Strong Voices 09-03-2018

12th Mar 2018

Hosted by Philippe Perez

* NT Opposition Leader Gary Higgins visited the CAAMA Radio studios on a recent trip to Alice Springs, we’ll be hearing from him about many issues surrounding Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory including issues in Tennant Creek and the youth justice Royal Commission findings.

* We also hear more from Paul Wiles’ conversation with Minister for Primary Industry and Resources Ken Vowles as well as part of a conversation Paul had with Natasha Fyles who was in town yesterday as well.

* We hear about the launch of the Neighbour Day weekend which is happening around about now. Teghan Hughes spoke to NITV presenter & Neighbour Day Ambassador Natalie Ahmet.

* And the judging for the National Tidy Town awards kicked off today and the Territory community of Apatula Finke is up for the award. We hear all about it on the program today.

* We’ll also hear about the latest in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander news & see what is happening in the communities & opportunities,