The Reality of Forced Child Removal - The Mother’s Perspective…

12th Apr 2018

Aunty Helen Eason is a Gomeroi woman, mother to five and grandmother to one.

It was the removal of her youngest child in 2014 that instigated the Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) movement. Helen is the daughter of Hazel Collins – the founder of GMAR - a group of women fighting against the systematic removal of Aboriginal children from their families.

Helen visited Alice Springs recently to meet with Grandmothers groups from Central Australia since her story features heavily in the documentary film ‘After the Apology’ – a disturbing insight into the current state of Aboriginal child removal in Australia.

Whist she was here sat down with CAAMA’s Teghan Hughes to share her highly personal story.

Helen opens up about her battles about being in a domestic violent relationship, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse and then having her children removed.

She also has a strong message to welfare workers Australia-wide as she gives us an insight into the current reality of forced child removal - from a mother’s perspective…