PM Snubs Aboriginal Womans Safety Group… Again!

10th Aug 2018

A proud Aboriginal women’s group from Mparntwe/Alice Springs who dedicate their time to providing cultural based solutions to family violence and child protection, have shared their disappointment in Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for not meeting with them… again.

The Tangentyere Women's Family Safety Group is  a team of dedicated women who are working at the grass roots level to provide solutions to family and domestic violence and  its flow on  affects.

Last year the group raised sufficient funds to take a team of the women to Canberra to meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to ask the Australian Government to commit to investing in Aboriginal Community led solutions for a future free from family and domestic violence. 

The PM did not meet with them. 

On his recent visit to Mparntwe/Alice Springs the PM also missed the opportunity to meet with the Tangentyere women. 

Shirleen Campbell is Walpiri/Anmatyerre/ Arrente and Luritja woman who has been fundamental in the operations and leadership of Tangentyere Womens Famiy Safety Group. Marleen Hayes is Wuramungu/Kaitij and a strong contributer to the work and programs the women run. 

They shared their disappointment with CAAMA Radio…before letting us know about the programs they offer for men, woman and children... and why the Australian government should be supporting their work…

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