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New NT arrest laws ignore Deaths in Custody recommendaton !

Jonothan Hunyor-NAAJA

A new law which will allow Police in the Northern Territory to detain a person for 4 hours without charge, will impact overwhelmingly on Aboriginal people according to the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency.

NAAJA Principal Legal Officer.Jonathon Hunyor says ‘Police already have the power to arrest people who commit offences and need to be taken off the street to protect public safety…. but the new law effectively allows police to impose a sentence of four hours without a charge even being laid”.

Mr Hunyor says the lessons of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody are being ignored  and  to avoid future deaths in custody less not more Aboriginal people need to be locked up.

Nova explains leaked emails in Parliament


“The release and publication of these emails is an attempt to extract money and embarrass me and my family. With legal options now exhausted this other party has turned to the media.”


“Mr Abbott Should Stop Hurting Territorians” – Warren Snowdon


The Abbott Government has moved to increase the fuel excise tax twice a year, every year. They did this without having to explain their actions through legislation in parliament.

An average family who spends $50 on fuel a week would be slugged an extra $0.40 at the bowser. But Federal Member for Lingiari Warren Snowdon says that the excise will impact on families in the bush and on remote communites.

2014 Toyota Star Maker Winner Jared Porter Sings Live!

Country singer Jared Porter joined Mikaela on CAAMA’s Drive time to talk about life after winning the 2014 Toyota Star Maker competition and to play some of his latest tunes.

Students Get Inspired For Their Futures!

CAAMA Radio Broadcaster Mikaela Simpson visited the St Philips Girls Boarding House, her previous boarding school, to talk to the young female students about the importance of staying in school, having a plan and sharing their voices with their community. *Can you spot Mikaela amongst the students?*


Aboriginal Media will strengthen under Northern Alliance !

Chairman of the Northern Alliance, CAAMA CEO  Michael Robertson, speaks with Paul Wiles about ongoing efforts to create stronger working relationship both within the sector and with Government. Michael remains  positive about  future growth  and the ongoing  role  of the Alliance in promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture across the nation.

Geoff Clarke shares a few thoughts……….


Veteran Victorian Aboriginal rights campaigner Geoff Clark says he will not be paying a $20 fine imposed on him for failing to vote in last years Federal election.

Mr Clark told CAAMA radio his grandmother and grandfather and their grandmothers and grandfathers never participated in the white system and because he was not born a citizen of the country… he feels no obligation to vote.

“I Was The King!” First RIBS Broadcaster: Warren H Williams

Warren H reflects on becoming the first RIBS broadcaster on CAAMA in 1996, and his vision for remote indigenous broadcasting in even more communities.

Anderson rejects claim Ice has gripped communities ………


Alison Anderson CAAMA  photo

Claims in the mainstream media that Aboriginal Communities are in the grip of an ice crisis, have been rejected by the Member for Namatjira Allison Anderson. Ms Anderson says there is no epidemic and the claim is part of a process to build support for the Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest review.

Marianne McKay speaks out on Deaths in Custody !

photo courtesy ElmurFJ Pix

West Australian Noongar human rights campaigner Marianne McKay has dismissed state Premier  John Barnett  commitment to address the number of Aboriginal people in  State prisons….and says the Premier is not being genuine.

Mr Barnett  made a “personal commitment” to work with ministers in reducing the number of Aboriginal people in the state’s jail system and deaths in custody….but Ms McKay told CAAMA he  made the comments because of public pressure.

Mariann McKay on WA death in custody rally


Sistergirls and Brotherboys Celebrate at Pride Carnivale

Australians March Against Aboriginal Deaths In Custody

Marc Newhouse

Australians  across the country have  marched to protest Aboriginal  and Islander  deaths in custody and  show support for those families that have lost a relative.

Marc Newhouse is from the Western Australian Deaths in Custody Watch Committee and he joins us to talk about  ongoing concerns which the committee continues to raise with the state Government.

Veteran Queensland Aboriginal rights campaigner Sam Watson also took part in a rally in Brisbane. He joins us to give a national perspective on what role he believes the Federal government should take in response to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths in custody.