Strong Voices - Friday 14th September 2018

14th Sep 2018

On today’s edition of Strong Voices:

• We’ll hear about the latest in the case at Leigh Creek. The Adnyamathanha people of that area earlier this week applied for an injunction in South Australia's Supreme Court to halt plans to trial underground coal gasification at Leigh Creek's former coalfields. We’ll hear more from traditional owner Vince Coulthard about the case.

• Territory CLP Opposition Leader Gary Higgins also joins us to talk to us about the National Aboriginal Art Gallery & the possibility of a statehood for the area to allow for more definitive decision making.

• & Noongar man and veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner Mervyn Eades speaks about Aboriginal people running away from the police being a result of intergenerational trauma after an incident where two boys died in Perth’s Swan River while being chased by police on Monday afternoon.

Hosted by Philippe Perez