Last Day of Freedom Gathering 2018

12th Feb 2018

An idea that has come from the late Australian radio presenter and indigenous rights activist Tiga Bailes, has turned into a new movement for Aboriginal people across Australia.

His dream is to hold commemorative services on the 25th of January, to reflect on the ‘Last Day of Freedom’ before invading forces came, and to use it to hold events in local communities for remembrance and reflection. It is supposed to be a time for smoking, wailing, sharing yarns, song and food around a fire to heal the hurts and pay respects to those who were lost along the way.  

At sunset on the 25th of Jan, on the Alice Springs hospital lawns, a gathering of one hundred Aboriginal and non-indigenous Australians, came together to light a fire and hold a minute silence for reflection for the countless atrocities that happened after this date to First Nations people.

Numerous Aboriginal speakers shared their stories about what the 25th and the 26th of January mean to them, with many calling for remembrance on the 25th and the date of Australia Day to be changed.

Story by Teghan Hughes


Listen to the full day of speeches below:


00:00 - Acknowledgement to Country

00:48 - Alison Furber - Arrente woman

03:04 - Kirra Voller - Wirungu woman

05:24 - Roxanne - Arrente woman

08:01 - Meret

9:00 - Man - did not give name

12:02 - Jimmy Cocking 

15:45 - Local Aboriginal Man

16:09 - Kirra Voller - Wirungu woman

18:12 - Heather Wilson

37:02 - Nanna Doreen

39:20 - Hillary Tyler

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