Is Tony the right man for the job.......peak Aboriginal body thinks otherwise !

29th Aug 2018

The peak  Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander lobby  group  has voiced  concern about the recent  coalition government  revamp and new Prime Minister Scot Morrison's  proposed  re -instatement of Tony Abbott .

 National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples  co chairs  Dr Jackie Huggins and Mr Rod Little,sent a clear message to  Mr Morrison that any  thought of appointing  Tony Abbott as a Special Envoy for Indigenous Affairs….is not welcome.

Dr Huggins  says  former Prime Minister  Tony Abbott systematically dismantled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy; tried to mainstream service provision; cut over $500 million from our services; attempted to silence the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples by removing its funding; and handpicked  mates for the Indigenous Advisory Council.

Fellow  co chair Rod Little  says over the  years  both major  political  parties have had   a role in the implementation of policies  which have severely impacted on First Peoples.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Wiles here :