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Haasts Bluff and Papunya Celebrate Community Store Opening

NT Labor Senator Nova Peris joined the Haasts Bluff and Papunya Community to celebrate the opening of a brand new store in each community. The communities received a grant through the Aboriginal Benefits Account (ABA) to build a new store in each community, both acknowledging and encouraging healthy living lifestyles. The day begun with a quick flight to each community, where Senator Peris, along with Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon, were greeted by Elders and given a tour of the new facilities and communities.

Tauto Sansbury…. the Freedom Summit is a call for Unity !

Tauto Sansbury caamapwphoto

The organiser of a gathering which is being held in Alice Springs next week has stressed the importance of creating a unified voice in the effort to confront Government policies which are impacting negatively on his people.

Veteran South Australian Aboriginal rights campaigner Tauto Sansbury says that the Freedom Summit will address cultural preservation for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and is heavily focussed on gaining a diverse range of perspectives.

Mr Sansbury, a Narungga man from Point Pierce in South Australia , says the national summit will be an inclusive event for all Aboriginal and Islander people’s.

Domestic Violence reduced by 50% in Ntaria

Ntaria has celebrated White Ribbon Day with some exciting news, all their hard work has paid off with a 50% drop in incidents of domestic violence in the community!

NAAJA Calls for Review on NT Mandatory Alcohol Treatment Plan.


Following the death at CAAAPU over two weeks ago the Northern Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency is Calling on the Northern Territory Government to put in Plans for Mandatory Alcohol Rehabilitation and to Work Closely with Stakeholders to get Alcohol Policy Right in the Northern Territory.

Ntaria community show support for White Ribbon Day.

White Ribbon Day is a national day where communities from across the country come together to show support and acknowledge that violence against women is wrong and will not be accepted.  Hermannsberg community have come together to raise awareness having community police, Horse police unit, army, Gas Fields and Lows Ecological services take part in activities with the community and the school kids. Lorena Walker has a chat with fellow broadcaster Damien Williams.

It was bush here before colonisation…but it was not empty .

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The boss of the Prime Ministers Indigenous Advisory Council says Mr Abbott needs to get his facts right about Australia … and that Aboriginal people probably had  a better life at the time of colonization… than those in 1788 England.

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We Aboriginal people had a well structured, well organised lifestyle……



Western Australian Nyungar Elder, Professor Ted Wilkes  tells CAAMA Radio he is extremely disappointed by the Prime Ministers recent  comments….and rejects  historical references which suggest  Aboriginal people were  purely a nomadic race.


Breaking Aboriginal Stereotypes…

catherine liddle

Reconciliation Australia Research shows that more than six out of ten people who call Australia home have had little or no contact with the nations first people;  but Australian Journalist Ray Martin is hoping to change this through a new documentary. First Contact is a major SBS Television event which sees six non-indigenous Australians with strong opinions about Indigenous people and immerses them into Aboriginal Australia for the first time. The six – Jasmine, Bo-Dene, Trent, Alice, Sandy and Marcus are tested in extraordinary situations, their beliefs are confronted and their emotions pushed to the limit.

Awaken Exec Producer Catherine Liddle joins Mikaela Simpson on Strong Voices to discuss this further.

We Need To Build A Movement Before We Start Talking About Anything Else


“We are Aboriginal people not Australian. That’s the thing we have to ask ourselves are we Aboriginal people or not!” – Boe Spearim

A group of Aboriginal Rights Campaigners burned the Australian flag at a protest in Brisbane at the G20 over the weekend. The group also burned effigies to Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine. 

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Central Australia’s Musical Heritage… 130 years of Aboriginal choirs!

Central Australia has perhaps the longest history of women’s choirs in the country, which originated in the Lutheran church established by the Germans 130 years ago. Now, these hymns are sung in Australia’s ancient languages, and a group of women is taking this tradition back to Germany in 2015. Morris Stuart, the conductor of the Central Australian Combined Women’s Choir tells us the story of how classical music combined with our ceremonies and songlines to create a unique musical history.

One of the greatest acts of betrayal in this country !

The Howard coalition governments use of confidential information to justify and trigger the Intervention into Northern Territory Aboriginal Communities has been described as ” a huge betrayal” and a source of much personal pain for veteran community health worker.. Pat Anderson,  who now heads up the Lowitja Institute.

Ms Anderson, an Alyawarre woman who is known nationally and internationally as an advocate for disadvantaged people’s co authored the 2007 Little Children are Sacred Report along with Rex Wild QC  in the hope of finding  better ways to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory from sexual abuse.

Ms Anderson told delegates attending the “Our Way Our Health” Conference in Alice Springs that both her and Mr Wild believed the Territory Government wanted to do something to help.

Thousands of WA Aboriginal People Suffer From Commonwealth Cuts…

Anthony watson

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Thousands of Aboriginal people living in Remote communities across Western Australia could be forcibly removed from their homes dues to Commonwealth funding cuts.

WA Premier Colin Barnett said the State had no option but to act after the Federal Government announced in September that it would cease to fund essential services in remote communities.

Chairman of the Kimberly Land Council, Anthony Watson has called for the Government to sit down with local Elders and discuss ways of sustaining remote Aboriginal Communities in that region.

Mr Watson joined Mikaela Simpson on the program to discuss the issue further.