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Alice Springs Show 2015

The Alice Springs Show is back for 2015, attracting large crowds from both Central Australia and across the country. Animals, show rides, interactive stalls and carnival food were once again a highlight for all guests who attended.

Side Show Alley- Alice Springs Turns Out For Show Rides


2015 Alice Springs Show

The crowds gathered early on another cool Friday morning to see what was in store for the 56th annual Alice Springs show. As the stalls opened people didn’t waste any time looking at what they can snap up.  Side show ally once again drawing large crowds with each ride hosting lines and lines of people. Once again people were spoiled for choice when it came to deciding what to eat.

BROTHERS at the 2015 Alice Springs Show

It’s that time again and the BROTHERS are at the Alice show, as always a jam packed show with a number of guests dropping by to have a chat with us in the CAAMA truck.

Today’s show was a bit different to what we usually do with Indigenous affairs minister Nigel Scullion dropped by to talk about what he has been doing.

We also had our very own Patrick Ah Kit roaming the greatorex pavilion talking to some of the stall holders to get some idea on what is going on.

Finally but certainly not least a BROTHER we have had on the show before Jimmy Cocking giving us an insight into the ongoing efforts to keep the Northern Territory Frack free.

Minister says culture cannot be ignored….even in job program !

NIgel Scullion caama pwphoto

The Federal MInister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders says it is impossible to ignore cultural issues and how they  impact on  delivery of the new Community Development Program in remote Aboriginal communities.

Under the new CDP… Aboriginal people will be expected to work a maximum  25 hours per week to receive welfare payments, with six weeks of holidays over summer and 10 days of cultural leave.

Northern Territory Senator Nigel Scullion says cultural leave for funerals is an important element that Government has now taken into consideration.

Nigel Scullion onCDP and IAS funding

$1.3 Billion dollar WA land use agreement – ‘self determination in action’

Braden Hill Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre

A Western Australian based  Aboriginal academic has questioned the viability of native title in urban based areas.

Braden Hill manager of the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre at the Murdoch University says there are a number of misconceptions surrounding native title especially in urban based areas which makes self determination difficult to achieve.

Mr Hill says while land use agreement deals offers traditional owners the opportunity to develop and establish programs for the betterment of their people it can sometimes  be difficult to actually implement programs which are acceptable to urban based non Aboriginal communities.

Keeping Language Alive…Canberra mob show how it’s done


The Ngunawal people of Canberra have taken a big step towards reclaiming and revitalizing their own language with a number of preschools in Canberra teaching the local language.

Ngunawal elder and custodian Glen Freeman tells us more About the program.

Glen Freeman

Robyn Lambley talks the talk

Robyn Lambley CAAMA  photo

The new independent member for the Centralian seat of Araluen says any decision to scrap the Araluen electorate is a backwards step for the centre and believes that the local voice is under threat of being represented in the NT parliment in decades to come.

Former CLP member Robyn Lambley was demoted from cabinet after the failed leadership coup against Adam Giles, has quit the Country Liberal Party after what she claimed was months of being frozen out of the party room process.

Aboriginal Eye health a ‘national priority’ says Dr Mark Loane

A leading Aboriginal and Islander health service which has been delivering   a frontline eye health program for more than four years is calling on the Federal Government to renew its funding.

IRIS, The Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service has performed over two thousand eye procedures and distributed two million dollars’ worth of equipment to remote communities  across Australia.

Dr. Mark Loane chairman of the Rural indigenous Eye Health program has expressed  the importance of maintaining  good eye health  and  says a collective response at a national level is the key to solving eye health issues in communities.

Dr. Loane  says everyone involved in the IRIS  program is  hoping to continue their work which is a joint initiative of the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists and  Government.


N.T. Chief Minister keen to see improvements for the mob !

Adam Giles caama photo

The first Australian head of government with indigenous heritage has re affirmed his commitment to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory and says he will continue working towards a “One Territory”   which offers equal economic and life opportunities.

Speaking on the 37th anniversary of the Northern Territory attaining self government….Chief Minister Adam Giles says Aboriginal people will be a big part ….both front and centre …of what happens into the Territory’s future.

Adam Giles Territory Day int

B2M Boys Give Acoustic Performance at Barunga Festival

The deadly fellas from B2M (Bathurst to Melville) gave a rare acoustic performance at the Barunga Festival 2015!

Senators views probably leaning more towards the “crackpot” version.

Archaeologist and biological anthropologist Dr Michael Westaway.

An Australian anthropological expert says that there is no evidence to suggest that Aboriginal people were not the first Australians

Comments by  NSW Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm which questioned whether Aboriginal people were the First Australians…. insulted and angered First Nations people s across the country.

Dr Michael Westaway, biological anthropologist from Griffith University, says the myth has been scientifically rejected and that the question of the First Australians is absolutely not in doubt”

Dr Michael Westaway first australians