Strong Voices 07-06-2018

7th Jun 2018

On today's episode of Strong Voices: 

* We hear from Meg Mooney who is the one of the members of Ptilotus Press, a community publishing enterprise looking for writers from the Central Australian region for an anthology on living Inland.

* There has been evidence in the use of the methamphetamine drug ice in regional and remote areas in recent years. In the latest data around 2.3% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 15 years and over report using the drug in the past year. We  hear from Scott Wilson CEO of the Alcohol & Drug Council in South Australia about the problem.

Jason McMillan & Terence Conway are two desert racers who are doing amazing things for their community of Santa Teresa this upcoming weekend as part of the Finke Desert Race. They popped into our RIBS studio in that community and spoke to our broadcaster from out of there Philipp Alice along with their team co-ordinater Katie.

Hosted by Philippe Perez