Strong Voices 15-03-2018

15th Mar 2018
Coming up on today’s program * We will hear from Gunner Government backbencher & member for Namitjira Chansey Paech responding to callouts from Alice Springs Councillor Jacinta Price for Aboriginal Leaders to call for action on issues. He says that Aboriginal Leaders are calling for action, but deeper discussion is needed to see what can be done rather than calling for another intervention. * We will hear from Aunty Hazel Collins, who is the founding member of the Grandmothers Against Removals group who advocate for the policy of child removals to out-of-home care be brought to an end. * And today is Closing The Gap day. We’ll hear from Breanna Ellis the Health Director from The Heart Foundation who talks about a need to look at the broader environment to improve the gap in health. * We’ll also hear about the latest in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander news & see what is happening in the communities & opportunities. Hosted by Philippe Perez.