassandra Williams- caama photo
The Williams name  is synonomous with Central Australia’s finest music. Ntaria based artist Cassandra continues the fine family tradition with her latest song which is showcased on Snapshot 111.

Hip-Hop Bringing Youth and Elders Together…

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Indigenous Hip Hop Projects is a unique team of talented artists in all elements of hip-hop, media, entertainment and performing arts, who have been working extensively with Aboriginal Communities around Australia since 2005.

Mikaela Simpson catches up with IHHP Co-Director Michael Farah to discuss the deadly work they do.


Introducing: A Moment With Warren H Williams

Is Australia really the most racist country in the world? CAAMA Ambassador and country music legend Warren H Williams shares his views on racism and its solution in the first of a new CAAMA-exclusive series: A Moment With Warren H Williams.

Location of nuclear waste dump should not be made by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats !

Dave Sweeney caama photo

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s Nuclear Campaigner, Dave Sweeney talks with Paul Wiles about the Muckatty decision and recent comments critical of the ACF’ s work with Aboriginal and Islander Australians.

We all need a Healthy Start!


A new study has found that we as a nation are getting fatter. We rely on foods such as McDonalds, KFC and other fast foods which are often a fall back when we’re too lazy to cook.

The days of looking your own food eating well and getting the nutrients your body needs seems to be a blur in the background of such a busy lifestyle. Even our children are at the forefront of weight gain. Over 30% of Aboriginal children are likely to be overweight compared to 25% of Non-Indigenous Australian’s. So do we need to go back to basics when we talk about food preparation?

Author of an Article published on media site The Conversation has spoken out and says that perhaps we should consider ‘traditional’ methods of cooking foods rather than the westernised way of food preparation.

Her name is Amanda Lee. She is the Author of the article and the Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at QUT.


CAAMA loves Jessica Mauboy

When we caught up with Jessica Mauboy at Yipirinya School, the CAAMA team just HAD to get a photo!

Jessica and caama team.JPG6912

HIV Pre-Conference

Dr-James-Ward-caama-photoAssociate Professor James Ward from Baker Institute was the convenor and organiser of a pre-conference in Sydney ahead of the HIV conference in Melbourne.

Professor James Ward sat down with Justin Fenwick to explain what people can expect from the conference and the aims of the action plan which was released at the conference.


Utju Band recording NEW Album at CAAMA

Utju Band have spent this week laying down tracks for there new album to be launched later in the year. Under the CAAMA Label Utju new album will showcase there style.

CAAMA Radio Staff visit Sand Point Alaska!

Mikaela Simpson and Pam Reilly, two Aboriginal Female broadcasters travelled across to the beautiful Alaska on a cross-cultural women’s professional development grant. While there they travelled down to Sand Point to visit local public radio station KSDP to learn about their radio operations and Native Culture.

Mikaela Simpson sat down with KSDP Development Director, Lauretta Macbeth to talk about the importance of community radio and living in Alaska.

Lauretta Macbeth Sand Point Alaska pt 1

Alaskan Native Women’s Voice on Womens Business.


Recently, Pam Reilly & Mikaela Simpson went on a Women’s Professional Development Grant trip to Alaska. Whilst in Alaska we visited many Indigenous radio stations to talk to women in media.

Pam Reilly had a chat with Sofie Evans who is the Yukik Program Producer at KYUK in Bethal, Alaska on Womens Business.

Rapper Kaylah Truth talks on CAAMA Radio.


Photo: Kaylah Truth

Kaylah Truth is a young rapper doing big things from Brisbane QLD she has already made a name for herself. She has been a support act for some of the biggest R&B acts from the United States including J. Holiday an American recording artist and songwriter to one of the most successful girls groups of all time TLC. Kaylah is also apart of a new TV series call Brave New Clan she has a chat with Lorena Walker on Women’s Business.