Motion to fly the Aboriginal Flag on Untyeyetwelye (Anzac Hill) voted down at the Alice Springs Town Council

14th Feb 2018

A motion brought forward by Alice Springs councillor Catherine Satour to the town’s council committee meeting earlier this week to fly the Aboriginal Flag on Untyeyetwelye or Anzac Hill on significant occasions has not gained enough support by a majority of fellow Councillors.

The decision was made despite 16 traditional owners showing up to a meeting with Councillors last Thursday unanimously supporting the idea of the Aboriginal flag flying on the hill.

The motion was initially intended to fly a flag on the hill for 365 days, but in a compromise, the motion was changed to allow council permission “on ceremonial occasions” to fly the Aboriginal flag.

Voices heard in this report by Philippe Perez include Arrente community members Pat Ansell Dodds, Kerri-Lee Rosenthal and Coco Wallace as well as Councillors Glen Alricht, Jimmy Cocking, Jamie De Brenni, Jacinta Price & Catherine Satour.