How do we protect our land from mining giants ? The global indigenous community looks at the possibilities!

17th Jul 2018

A Three day international symposium in Brisbane has brought  together First Nations people from North America, New Zealand and Australia to discuss  the challenges in delivering environmental and climate justice on their lands

The symposium brings First Nations leaders and international rights campaigners together  as  Queensland Traditional Owners  fight for the rights of their  people in defence of their country.

The Path of Resistance – symposium  is  presenting  a compelling First Nations platform calling for  pathways to renewed development approaches which show greater  respect for Indigenous peoples’ rights .

Wangan & Jagalingou Traditional Owner and Australia's first Aboriginal  Senior Counsel Tony McAvoy  says  that most  first  world countries where indigenous people are in a minority do not  provide any system where development can be opposed in any significant way …something which Mr McAvoy says is an ongoing consequence and   significant aspect of the assertion of sovereignty by the British and various  colonies that they created.