The Art and Story of Yaegl Artist Frances Belle-Parker

13th Jul 2018

Back in April, CAAMA sent myself and Lorena Walker to the BOOMERANG festival in Byron Bay. Boomerang is an incredible show case of First Nations culture… expressed through dance, song, language, weaving and Art. 

One talented artist I had the pleasure of meeting was proud Yaegl woman Frances Belle Parker, who is a painter and installation artist from Maclean NSW. Her art work challenges the mainstream perception of what Aboriginal art should be, whilst including all the cultural and country aspects that matter to Indigenous artists. 

A career highlight was having her art projected on to Australia’s most iconic building the Sydney Opera House…. 

To hear more about Frances and her artistic journey and career.... click below --->

That was Frances Bell Parker from the Clarence river area of NSW talking to me about her art and career at Boomerang Festival earlier this year…. And what is great to see is that her and her cousin Jessica Birk have teamed up to create the colourful new creations of Dyinda Designs

'Dyinda' meaning sister in Yaygirr, a word that defined their kinship connections; has inspired these two 'sisters' to combine forces.  Designing objects that celebrate their connection to Yaegl country, it's language and their family.

By Teghan Hughes